Loop @ 6/27/2009 07:18 commented on open your eyes

the mirros are streetlighted

I love the saturated colour choices and the shadding style

Loop @ 8/10/2008 07:04 commented on Don Ramon Viola
Seu Madruga se perturba
Pisa em cima do chapéu

Loop @ 4/27/2008 11:44 commented on Big Bird
making pixel art picking colours with RGB

Loop @ 4/25/2008 14:31 commented on Tifa Lockheart
but for some reason
this looks sexy :d

Loop @ 4/23/2008 15:14 commented on Tifa Lockheart
you shouldn't dither this much in small pieces like that  :<

Loop @ 4/23/2008 15:09 commented on Big Bird
I have to confess that I submited one

Loop @ 4/23/2008 15:00 commented on Big Bird
but many interesting designs were made for it

Loop @ 4/23/2008 09:51 commented on Birdhouse
not really
I tried animating the clouds in the bg but it didn't work very well

Loop @ 4/22/2008 10:05 commented on Big Bird
choosing colours

Loop @ 4/22/2008 08:15 commented on Big Bird
then just learn it.

Loop @ 3/16/2008 17:15 commented on Rustbrainslugbug
brainslugs will rule! hahaahaha!

Loop @ 10/6/2007 12:47 commented on Samus Aran ~ Uhn tiss
btw, I am playing Echoes right now :)

Loop @ 8/3/2007 16:45 commented on Temple of St Sava
That's very big.

Loop @ 8/1/2007 19:23 commented on Swamp Adventures
I have seen this already a loooong time ago.
Yet, it still looks good.

Loop @ 7/25/2007 20:29 commented on Big Bird
I wonder how getting extra ratings works...
Do you can give more than max (120%, 150%) or it means you can give a more accurate rating out of 100%?(73,50% instead of 75%)?

Loop @ 7/23/2007 10:27 commented on Big Bird
Hentai is any kind of drawn japanese styled porn, Ecchi is light japanese drawn porn.

Loop @ 7/21/2007 17:42 commented on Barrel Love
I just noticed:
His shadow is a bunny.

Loop @ 7/21/2007 16:46 commented on Big Bird
You can always google it.

Loop @ 7/13/2007 18:43 commented on Pirana Plant
That's not a regular piranha plant. It's a character from pixeltendo...

Loop @ 7/13/2007 18:38 commented on Guitarra
Cores legais, mas podia ter usado dithering, principalmente na pele. O contraste está muito grande =o

Loop @ 6/21/2007 08:55 commented on Thony :B
That's pretty cool :D
I love the skin colour, and the muscles.

Loop @ 5/23/2007 13:27 commented on Big Bird
How do you feel when you finish watching something you liked a lot?
Maybe an Anime, Series, etc...

Loop @ 5/4/2007 16:35 commented on Pink Floyd Running
Cute and smoth

And you named it after the best band ever ; D

Loop @ 5/3/2007 11:45 commented on Legend of Iya DS "mockup" screenshot
I really like the portrait, but for some reason it looks like it doesn't match the sprite that much.

Loop @ 5/3/2007 11:41 commented on Big Bird
Dithering brushes.
Is it cheating or just an way to make things faster?