yahkehbu @ 4/24/2017 22:09 commented on Animations for LD

This is adorable

yahkehbu @ 4/24/2017 20:09 commented on EXTRA T H I C C

Samurai Jack! Is the new one any good?

yahkehbu @ 4/24/2017 08:52 commented on Insane Intestines

Lol, this is great! Voted!

yahkehbu @ 4/24/2017 08:18 commented on Big Bird

Lol, if only!

yahkehbu @ 4/24/2017 06:13 commented on Jolly Mushroom

Cute shroom!

yahkehbu @ 4/24/2017 06:00 commented on Info Center

So tiny, I like it! I feel the palette could be cleaned up a bit more. Seems like there are many colors used for only single pixels.

yahkehbu @ 4/24/2017 05:55 commented on Food and Drink

No veggies?! ha. good stuff

yahkehbu @ 4/24/2017 05:53 commented on guinea pig

lol, vicious little bunch!

yahkehbu @ 4/24/2017 05:49 commented on A Delicious Golem

Ha, Great minds think alike! 

yahkehbu @ 4/24/2017 05:48 commented on Bird sprite

Pretty smooth!

yahkehbu @ 4/22/2017 21:32 commented on A Delicious Golem

Thanks Mandrill! 

yahkehbu @ 4/22/2017 21:26 commented on A Delicious Golem

Its in the title! haha, just waiting to see if someone could call it before I added a link. 

yahkehbu @ 4/13/2017 06:34 commented on Big Bird

a bot war seems interesting, maybe more so than people collaborating to do it by hand. I say let 'em rumble.

yahkehbu @ 4/10/2017 03:04 commented on maya battlefield

So like a green red apple on a red background or a red green apple on a green background?

yahkehbu @ 3/29/2017 08:10 commented on OtterFace

ummm... haha!

yahkehbu @ 3/26/2017 21:01 commented on Cyber Gal

I second that!

yahkehbu @ 3/26/2017 21:00 commented on Mutant Monotony

This is fantastic, Love it!!

yahkehbu @ 3/26/2017 09:18 commented on Gone Fishin'

I really like the feeling of this piece, lovely reflections!

yahkehbu @ 3/26/2017 08:32 commented on Sign

Yah, I also prefer the pixel over the ref, nice job!

yahkehbu @ 3/26/2017 08:30 commented on Michael - Don't Tax Me, Bro!

Ditto on the jumpyness, very funny running animation!

yahkehbu @ 3/26/2017 08:28 commented on Metal Gear Solid

fantastic as always!

yahkehbu @ 3/26/2017 08:26 commented on pixelated comic panel #2

I like these pixel comics :D

yahkehbu @ 3/23/2017 22:41 commented on Rogue Squadron

@Stickman, Thanks! Peppy Hare is pretty rad.  I'm not sure how to go about scrolling the background and keeping the loop and I guess the stars shouldn't move, since they are so far away? I'll have to think about it. Open to ideas.



@outdoor I knew I forgot something... this piece really could use more cushions. 


@Julie, thanks!

yahkehbu @ 3/21/2017 21:11 commented on Rogue Squadron

@Virtuaboy, this one I started around 10am and finished in the evening, maybe 5-6hrs of pixeling. Ackbar took a bit under an hour. Most of the other PD pieces are like 45min-3hrs with the exception of the Guilty Gear, still need to polish that one.



@Truevector Thanks, The portraits were done in the order shown, and with Ackbar done last. I think they got better as I went.


@Thanks all! MTFBWYA

yahkehbu @ 3/20/2017 10:51 commented on Waiting for you...

@Mandrill hah, yah but she's keepin' it classy :)



@Crake, Thanks!