Mrmo Tarius @ 5/16/2017 02:36 commented on Dylan_Hunt

Previews in the monthly top list! I like!

Great art, keep it up guys!

Mrmo Tarius @ 5/8/2017 13:46 commented on Handheld mockups

Lovely! Would like to play every single one, and also the palette is very nice!

Mrmo Tarius @ 5/7/2017 04:13 commented on RPG party

That pig, I like that pig :D :D :D :D

Mrmo Tarius @ 4/7/2017 07:32 commented on Flareon


Mrmo Tarius @ 3/15/2017 07:12 commented on Big Bird

Still learning :)

Mrmo Tarius @ 3/2/2017 11:50 commented on Naruto game mockup

As someone who's currently rewatching the series, I like this very much :)

Good portraits, very pretty texturing on the grass, and I guess Sakura has full HP and chakra since she never does anything :D

Mrmo Tarius @ 2/25/2017 09:47 commented on Big Bird

Here's another lowpoly thing I finished today :D

Mrmo Tarius @ 2/23/2017 15:06 commented on Big Bird

I kinda got really hyped for this lowpoly thing, I keep practicing and making more stuff and it's great fun O_O

Mrmo Tarius @ 2/21/2017 10:24 commented on Big Bird

I made my first lowpoly character ever, after several days of tinkering with AlexHW's Crocotile.

The first thing I did after making it, is making two more variants by redrawing the textures :D

I really like that application!

Mrmo Tarius @ 2/13/2017 23:28 commented on Zacharie

I like the sketchy style (and it's matching the game art, too!)

*cough* *inhale*

...there's a few stray pixels (bottom right of the right mask, also some jagged hair, and the left ear of the left mask), not sure if intentional :)

Mrmo Tarius @ 2/7/2017 08:06 commented on Hero Adventure (previously Intellivision RPG experiment)

Okay, from what I've gathered, here goes (someone please correct me if I got something wrong):

160x96 "real" screen resolution, doubled vertically to 160x192 with some sort of interpolation/scanlines, and then rescaled to be shown on a 4:3 TV resolution.... somehow (?) so on an old TV screen it would look slightly stretched vertically (to an equivalent of 160x120px I think).

Screen is composed of 8x8 "cells", which can show two from a fixed palette of 16 colors (and all 16 colors can be shown on the screen at the same time), or one color and one transparency "color"  if declared a sprite.

If I understand correctly, sprites can be overlaid on anything, including other sprites (which enables improvising multicolor sprites), but there can be only 8 sprites shown on the screen at the same time (not sure if you can improvise and load more with blinking sprites in and out?).

The main "thing" is the limited availability of graphic memory- you are limited to 64 8x8 custom "cards", one-bit patterns or tiles that can be shown on the screen at once (but you can define a new set of cards for every new screen it seems), and a set of ROM cards which is fixed and includes letters, numbers, punctuation, some symbols and a bunch of basic shapes. So, ROM card library, and 64 RAM custom cards (they can repeat freely, there just can't be more than 64 different cards). This severe limitation forces improvisation and creativity like nothing else I've seen as of late :D

Mrmo Tarius @ 2/7/2017 01:39 commented on tree #3

Fascinating. I wonder if antialiasing the branches would be a good thing or not.

Mrmo Tarius @ 2/1/2017 08:03 commented on Final Fantasy 24

And instead of this beauty, Squeenix serves us that horrible, upscaled, seam-showing mess of a tileset.

WHY cant I play FFVI with this kind of detail? :(

Holy crap it's great O_O

Mrmo Tarius @ 1/22/2017 06:13 commented on Squiggler2

I always had a problem with isometric games where when you press down on the gamepad, the cursor goes... left? Right? so one of the main ideas behind this experiment was "isometric, but when I press left it goes left" :)

Mrmo Tarius @ 1/19/2017 01:36 commented on land of the giraffe

I found the goddamned kangaroo, very well hidden (also... antialiasing!!! whoa!) but you gave away a rather big spoiler already :D

Great piece!!!

Mrmo Tarius @ 1/18/2017 15:03 commented on 3color iso experiment

I had like... twelve or so layers :D there's floor layer, under layer, under layer 2, floor decoration layer, lower wall layer, lower wall decoration layer, upper wall, and so on :D

@Hzoltan it's definitely not intentional (I have no idea if I can actually export the animation from Tiled so I recorded the screen o_o), will try to fix it :D

Mrmo Tarius @ 1/18/2017 02:36 commented on LEE HI-BREATHE

I can feel the "cha-chunk" of the train tracks, this is some really good stuff.

Mrmo Tarius @ 1/18/2017 02:27 commented on Skullcano

I like it very much, although the lack of illumination (especially around the base of the volcano) makes it seem more like a ketchup fountain ;)

Mrmo Tarius @ 1/5/2017 10:46 commented on greenery

Well done!

Mrmo Tarius @ 1/5/2017 02:39 commented on Ugly as Praxis

For best results, set frame time to 0.02s :)
Good piece!

Mrmo Tarius @ 12/28/2016 02:20 commented on Big Bird

I was using the free beta for its tile-related operations, tried out the full version today and I'm really pleased with it. Will definitely keep using it!

Mrmo Tarius @ 11/28/2016 04:49 commented on Murder Quest III


Mrmo Tarius @ 11/15/2016 02:22 commented on MiniAdventures!

Yep, I've gotten used to it so much I'm having trouble trying out other applications :)

Mrmo Tarius @ 11/8/2016 09:21 commented on assault mech & scared army ...

A pixel golem? :D that's what I thought of first when I saw the challenge title :D

Mrmo Tarius @ 11/4/2016 05:10 commented on No Shit

First of all this is completely amazing, and second, I had no idea you could do that trick with sprites O_O

Really inspirational work!