danbenevides @ 4/12/2009 17:43 commented on Ravenous Strong Kick

 Olha ai... Mais brasucas mandando ver no PA!  ;)
Adorei a animação.
Great job! 

danbenevides @ 4/12/2009 17:35 commented on Lucy Fernandez - SAMBA SAMBA

 I just saw the preview icon and the rhythm came to my hear: samba!

danbenevides @ 4/3/2009 06:16 commented on About PM

 You freaky... It`s great!
Despite the minors perspective errors your shading is awesome.

danbenevides @ 3/26/2009 06:43 commented on Pixel Crunch

 hahaha. Very nice pixel art.
Just a design hint: The Brand name could have more visual impact. Maybe bigger.

danbenevides @ 3/16/2009 06:08 commented on Return to Savage World Mockup

I saw your progression on Pixelation and the improvement is awesome.
Your skill in listen the criticism and choose what would be good or not to your work made all the difference between a "quimera" and this great visual.

danbenevides @ 3/8/2009 08:27 commented on To lose my mind D:

Lovely :)

danbenevides @ 3/6/2009 17:38 commented on Town House

 I loved the roof and the pallete used.
Congratulations! It`s a beautiful job. 

danbenevides @ 3/3/2009 19:37 commented on Witch

 Beautiful. :)
I loved the colors and the design.
Nice to see you working on pixel again. ;)

danbenevides @ 3/3/2009 09:21 commented on Cutie Sexy Sammy

 Hot Aramus. 
Like it. :)
Nice work

danbenevides @ 3/1/2009 20:08 commented on Doll 6- Dita Von Teese

 The dress, the shoes and the hair are really good. I loved the way you shaded it.
I can feel the volume.
The body seems a bit too flat compered to the dress... it could have more highlighted areas and shadows.

Anyway congratulations for the beautiful job! 

danbenevides @ 2/28/2009 10:45 commented on Greek thief archer

 Thanks everybody. 
Thanks Badassbill for the translation or kind of :)
About the thin legs, yes it was the intention. He is a skinny archer, thief... an errant. He are not a warrior ;)
But a little more muscle maybe could make him looks good. Thanks 

danbenevides @ 2/27/2009 08:31 commented on Buildings for City Tiiiicooooon

 Very well done.

danbenevides @ 2/26/2009 05:48 commented on Pixel Breakbot

 Your mechas looks very nice. :)
bring more to us.

Welcome to pixeljoint!

danbenevides @ 2/25/2009 16:24 commented on Jenny Fighting Sprite HD EDITION :P

 Very nice.
I love this style.
I like the shading.
As a critic I would only say that the right forearm is a little wierd compered to the left one. The shadows and the join`st line are interfering on the perspective making the right forearm looks shorter than the left one.
And the shade on the breasts could give more volume sensation (it is just my preference) :)

Anyway, congratulation for this lovely character. ;)

danbenevides @ 2/20/2009 10:00 commented on Pele Soccer Dance
Ha ha. Funny! Great idea, it made me laugh.

danbenevides @ 8/10/2008 16:44 commented on IRobot
The technique is awesome, the concept is beautiful...

danbenevides @ 6/1/2008 09:42 commented on LOI Badger idle animation
wonderfull... animation and palette.

danbenevides @ 5/28/2008 06:19 commented on Rust Mesa
Wonderful... I love this palette.

danbenevides @ 5/25/2008 12:51 commented on Tiles - forest stage

 it`s true.
This was my first pixel art work (about 5 years ago).
Later I`ll post my recent works.

danbenevides @ 5/24/2008 19:55 commented on Factory Level
Very good work.
I liked the the main tone style.

danbenevides @ 5/24/2008 19:39 commented on Purpletopus blinking
Oh, Thanks.

danbenevides @ 5/24/2008 15:08 commented on Marine
Yes, this work was my test to join to GL.
GL don`t sucks at all :)
People work hard there... sometime, very, very hard. :P

danbenevides @ 5/23/2008 14:54 commented on Run, marine, run!
Thanks, guys

danbenevides @ 5/23/2008 08:50 commented on Shu - Blue Dragon
Very cool, Rhamnys.