skeddles @ 12/6/2017 16:29 commented on DB8 - Palette Test

Love it, hope to see more mockups. Can I add it to my palette list or is it not done?

skeddles @ 11/17/2017 16:21 commented on Big Bird

Well if it's it's own thing then I say monoramp is about as accurate of a term as we can get

skeddles @ 11/16/2017 14:18 commented on Big Bird

Can pixel art be considered monochrome if it uses a single ramp, even though it may have multiple hues?

skeddles @ 11/8/2017 15:17 commented on Dementedhero

Used those colors for our NES entry as they seem most accurate, though I took off the extra blacks

skeddles @ 11/8/2017 15:08 commented on Slowpoke Walk

Took him a while to get here

skeddles @ 11/8/2017 10:00 commented on Wired

very cool, i like the minimal tiles.

skeddles @ 11/8/2017 08:55 commented on bunny man

I got most of the hardware palettes from wikipedia. Do you think I should have the variations?

skeddles @ 11/8/2017 07:12 commented on bunny man

Help spread the word on twitter and reddit

@DB: No idea! Link me a good one!

skeddles @ 11/7/2017 08:04 commented on Big Bird

will succ mods 4 news item aproovil

skeddles @ 11/4/2017 13:58 commented on I'll Devour You!

Cute, my fav is the green one on the second row

skeddles @ 10/26/2017 09:51 commented on Little Logray

Wow, I really didn't see that. It's really the only good mushroom pun though, not mushroom for creativity.

skeddles @ 10/24/2017 10:44 commented on freedom

very pleasant, nice colors

skeddles @ 10/24/2017 10:43 commented on Little Logray

Only 100x100 ? That's not muchroom...

skeddles @ 10/22/2017 08:50 commented on Diskun

I'm on the news!

skeddles @ 10/5/2017 11:37 commented on Church Detail 008

Very nice, feels old. I'd soften up the black lines in some places.

skeddles @ 10/2/2017 08:01 commented on I made a house!

Fun idea!

skeddles @ 10/1/2017 12:05 commented on Big Bird

Hey all.  I've been working on a website with some tools for pixel artists, it's almost ready. I could use a few people to look it over for bugs / mistakes, so if you have some spare time, PM me, otherwise just hang tight it should be done within a few weeks!

skeddles @ 10/1/2017 12:04 commented on Big Bird


skeddles @ 9/30/2017 12:30 commented on Wah!

these are great

skeddles @ 8/4/2017 11:19 commented on Big Bird

7. Gangnam Style

skeddles @ 8/1/2017 07:44 commented on Big Bird

Luckily, there is no cure 

skeddles @ 7/31/2017 20:38 commented on Big Bird

 Discussion on /r/pixelart about whether or not to ban non pixel art.

skeddles @ 7/20/2017 12:09 commented on Zasalamel

yes-i-do == new fool

skeddles @ 7/18/2017 13:10 commented on Big Bird

Anyone have any tips on calculating perspective parralax animations? Like how wide each layer should be relative to the others or how fast they move, etc. Preferably to make them infinite loops. 

I was trying to find an old piece which was really great that was like a moon with craters scrolling but I cant seem to find it. This is a good example though.

skeddles @ 7/1/2017 07:38 commented on Incommunicado

Looks really cool at 1x, but higher than that is too noisy for me.