skeddles @ 8/14/2018 09:23 commented on Woolie the Mammoth

cute! great style

skeddles @ 7/16/2018 18:10 commented on Mario Zero

tough choice

skeddles @ 7/16/2018 07:52 commented on Dust

This is a masterpiece.

skeddles @ 7/15/2018 08:13 commented on Kindom Overlook


skeddles @ 7/14/2018 17:39 commented on Azalea Town

Super cute, love it!

skeddles @ 7/2/2018 09:49 commented on The Rock


skeddles @ 6/30/2018 17:53 commented on Don't mess with me!

Great lighting, looks very 3D

skeddles @ 6/13/2018 07:43 commented on Big Bird

Then just practice drawing, and practice the things at you're worst at. Only way to improve.

skeddles @ 6/9/2018 08:56 commented on Big Bird


skeddles @ 6/4/2018 17:03 commented on Big Bird

Lemme know when someone's translated it

skeddles @ 5/22/2018 09:34 commented on Forest

Those trees are so great, with so few colors

skeddles @ 5/8/2018 16:28 commented on Shmup-em-up

Love this, so clean!

skeddles @ 4/26/2018 13:23 commented on My Crappy Avatar

Solid month

skeddles @ 4/23/2018 13:58 commented on Blink 182

I had to google it to understand it, but that was a sweet pun

skeddles @ 4/23/2018 08:19 commented on Big Bird

Does anyone else have trouble getting their pieces to show on the front page? I made sure it's under 25kb but it still got skipped.

skeddles @ 4/20/2018 09:19 commented on Zverek

sweet style and colors

skeddles @ 4/17/2018 14:24 commented on Greens Performance

If tomic or frost enter we've already lost

also the height thing was a good idea

also ive tried to do this many times and always failed, but im gonna try again

skeddles @ 4/9/2018 14:42 commented on Ninja Shark

Yeah it's the same thing with music remix competitions, thousands of artists enter (aka advertise whoever is putting on the contest), but most don't get any benefit from it. Companies know contests are cheap.

skeddles @ 4/9/2018 14:28 commented on Someplace

Nice composition. Not sure if you used a specific palette but I feel like it could be more unified and have less clashing, something like this.

skeddles @ 4/7/2018 05:34 commented on Big Bird

If you paste this into a description or comment you get an internal server error

skeddles @ 4/4/2018 09:26 commented on Big Bird

Anyone else unable to submit

skeddles @ 4/2/2018 10:15 commented on Careful Descent

Great job on this, nailed the style.

skeddles @ 4/2/2018 10:14 commented on Sidewalk and Grass

inb4 majora/guy fawkes/jim carrey

skeddles @ 3/27/2018 10:09 commented on Venstor Avatar

I developed the site 100% in Firefox. Are you sure you're using the latest version? What's not working?

skeddles @ 3/20/2018 16:47 commented on flagbearer

No actual pixel art?