KilledBySuicide @ 2/26/2009 02:49 commented on Big Bird

tracker/keygen music also @

for more information about tracker music

KilledBySuicide @ 5/21/2008 12:14 commented on Ferrari enzo
Awesome game, really love it! I felt the rush when I was almost doomed, run little dino run!!! It was too bad the jump button didn't work when I needed it most

KilledBySuicide @ 12/20/2007 13:01 commented on Big Bird
Today I bought Zelda on the DS, Didn't play much of it but it felt great, finally a game able to keep me busy for a while. And if you wanna know, Zelda is also overrated :P, no j/k...

KilledBySuicide @ 12/20/2007 12:49 commented on Big Bird
Zombies are overrated ;)

KilledBySuicide @ 12/19/2007 15:36 commented on Big Bird
ipods are overrated :]

KilledBySuicide @ 12/19/2007 09:12 commented on Big Bird
who cares, Christmas is overrated :P

KilledBySuicide @ 12/16/2007 11:48 commented on Chronectus
haha, very cute & original concept!

KilledBySuicide @ 12/12/2007 12:39 commented on Handgun
I think the handle is too short, but overall a great gun :D

KilledBySuicide @ 12/10/2007 11:34 commented on Big Bird
yea Lollige, way to go!! Oh btw. This one is quite interesting.

KilledBySuicide @ 12/10/2007 09:48 commented on Big Bird
haha, this is too much for me :P

KilledBySuicide @ 12/10/2007 01:38 commented on Big Bird
Here are some REAL boobs

KilledBySuicide @ 9/15/2007 00:37 commented on Me as a frog.
Thanks B.O.B., Yea I've been hiding in my lair for some time, couldn't find enough motivation to do something, hope I can keep up with pixeling.

KilledBySuicide @ 9/14/2007 12:59 commented on Me as a frog.
Now that I think of it, it does have something from Mario :P 

@ilkke: I played Windwaker but I don't remember any twins, maybe you can refresh my memory?
 Nice to hear that I did a good job on the expression because thats exactly what I was aiming for :P

thx for the comments all

KilledBySuicide @ 7/16/2007 14:53 commented on Cowboy Shoot sprite animation
Cowboys for the win, yea :D! Very nice smooth animation, lots of details, good job !

KilledBySuicide @ 6/22/2007 13:07 commented on Big Bird
haha, nederlanders zijn egotrippers :P

KilledBySuicide @ 6/14/2007 14:49 commented on mouth to ass (NSFW I guess)
whahha, AWESOME!

KilledBySuicide @ 6/12/2007 00:59 commented on Thumbs up!
very adorable!! =D

KilledBySuicide @ 6/11/2007 02:05 commented on Gunne Fighter
thanks for the comments guys!  =D!

@Metaru: I will think of what you said in future edits, thanks

KilledBySuicide @ 2/20/2007 13:57 commented on Nuskool platform mockup
haha, very cute

KilledBySuicide @ 2/15/2007 13:24 commented on putzfrau liebt schnitzel
Ow yesh, 5/5 + fav! I love it very nice! The dwarf really stands out too much imo, ah well.

KilledBySuicide @ 2/6/2007 10:31 commented on Horse-Dragon
yay for the sheep!! Very nice =D

KilledBySuicide @ 1/30/2007 12:47 commented on Winking
yea, awesome!! haha...

KilledBySuicide @ 1/22/2007 09:23 commented on Big Bird
The gods bestowed me with a little baby (half) brother named Neo... yoooo =D

KilledBySuicide @ 1/14/2007 06:53 commented on Attack Test Iso
I am stunned, that is a great animation with a lot of life in it. Only thing that looks confusing is the foot placement,  it looks like he crosses his feet when he steps forward...

KilledBySuicide @ 12/31/2006 02:23 commented on Angry Cacti
haha, cute little cacti!