Lizy_Mushmush @ 3/7/2016 03:35 commented on water

why cant i see my entry in the competition??

i have posted itlike three days ago and its stillin the public que, also its not on the voting thingy!

Lizy_Mushmush @ 3/5/2016 01:09 commented on A happy life

oh ok, then what if i edit the thumbnail, will it be removed altogether because it was clasified as a WIP or something? because i have had that before...

Lizy_Mushmush @ 2/29/2016 18:18 commented on Army Chick Breathe

oh ok, thanks man, il just try in the next challenge!

Lizy_Mushmush @ 2/29/2016 03:35 commented on Army Chick Breathe

how come i didnt get a badge even though i posted pixel art?

Lizy_Mushmush @ 2/23/2016 08:14 commented on Same dragon. Again=)


(even though i am rly late after u posted it)

Lizy_Mushmush @ 2/23/2016 06:18 commented on Dragon (and chicken)

love it!! great animation and really funny!

Lizy_Mushmush @ 2/23/2016 05:28 commented on Radiant skull

omg, those colours are hypnotizing! Great art!!

Lizy_Mushmush @ 2/23/2016 05:26 commented on Demonic Poodle

wow man! this is so cool!

Lizy_Mushmush @ 2/23/2016 05:24 commented on A happy life

its better when you zoom in! :)

Lizy_Mushmush @ 2/19/2016 11:51 commented on Snowy Owl

ahh, i see, ok great! thanks!

Lizy_Mushmush @ 2/19/2016 11:50 commented on green dragon

Wow, really interesting... il be working on my pixel art!

Lizy_Mushmush @ 2/18/2016 09:17 commented on Jellyfish attack

At first i was like aww cute jellyfish and then i red the title and it was apparently attaching... anyways, i love sea life, and the animation is really good! 

Lizy_Mushmush @ 2/18/2016 09:16 commented on C64 RPG Cave

Wow, that really is great! Is it a game you are working on? Because it looks rly interesting!

Lizy_Mushmush @ 2/18/2016 09:14 commented on Dujanah Fan Art

Good job man! absolutely love the colours used and the feel it gives!!

Lizy_Mushmush @ 2/18/2016 09:12 commented on Small Shelter Scene

Wow, this is rly good! Great job!

Lizy_Mushmush @ 2/18/2016 09:09 commented on Burning_Sunrise(panorama)

Wow, absolutelly amazing!!

Lizy_Mushmush @ 2/18/2016 09:08 commented on Shrewd

Dude this is sooo cool!! I Love dragons and the colour green so you have just made my day!!

Lizy_Mushmush @ 2/18/2016 09:06 commented on Girantis

i thought it was a giraffe with a strange name and wings, and then i see the creature! Rly love it!! Great job man!!

Lizy_Mushmush @ 2/18/2016 09:03 commented on Walking on the Moon (That's no Soup Dragon)

haha such a cute dino!

Lizy_Mushmush @ 2/18/2016 09:02 commented on Happy Silly Sausage

OMG i love that game!! I also love dogs and sausages so great work!!

Lizy_Mushmush @ 2/18/2016 09:00 commented on Birdy Avatar

wow! its so cute! I love the style and especially the colour choise (my favourite colour is green)

Lizy_Mushmush @ 2/17/2016 09:28 commented on Snowy Owl

Hello and thanks!