Breton Slivka @ 10/22/2013 04:14 commented on Dali!

 thank you

Breton Slivka @ 8/7/2013 06:03 commented on Shake it

 it's Roel though. Guys. Don't know you Roel? 

Breton Slivka @ 7/20/2013 21:26 commented on Shake it

 Oh hi roel. After 5 years you come back to pixel joint, a day after I happen to be looking at your profile. How peculiar.

 Oh by the way, really cool program you've got!


Breton Slivka @ 7/19/2013 23:06 commented on Banana Bot Death Mechine+ANIMATION

 Very cool program you've got there. Well done on the art as well!

Breton Slivka @ 7/19/2013 05:00 commented on Monkey Spinning

 You have some good points. Perhaps I should revisit this as it is actually a bit old and I have done a fair bit of life drawing practice since then, it could well end up much better on a second go round.

Breton Slivka @ 7/18/2013 16:23 commented on Monkey Spinning

 Does your "from the front" criticism apply also to the other monkey drawing this is based on? 

The feet change like that mainly so that they actually look like feet from the front. You are right that, if it were actually an accurate front drawing the feet would be flatter. I may revisit this, as perhaps a dialogue between the drawing and the model. I'd want a model that can be rendered in such a way to very closely replicate the appearance of the original 1-bit image.

Breton Slivka @ 7/18/2013 16:22 commented on Monkey Spinning

Breton Slivka @ 11/24/2012 02:50 commented on SoundBytes round 11


Breton Slivka @ 7/5/2012 05:57 commented on Gowe - Running

 Looks so much like Paul Robertson's style. 

Breton Slivka @ 6/29/2012 02:10 commented on Magic Monkey

 Thank you :) Journey to the West is cool.

Breton Slivka @ 8/4/2011 08:18 commented on Bush Cowboy

 Oh yes, I originally learned about Autodesk Animator from that Tsugumo "So you want to be a pixel artist" article, became a member on pixelation for a while, and eventually migrated here. I found this article because I got a total of 3 (three!) new twitter followers on @animatorpro today- in one day! and I've been trying to figure out where they're coming from. Apparently it's here.

Breton Slivka @ 8/4/2011 05:26 commented on Bush Cowboy

 To be honest though, I kind of don't know what I'm doing! If anyone here knows anything about MSDOS I wouldn't mind some help.

Breton Slivka @ 8/4/2011 05:17 commented on Bush Cowboy

 Oh hai. I've been working on this since 2006. I also have a profile on this site, many of my peices were made in Autodesk Animator!


I have a full time job so I have barely a minute to work on this, but I'll get back to it eventually. 

Breton Slivka @ 8/29/2010 21:26 commented on Metropolis Triptych

 Good idea. I wasn't happy with the text anyway.

Breton Slivka @ 8/29/2010 21:19 commented on Metropolis Triptych

 here you go

Breton Slivka @ 8/24/2010 17:21 commented on dodonpachi tribute


Breton Slivka @ 8/24/2010 09:58 commented on 2008 NES-Style Holiday Card

 No offense intended. More like "a comment is not the place for an NES spec sheet". .. this image does a pretty good job of explaining it though. nesspecsl5.gif

Breton Slivka @ 12/26/2009 04:20 commented on Migration of the Sky Rays

I got that the snowman was a decal after looking at it for a bit, but perhaps the colors are just too contrasty, so it sticks out like it's meant to be sitting on top. If the colors of the snowman blended in with that of the ship itself, then perhaps it would look more like a decal. The outline of the snowman should probably not have quite as much contrast as the detailing that's meant to be 3 dimensional, in any case.

Breton Slivka @ 11/16/2009 04:42 commented on Polar Bear

d'aw thanks.

Breton Slivka @ 5/30/2009 16:36 commented on Dino Volcano

Yeah the problem is that animated gifs don't open as animations anymore, so I wasn't able to just open it up and crop it, while preserving the animation. Photoshop used to be able to do this simple thing, but now it can't.

edit:  but while writing that out I thought of another way around the problem. Animated now.

Breton Slivka @ 5/29/2009 17:09 commented on Dino Volcano

Because the new version of photoshop sucks ass.

Breton Slivka @ 5/16/2009 04:18 commented on Colossal Katamari

@Arabes: Welcome to pixel joint!

Breton Slivka @ 5/4/2009 00:44 commented on Colossal Katamari

To be clear that wasn't meant to be a criticism of you, really. You can't argue with success. I'm just reacting to the people who think this artwork is awesome *because* it was made in MS Paint, and not really taking notice of things like color, composition, figure ground relationship, balance, line, tone structure or anything else that actually matters to whether something is aesthetically pleasing or not.  You could have built the image up using punch cards for all I care. What bothers me is people impressed by the process rather than result. 

That's not to say that process can't be interesting, but I can't see the sense in congratulating someone for using the tools that they happen to like, or happen to have.

Breton Slivka @ 4/26/2009 19:16 commented on Self Portrait

Breton Slivka @ 4/26/2009 18:43 commented on Colossal Katamari

It's a great peice, there's no doubt of that. But I've always wondered what kind of person is impressed by the use of mspaint with a shitty laptop mouse. What kind of personality do they have outside of the pixel art world?

It strikes me as a little bit like being impressed that someone cleaned the bathroom at the local YMCA using nothing but a toothbrush and spit. It's not like you get a cleaner bathroom that way. It just takes longer, and it is more frustrating. Likewise, it's not as if mspaint adds a little something special to the artwork. The finished product is not better by virtue of the fact that the tools that were used were of poor quality.

The only conclusion that I can draw is that these commentators believe that suffering is virtuous, and that being clever (by using better tools for instance) is cheating. So I wonder what kind of relationships these people have? what kind of jobs do they have? what are their parents like? 

Now perhaps the original artist is poor, and  can't afford any special software, and only has a crappy handmedown laptop and can't afford the $20 to buy a decent mouse. This isn't in itself praiseworthy. Perhaps it's the contrast between the poor quality of the tools, and the quality of the work that is striking. Perhaps this is about a thrilling narrative of a down on his luck guy overcoming adversity and producing great art anyway.

That's okay, but I don't think the conclusion to draw is that we should all use MSPaint and squander hundreds of hours on a single peice that could be used to make dozens of peices. Or animated peices. Or going out and experiencing life and all its glories, outside the insulated worlds of collossi and katamari. Original inspiration! Creating things that are not derivative! If you're to finally get a job making art, where time is money, I don't think your boss is going to crucify you for taking a shortcut that results in the same quality of work, but takes much less time. (no dammit, I want you to use only MSPAINT with your hand tied behind your back, and I want this project to be 2 years behind schedule!)

Maybe the only thing you have to clean the bathroom is a toothbrush and your own spit, and nobody has told you about things like floor cleaner, disinfectant spray or mops. You really couldn't be blamed for doing it that way. But what should I  think about someone that uses a toothbrush because they simply insist on it? All the better things are available, but they just really insist that there's something better about the toothbrush, and using a mop is cheating.

Anyways. Just a simple question, really. Just always been curious.