DarkfalzX @ 9/25/2017 08:55 commented on Caves Tileset

Whoah! I am absolutely loving this tileset.

Wonderful choice of palette, and quality detail on all the fungi and crystals.

Faved and saved into the "inspiration" folder: )

DarkfalzX @ 9/25/2017 08:48 commented on Forest Tileset

Very nice colors and chunky pixel style.

DarkfalzX @ 9/23/2017 07:29 commented on Mystik Belle ending panels

@kaleidos - Legend of Iya is coming along, but it's a case of me biting off more than I can chew, as well as plunging into a massive project without knowing what I want it to be. Funny enough, in a lot of ways Belle is what Iya was originally supposed to be.

@elend - Thank you! This also reminds me to update the game package on those services to the newest version. It doesn't add too much, but it's all small polishing touches.

DarkfalzX @ 9/22/2017 08:47 commented on Mystik Belle ending panels

As I said - most Belle pieces were super rushed to a publisher deadline. I could probably massage them to some crazy perfection given a few weeks of free time, but quite honestly, I just wanted them in the game and done. Ain't nobody has time for perfection when being a solo dev is your full-time job: )

DarkfalzX @ 9/20/2017 14:40 commented on Record Contest - ArctiCi - Stones Throw

This is a resized, indexed version of a jpeg image found on Google. Just reverse-image-search it - it's rather blatant.

DarkfalzX @ 7/5/2015 21:45 commented on Dizzy: Last Hero title screen

@Zirka I suggest downloading the infinite-lives version. The puzzles are very well done, and only stumped me once or twice (once, near the very end, on a nasty pixel-hunt "puzzle"). Dispite the simple graphics, Last Hero has some very nice atmosphere.

DarkfalzX @ 2/11/2015 19:09 commented on Pentacorn Quest

OH! I wanna play this!

Very appealing Speccy loading screen, and great underlying drawing. The overall look of this piece reminds me of some of the better loading screen from OperaSoft and TOPO.

My only criticism, if you can call it that, is that the screen is a bit too "safe" in regards to color use - there is only two areas where you deviate from having black paper/color ink.

DarkfalzX @ 2/8/2015 17:34 commented on Amstrad CPC Snatcher

I am not familiar with the particulars of CPC programming, but I get the feeling that moving such a large sprite smoothly and seemlessly against a graphical background could be an issue. Addidtonaly - clipping it against the frame could be tough too.

Still - awesome work though!

DarkfalzX @ 11/20/2014 22:20 commented on It's 1987.

This game is so simple from the mechanical and tech standpoint - it could easily have been pulled off on a 16-bit console with only a downgrade in resolution and color depth. I would've loved to see it ported to Sega Genesis or a SNES and manufactured on a cartridge.

DarkfalzX @ 2/2/2014 20:50 commented on Dumpworld

Thanks guys!

And yes - what the developer described sounded like Battle Angel - so I just went with that inspiration: )

DarkfalzX @ 2/2/2014 15:59 commented on Lumbergirl

Have you pixeled over a 3D model? Because it looks like you used a 3D core for this.

Also - like in many 3D objects - there is very little weight to it - her legs pretty much glide across the ground.

DarkfalzX @ 2/2/2014 10:22 commented on Mr. Turtle

Dude - where do I remember this image from? When I was in second grade I borrowed a library book with a very similar cover, but for the life of me I can't remember what the book was really about. It was sort of dull to me. The only thing I remember is how people came to talk to this girl, and she'd just listen and people would solve their own problems or something like that... (maan - this was 26 years ago - I'm OLD!:)

DarkfalzX @ 1/25/2014 18:42 commented on Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge Intro Shot 2

It's hard to tell, but the angle is slightly from below the character who is receding into the cockpit. I played around with it for a while and settled on the current one as the least awkward of all, though still far from perfect. For this project the key mode of development was "good enough".

And yes - her outfit is ridiculous. If you play the game well you get a more modest outfit right before the end.

