yahkehbu @ 2/15/2017 02:27 commented on ROK_army

This blur effect looks really awesome, though by looking at the color count I am guess you didn't do it pixel by pixel, and likely to get rejected for display here.





If you are really wanting to show the piece here, I would suggest using the current image as a template to go back and blur it by hand, and thereby reducing the color count to a manageable level. 




yahkehbu @ 2/13/2017 10:22 commented on veggies

lol, extra points for the description.

yahkehbu @ 2/13/2017 07:54 commented on Hellboy

Congrats y'all!

yahkehbu @ 2/12/2017 18:38 commented on Deck of Cards

I like this display much better! Nice cards!

yahkehbu @ 2/9/2017 18:25 commented on Spacetronaut

haha i think I need to go back and redo this piece.. They are supposed to be my hands pushed up against a glass window. 

yahkehbu @ 2/9/2017 07:06 commented on Big Bird


yahkehbu @ 2/9/2017 06:50 commented on Infinite Lon Lon Milk Glitch

its maaaagic.....



@NoeleGrosie, Thanks! glad you noticed, preserving that low poly feel haha..

yahkehbu @ 2/9/2017 06:49 commented on Infinite Lon Lon Milk Glitch

Thanks, its part of the 22color palette i'm working on for the comp.



@Pheno, yah... but then it wouldn't be 64x64 for the weekly...



@wasteboy@posfoster Thanks!

yahkehbu @ 2/9/2017 06:47 commented on Infinite Lon Lon Milk Glitch

Vertically as in more downwards than it is now? I was trying to give the milk a bit of energy, maybe its too much? or maybe its just a side effect of the glitch, ha

yahkehbu @ 2/9/2017 06:37 commented on Big Bird

Has someone tried calling him? 

yahkehbu @ 2/6/2017 07:38 commented on Moon Hong Bao

Hey! I like the update :)

yahkehbu @ 2/5/2017 18:21 commented on Kou Hang Pao

Cool pattern on the envelope borders!

yahkehbu @ 2/5/2017 18:20 commented on Costa Rica Bundle


yahkehbu @ 2/5/2017 18:19 commented on Pagoda

Nice Dither pattern on the sky!

yahkehbu @ 2/5/2017 18:18 commented on paper coins

haha.. oh dear.... 

yahkehbu @ 2/5/2017 18:17 commented on Big Bird

lol, I just didn't want people to feel obligated to make 2 images, so I supplied a few optional previews, especially since 155x77 is already a good size.



@pbdc yah, I think you're right... live and learn



@daruda well I guess there is nothing explicitly prohibiting that... 

yahkehbu @ 2/4/2017 16:53 commented on Big Bird

Maybe I didn't word it well? 155x77, max 17 color, pixel whatever you want. 



Preview should be a different image, which is a small red/gold rectangle to "wrap" or "hide" the pixel. 



I figured it wasn't much different than the Secret Santa at the other pixel website..






yahkehbu @ 2/3/2017 07:43 commented on Big Bird

oops double post.. Soo.. here are some caffeinated pixels... 

yahkehbu @ 2/3/2017 07:40 commented on Big Bird

Working on it!! 

yahkehbu @ 2/2/2017 20:34 commented on Chinese New Year

This is fantastic!! I think you have a few stray colors, currently 22, needs to be 17. 

yahkehbu @ 1/30/2017 17:38 commented on Hurdy-Gurdy

 I think its supposed to be a goat.... dang'it..

yahkehbu @ 1/30/2017 17:32 commented on Big Bird

Must have been an epic battle!

yahkehbu @ 1/30/2017 10:01 commented on Big Bird

The queue is under attack! All hands, Battle stations!

yahkehbu @ 1/29/2017 19:00 commented on Asian Zither

Looks like a Vietnamese Dan Tranh! Cool 

yahkehbu @ 1/27/2017 18:43 commented on Scarface