Curth @ 7/26/2018 18:49 commented on Big Bird

Curth @ 3/29/2018 00:30 commented on Venstor Avatar

Works for meee, im on firefox 59.

Curth @ 3/29/2018 00:29 commented on Big Bird

Bleh to many things have a discord nowadays. I like the platform but its hard to keep up to date with about the 10 discords I have right now.

Curth @ 3/16/2018 18:58 commented on Big Bird

If you let the experts do it then the newbies are going to look at them and think they can do it to. That was my main issue about the ambiguity. Most are not going to be looking in-depth through the rules, they are going to look at other people's submissions.

Also I dont think it was ever a debate about whether or not you guys were going to give the exception or not, because you made it clear you did not go that way. Just the fact that exceptions like that were being debated at all, it was kind of shocking.

Curth @ 3/15/2018 17:27 commented on Big Bird

Gotta get that art pretty enough to get that "2x upload privilege". I feal like you really shouldent be making exceptions like that....Just go with one way or let people to whatever. Dont be like, "Well uuuhh this person is more skilled, so he doesent need policies!"

Curth @ 2/18/2018 19:32 commented on Big Bird

Discord server is kind of like a slack. (slack is like a page/website/application for a group to share messages and ping each other and stuff)

Curth @ 1/17/2018 14:04 commented on Big Bird

Oh boy its that time of year again to find our definitions of this wonderfull artform. After quickly reading that thread I kinda came up with a short and uniformed opinion on whats pixelart and not pixelart. I feal like if you are using tools that place pixels for you its not too bad unless it putting down a ton of un-needed colors and shades, etc. I feal like the only thing really that should be a quick indicator if somthing is not pixelart is if you have effects that lay down 100 diffrent shades of a similar color that are obviously not done by hand. I allways view a large point of pixelart is conservation of memory used in a picture and if you are using a script that breaks that convention anyways, its more of a mixed media. Which is cool in its own right but when im looking for pixelart im looking at techniques people are using to encourage "less is more" in the arbitrary limited space provided. If you are using a cool filter or shader, PixelJoint just doesent seem like the place I would go to learn the algorithms and scripts to impliment said effect, I would probally go onto someones development blog. Maybe thats a fault of PixelJoint's image or my skewed perspective of what PixelJoint is.

Curth @ 1/8/2018 13:06 commented on Idle animation

Generally WIP arent uploaded to the gallery. You might want to look towards the PJ forums for in-progress feedback.

Curth @ 1/8/2018 13:02 commented on The Den

Watching the Time-lapse was very fun. Its one of the first ones ive seen with grafx2 too.

Curth @ 12/20/2017 18:11 commented on Raven Polearm

Thank you!

Curth @ 12/17/2017 17:34 commented on Big Bird

Yup im getting similar issues when I try to look at peoples pages.

Curth @ 12/5/2017 12:01 commented on Upgraded GBA Fire Emblem Archer

Really appreciate you breaking down and explaining your thoughts on the upgrade, good work.

Curth @ 11/21/2017 21:49 commented on Big Bird

I find it the most weird that it is coded to only manage challenges monday. Why would you not give the staff the ability to manage the challenges any day? Unless its hardcoded to monday, its damn wonky either way lol.

Curth @ 11/13/2017 11:02 commented on Big Bird

I feal like quite a bit of it has to do with some nostalgia. I bet there is alot of people who love the idea of going to old games they have seen/played and doing their rendition. Also that low pixel count made it very finishible.

Curth @ 11/4/2017 14:20 commented on Big Bird

Well I guess while we are posting pixelart themed music videos...

Curth @ 10/30/2017 17:02 commented on Delinquent Squat

I think the lighter shades on the legs should be moving when she moves with her crouch? It just sticks out cause everything else is moving but those highlights. Like the fluidity of everything else.

Curth @ 10/19/2017 22:51 commented on Big Bird

I hope it was settled with "trial by combat".

Curth @ 10/10/2017 20:10 commented on Big Bird

Outages whenever the cat sleeps on the server and causes overheating? haha

Curth @ 10/8/2017 15:15 commented on Kireek

That ship design gives me some Homeworld vibes :)

Curth @ 10/8/2017 15:11 commented on Big Bird

No word so far.

Curth @ 10/6/2017 01:37 commented on Run_anim

I feal like there would be more movement in the torso and hips when the character is running. Even when aiming a gun, a character running would have some twists of the torso or the hips. Without this, it kind of looks like he is running towards the viewer instead of were he is aiming.

Also for a singlar frame his lower half juts forward, its a bit jaring, probally want to fix that because it looks like a glitch.

Curth @ 10/2/2017 13:41 commented on C.C. is Tempted

Oooh boy that is quite a big tongue, she must be quite hungry. The spit on her upper lip color is kinda hard to differ from the skin so it kinda looks like her mouth is actually melting haha. I like the exaggeration you did with the mouth and tongue.

Curth @ 9/30/2017 14:08 commented on Summoner

As with most people I am going to have to break up that gif up to look at each one more carefully heh. I was a little confused by the love and sin bars, I was wondering if they were going to be the "stats" of each monster but I dont think they move it all, felt like that might have been a bit of a missed opportunity but I guess they are the "players" stats? But hey, that is not the focus of the picture and all the girls are 10/10, great work!

Curth @ 9/21/2017 15:04 commented on Big Bird

If you are not getting enough sleep (or too much), focus on getting a good sleep schedule can help.

Curth @ 9/11/2017 10:16 commented on Welcome to the Hotel Voynich

I just finished that manga, really liked it. I think you did a good job of showing their personalities through their idle animations.