DarkfalzX @ 1/25/2014 09:43 commented on Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge Cave BG2

@zombi2 - It's totally a throwback to the game's major inspiration - Phantis - a ZX Spectrum game by Carlos Abrir.

DarkfalzX @ 1/15/2014 06:42 commented on Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge Cave BG2

Thank you very much for all the kind words, and to the people who actually bought the game/voted for it on Steam: )

Ulti took about 3.5 months to make in parallel with Legend of Iya, but I am trying to keep my distractions to a minimum now.

The song from the trailer is actually in the game - a much longer cut of it is in the credits roll (I am thanking all the LOI Kickstarter supporters in it, so those are LOONG credits: )

You can also get the soundtrack off Virt's bandcamp:

DarkfalzX @ 1/14/2014 22:43 commented on Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge Cave BG2

Whoops - didn't notice that - it was a slightly old version. Replaced with a proper one.

In the game this background is actually in 3 parallax layers - it annoys me that I can't show off the datail of all three at once: )

DarkfalzX @ 12/2/2013 15:14 commented on Turrican II

 I'd love to see someone try animating the big guy - and not in a modilar-animation style, but traditional frame-by-frame business: )

DarkfalzX @ 7/13/2013 10:32 commented on Rivers Cuomo

 |I like the speed of the girl, actually. It's refreshing to see from the normal quick running/ quick motion seen in most games.

Thank you! I was actually going for a more realistic motion with weight behind it. I timed people running at constant speed (as opposed to dashing through a short distance), and set the character speed to that. I also take a lot of care for her feet to stay planted on the ground and not slide around.

DarkfalzX @ 12/11/2012 19:06 commented on Gor the Barbarian

 I hope this is for a Dungeons of Drax remake, and not that terrible Barbarian fighting game: )

DarkfalzX @ 9/9/2012 16:54 commented on LOI Golem enemy

 Totally agree - it's pretty lazy, but it also serves an artistic purpose in games - the "Wow!" factor of Treasure and old Konami games. The animation runs in real-time inside the game, meaning - each limb is drawn as a seporate scaling/rotating sprite. This way I can do a lot of cool things with this enemy - like make it lose limbs as the player keeps damaging it.

DarkfalzX @ 4/26/2012 13:06 commented on Bubble Gun Update

Lovely colors and rendering, especially since you are using quite a limited palette. His(her?) stance, however is off-balance. This can be corrected by moving his torso forward about 8 pixels, and the near foot and hip back about 5 pixels. Also consider doing something about his gun-holding arm, as its contour gets lost in all the detail around the torso area.

Very good piece though.

DarkfalzX @ 12/14/2011 15:33 commented on ZX Spectrum LOI Loading screen

I really need to obtain a tiny old CRT TV, a real ZX Spectrum to draw on, and a cassette player - the new, high-quality screens and instant-load tech is just a shitty substitute for the sheer awesomeness and nostalgia of the original Speccy: )

Anyway - glad so many people liked this thing - thanks guys!

DarkfalzX @ 8/8/2011 13:58 commented on The Mill

For c64's "hi-res" mode this is downright masterful! You sir are an ace of char-space navigation!: )

DarkfalzX @ 6/24/2011 09:08 commented on Karlos Und Schatze Der Azteken

I dig everything but the title screen. I know it's hard to plan out a convincingly posed character in ArtStudio (as illustrated by my own attempt)but this one looks extra awkward.

Is there an actual game being made? Can we play it somewhere?

DarkfalzX @ 8/27/2010 08:28 commented on Bodyguard

Nice colors, and the rendering is pretty cool, however I have several issues with this. Most notably - positioning and color of the tie and the lighter are unfortunate, as the two visually bleed together into what looks like a single object. It took me a second to distinguish the individual shapes, and before that it kinda looked more like he is clumsily aiming some sort a flint-lock pistol at his head (the tie being the barrel). Also - there appears to be too many highlights and shadows on his suit, to a point where it looks like he is wearing a tiger-stripe pattern.

It also looks like he is off-balance.