yahkehbu @ 1/12/2017 19:50 commented on Shed

this is fun to watch

yahkehbu @ 1/12/2017 16:24 commented on Bus Stop

Love the new version!

yahkehbu @ 1/10/2017 00:36 commented on Desperado Hunter

also, mr. pogo ftw

yahkehbu @ 1/10/2017 00:18 commented on one for flag, flag for all

its already AGDQ! Agh... there goes my productivity this week...

yahkehbu @ 1/10/2017 00:16 commented on Desperado Hunter

I really like the style that you've got going here, cute sprites! Especially since you are looking to take this idea further, I am a bit curious about the 'indian' sprite. The feathered headband is mostly a fictitious design created by the western film genre. I might suggest looking at a specific tribe's dress to avoid the pitfall of perpetuating the 'generic indian' stereotype.



Feathers and headdresses 





It looks like you are going for Monument Valley in your bg? So maybe Navajo?  Also curious about the eagle/bird sprites. They stylistically look more like the Totem poles of tribes from the NW. But perhaps you were going for something like Kachina or Hopi mask/costumes? These all have ritual/religious uses in religions and cultures which are still practiced today, so treading with caution is always a good idea.


Anyway, good luck with the project! I especially like that the villains are bandits/robbers. So often Mexicans and Native Americans are placed as the villains in Westerns, so its cool that the 'evilness' is based on the characters bad deeds and not their race. 

yahkehbu @ 1/9/2017 14:34 commented on Desperado Hunter

Haha this is great

yahkehbu @ 1/7/2017 14:11 commented on Big Bird

how did I miss that!!

yahkehbu @ 1/6/2017 13:23 commented on Big Bird

Aw man, you beat me to it!

yahkehbu @ 1/6/2017 09:56 commented on Hacktone - Pistol handler

Cool character design!

yahkehbu @ 1/6/2017 09:42 commented on YouTube Ads

lol, this is great

yahkehbu @ 1/5/2017 23:43 commented on Bus Stop

Looking forward to the new version!

yahkehbu @ 1/5/2017 23:41 commented on Sprites

This pixel needs music. 

yahkehbu @ 1/5/2017 23:33 commented on Big Bird

lol, well now i'm curious too... though to clarify... i'm not advocating such big files haha.

yahkehbu @ 1/5/2017 23:20 commented on Big Bird

9.21mb...  What, do you think memory just grows on trees! 

yahkehbu @ 1/5/2017 16:36 commented on Bus Stop

I like the atmosphere to this piece! You could probably tighten up the color count a bit by finding ways to use colors in multiple ramps. The minimalistic animation in your previous piece is fantastic, I wonder if you could give this piece the same kind of touch?

yahkehbu @ 1/3/2017 08:56 commented on Big Bird

Just stumbled upon this, lots of fantastic images and interesting topics, maybe some inspiration for pixls? MIT Visualizing Cultures





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lol this is great

yahkehbu @ 1/2/2017 06:39 commented on Year of the rooster

Thanks! lol quite a few feathers I guess. It seemed that was allowed by looking at the comments in the challenge post. But there is a single down feather floating in the top left.

yahkehbu @ 1/2/2017 06:37 commented on Year of the rooster

also the shadows shape under the rooster forms a single feather 

yahkehbu @ 12/29/2016 16:45 commented on Big Bird

I'm not so sure it will be a battle, that term implies we stand a chance. By the time we find it, the computers won't be far behind, if they didn't figure it out first. Perhaps then we will be left with making art simply for love of the process and self-development.





yahkehbu @ 12/29/2016 16:36 commented on Big Bird

ahh, I love that channel. 

yahkehbu @ 12/27/2016 04:13 commented on Treasure

This is sweet 

yahkehbu @ 12/23/2016 17:38 commented on The Last Guardian

These animations are really fantastic!

yahkehbu @ 12/23/2016 09:29 commented on pico 8 template


yahkehbu @ 12/22/2016 07:50 commented on Spreading the word

sci-fi anything is my fav