UltimoGames @ 2/27/2019 10:24 commented on Streets of Rage - NES

I want to see more screens! 

UltimoGames @ 2/11/2019 13:28 commented on odd king

that's odd.. it grabbed my attention, I felt scared... weird.. 

UltimoGames @ 2/2/2019 08:22 commented on Critical Role Gameboy TRPG

Wow didnt expect such a long animation!

UltimoGames @ 1/30/2019 10:58 commented on Wloczykij - Avatar

Thanks macdoom! The last one is a special one :) Maybe I'll make every year a present game like this. (or a x-rated one hahaha)  

UltimoGames @ 1/29/2019 05:59 commented on Alvido

I like that horizontal and vertical dithering, gotta try that myself!

UltimoGames @ 1/22/2019 14:39 commented on Plastered Painters

nice, I love stuff like this! 

UltimoGames @ 1/22/2019 14:38 commented on Recognizer

now make a rotating version, you will get more respect+ 

UltimoGames @ 1/16/2019 05:30 commented on 16x16 Food Sprites

I don't really care for color limitations, as long as it looks good! But it sure would be interesting to see a version of this with a limited color palette. Just to compare. I like these food sprites! 

UltimoGames @ 1/13/2019 12:03 commented on First Scene

nice piece, the black border below should be smaller, like above 

UltimoGames @ 1/6/2019 13:10 commented on rotating logo icon

ohh, now I see it... damn

UltimoGames @ 1/6/2019 13:09 commented on rotating logo icon

thanks Hamptron! euhh I fail to see that horizontal line, the animation is a lot of copy-paste work with some clean up. So it could be that I forgot a line or two

UltimoGames @ 12/20/2018 12:23 commented on Mecha mocup

arrr, sure looks good man!  

UltimoGames @ 12/19/2018 17:12 commented on Space Warrior

I think it would be better as landscape alone

UltimoGames @ 12/19/2018 17:07 commented on Jungle Mockup Level

Rambo is always good !

UltimoGames @ 12/19/2018 17:04 commented on Mecha mocup

I could make a prototype in gamemaker if you provide the sprites

UltimoGames @ 12/16/2018 12:58 commented on Discovery

nice one! I always liked the intro of Last Ninja 3 on C64

UltimoGames @ 12/16/2018 12:56 commented on winter's gift

you're pretty good!

UltimoGames @ 12/14/2018 16:12 commented on Neo Punks (Larger)

Thanks Faherya! I want to release it on steam and other platforms too. With 16/9 resolution and more content. 

UltimoGames @ 12/14/2018 16:09 commented on Neo Punks (Larger)

Because of the upscale, the tracks are drawn every frame on the 640x480 resolution, the pixel art itself is 160x120

UltimoGames @ 12/14/2018 01:19 commented on Neo Punks (Larger)

I tried to make it true 1x1 pixel, but that made the game real jerky. Slower games that dont scroll can be 1x1. Good to hear that you like the game! Thanks skeddles!

UltimoGames @ 10/5/2018 06:30 commented on Isometric Bedroom

I like simple and clear pixel art 

UltimoGames @ 9/19/2018 18:02 commented on Patterns

Thanks pewple! 

UltimoGames @ 8/28/2018 13:59 commented on Foreign Frugglers

The game performs best in Google Chrome, with internet explorer there are weird bugs that I can't fix. The palette are pure RGB colors (255,0,0). The game is doing pretty good on NG, next up is Kongregate. Thanks Erico!  

UltimoGames @ 8/15/2018 02:42 commented on Plumbing Plumbers

there should be a Nintendo church, they deserve it! :) 

UltimoGames @ 6/15/2018 04:18 commented on Inspector Dick: Episode A1

thanks TRUEvector, you are a TRUE vector!