Balladofwindfishes @ 3/29/2008 17:15 commented on Sheegoth
I really wished I could animate better, I can just picture this in my mind walking

Balladofwindfishes @ 2/9/2008 06:34 commented on SSBB 2D Mock Up Test
uhhh I doubt he intended to "copy" someone's style.

Balladofwindfishes @ 1/25/2008 10:17 commented on *

a fantastic improvement


wow you got a whole lot better!

Balladofwindfishes @ 1/25/2008 10:02 commented on Kings
oh wow, this is really great

Balladofwindfishes @ 1/24/2008 15:48 commented on Sheegoth

I just place them like I would a larger dither except smaller so it kind of looks different.

And Sheegoths shine in random places, so I just kind of did random lines and softened them up.

I thought about MP2D, but I can't animate for anything, I tried making this thing walk and it failed, a lot :(

Balladofwindfishes @ 12/10/2007 17:21 commented on bomberman mobile

so clean and nice, I like it


Balladofwindfishes @ 6/18/2007 08:57 commented on Pokémon Evolving challenge

easily the most worthy to win

It's fits the style perfectly and they ever look like Pokemon

Balladofwindfishes @ 6/16/2007 15:29 commented on Sableye

Yea, I knew I forgot something, I'll go find that and put it in the info

Balladofwindfishes @ 6/16/2007 05:52 commented on GigaMac Pokemon
Those are the same line style Diamond and Pearl uses, which has lots of jagged lines

Balladofwindfishes @ 5/28/2007 06:55 commented on Regice

wow, been awhile

I actually did make a sheet, but it's a completely redone regice

Balladofwindfishes @ 5/12/2007 18:58 commented on Skipper/StairwaytoEvan Collab Thumbguy

Nintendogs made the list, yet Pokemon/Dragon Warrior or any "Monster Hunt" game appears to be missing

this list seems way to contriversal

Balladofwindfishes @ 5/3/2007 15:36 commented on Legend of Iya DS "mockup" screenshot
Real nice, but as others have said, the font is hard to read.

Balladofwindfishes @ 4/29/2007 09:35 commented on my popeye
I think the chin could stand to be bigger

Balladofwindfishes @ 4/4/2007 16:51 commented on Zelda II insprited BG
It's just somthing I keep putting off :x

Balladofwindfishes @ 3/17/2007 13:18 commented on Mario Mockup, with Luigi~
Loving that water!

Balladofwindfishes @ 3/2/2007 14:11 commented on Once again, nother mockup, Update 3

the very back layer where you have those leaves, maybe somthing a little less busy, even a solid color, will make it look better

Balladofwindfishes @ 2/21/2007 06:50 commented on Funkyboy screens

lol I see mario bros


Balladofwindfishes @ 2/2/2007 14:31 commented on My Sweet Little Trabant!
I actually though this was a pokeball from the preview :P

Balladofwindfishes @ 1/30/2007 13:28 commented on Lighting sword
this is quite nice

Balladofwindfishes @ 1/17/2007 15:12 commented on Regice
I just have this wierd thing that ice and ontrast looks unatural

Balladofwindfishes @ 1/5/2007 17:48 commented on Bullet Bill
it looks almost identical to nsmb art

Balladofwindfishes @ 1/5/2007 16:46 commented on Banzai Bill
that one shade on the highlight doesnt match the style

Balladofwindfishes @ 1/5/2007 15:01 commented on Banzai Bill
the shine looks really overshaded

Balladofwindfishes @ 1/4/2007 14:55 commented on Kirby Advance style Ice Dragon
It looks a little blocky. I know you can do better in kirby advance, the belly is also a default ms paint circle

Balladofwindfishes @ 1/3/2007 15:16 commented on pinky

such an awsome chao