skeddles @ 6/6/2017 09:51 commented on Frog sprites

middle 2 colors are way too close imo

skeddles @ 5/31/2017 14:20 commented on Boris Yeltsin


skeddles @ 5/23/2017 09:50 commented on beast

He was a PJer?

skeddles @ 5/14/2017 14:43 commented on Frank

Those characters are pretty weird looking

skeddles @ 5/6/2017 06:09 commented on Links House BotW

Beautiful, love the soft colors

skeddles @ 5/1/2017 15:56 commented on Galactic Girl Jam

"To reply RE: colours, this looks like standard gameboy palette."

No such thing

skeddles @ 4/29/2017 11:04 commented on Big Bird

How do you attract a big old bug? Giant porch light?

skeddles @ 4/28/2017 16:24 commented on Nuclear walk

This is really awesome, great colors and texture

skeddles @ 4/27/2017 15:26 commented on Pooh

god 1-bit is so hard

skeddles @ 4/26/2017 14:31 commented on Galactic Girl Jam

Very nice and clean. Did you make the palette?

skeddles @ 4/22/2017 12:01 commented on Short Haired Gurl

No idea where he went, but at least we have the way back machine

skeddles @ 4/14/2017 17:05 commented on Nice Lolita

It's hard coming up with an idea that's benefitted by being pixel art. Most I can think of would probably look better as vectors. Maybe sprites?

skeddles @ 4/14/2017 16:31 commented on Nice Lolita

That horrible logo is triggering me

skeddles @ 4/11/2017 09:32 commented on iDracula Title

Sweet, love the curcuit pattern on the letters.

skeddles @ 4/10/2017 09:19 commented on maya battlefield

I think it means like this

skeddles @ 4/6/2017 14:26 commented on CGA Faces

I'm inconvinienced

skeddles @ 4/6/2017 09:58 commented on Big Bird

We should claim a spot for the PJ logo

skeddles @ 4/4/2017 09:34 commented on Bill Blaster

Thanks man

skeddles @ 4/4/2017 05:09 commented on Ozzy Wee

Sounds like it should be an in-game sprite, but can be from the top or side.

skeddles @ 4/3/2017 16:49 commented on Bill Blaster

And it only took me 600 green ribbons!

skeddles @ 3/26/2017 10:23 commented on Big Bird

Maybe Jal was just a dream

skeddles @ 3/25/2017 16:40 commented on Big Bird

Yeah I'll probably add all the challenge ones. I'll add any that are general use (so not literally every pixel art piece, but some certainly could be reusable)

skeddles @ 3/25/2017 16:31 commented on Big Bird

EVERYTHING will be there

In fact, if anyone here knows of any custom palettes that I might not know of, please send them to me!

skeddles @ 3/25/2017 16:18 commented on Big Bird

Kinda pivoted what the purpose of the site was, but yeah. Here's a super secret chatterbox only first look. Shouldn't be long, just have to add some of the content and do the final tweaks.

skeddles @ 3/25/2017 13:38 commented on Big Bird

I'm working on a pixel art site right now with multiple features. I'd like to add some kind of hosting/gallery thing some day, but depends on how well it does / what other features take off.