delicatone @ 9/22/2017 20:33 commented on little Barbarian

Thanks for the critique! I was experimenting with different framerates to create a sense of mass in its movement. Needs some more tweaking I guess, lol.

delicatone @ 9/19/2017 01:22 commented on Bomberman

Just looked it up, seems like a cool game!

delicatone @ 9/19/2017 01:02 commented on Eagle Island - Koji and Quill

Cool transition!

delicatone @ 9/19/2017 00:58 commented on Smashhh buttons

These are nice! Fire one is my fav

delicatone @ 9/18/2017 22:13 commented on Hiveswap Serpents Minigame Redraw

The bubble/eggs and small crystals are really nice!

delicatone @ 9/18/2017 07:07 commented on Perfect Chaos

grooovy perspective?

delicatone @ 9/17/2017 18:24 commented on Punk

Love the gun flash!

delicatone @ 9/17/2017 18:23 commented on Skeleton Warrior

haha jellllly.. very cool!

delicatone @ 9/14/2017 03:08 commented on Nordic Berserker

Double check your color count, looks like there are 15. Cool sprite though!

delicatone @ 9/14/2017 03:06 commented on Rombix

Is it supposed to repeat? Thats a lot of frames 

delicatone @ 9/14/2017 03:04 commented on dan barrett

Looks like there might have been some NPA techniques used on the shirt logo. Also, unless absolutely vital to the piece, sprites like this should be uploaded with a transparent background. Give it another go!

delicatone @ 9/13/2017 10:38 commented on Mountain WIP

Not bad for a first go. If you are interested in landscapes (particularly moutains) I suggest drawing rocks. If you can get a good feel for the 3D shading and texture of different rocks, you will easily transition to mountains. 

As for the Gallery, WIP are not accepted. If this isn't a finished work I suggest pulling it, and reuploading when you got a finished image.

delicatone @ 9/13/2017 10:31 commented on Z

Can you add all of these sprites onto a single sheet/image and re-upload? It would help from clogging the queue and keep your gallery nice and clean. 

delicatone @ 9/13/2017 10:28 commented on A little yellow Bird

Well this looks oddly familiar.... 

delicatone @ 9/13/2017 03:38 commented on containtris

Will it be a Forward-reverse Tetris, where you have to load then unload the ship? Looks nice!

delicatone @ 9/9/2017 05:47 commented on Magikarp used splash!

haha... awww

delicatone @ 9/6/2017 00:59 commented on I don't bite it!

My guess.. the spray can is a red herring, he actually died by bug-a-salt.

delicatone @ 9/6/2017 00:56 commented on H. P. Lovecraft

Love it, awesome characters every time!

delicatone @ 9/2/2017 18:43 commented on Cabin


delicatone @ 5/6/2017 09:08 commented on Big Bird

How about a PJ update where users can set the initial zoom for individual pieces, then everyone just uploads 1x.





delicatone @ 5/1/2017 20:07 commented on Fudge

Ninja Turtle RPG... sounds epic

delicatone @ 4/30/2017 09:28 commented on Big Bird

Maybe we should call for a voluntary hiatus of uploads, 5/1-5/5 The first five days of May, to allow for mods to catch up and clear it out  We can call it The (pixel) Purge! 

delicatone @ 4/24/2017 22:09 commented on Animations for LD

This is adorable

delicatone @ 4/24/2017 20:09 commented on EXTRA T H I C C

Samurai Jack! Is the new one any good?

delicatone @ 4/24/2017 08:52 commented on Insane Intestines

Lol, this is great! Voted!