Mewr @ 3/1/2016 06:55 commented on risk

Well, I am all new to pixel art, I started about 6 months ago. I have always loved pixel art and gave it a try. After making a few pieces, I thought I should join a forum like this, to learn how to make them properly. So I understood. And, I usually don't use references or tutorials because I like to experiment on my own.

Thank you for your feedback anyways. I sure learnt something today.
Now, I go and delete the brushes I made.. 

Mewr @ 3/1/2016 05:42 commented on risk
Oh I figured.
No, I didn't use any filters but I did used a picture as a reference. (click) It's a photo made by a friend. He took this photo of his girlfriend and he knew I make pixel animations and asked me to do one for him based on this photo. I thought I share it.
Also, I made myself a brush for shading pixel art. (click) It looks little messy but I like the way I can shade things with it. It's probably the thing that made it feel like I used a filter. I have used it before on my previous works, for example here. I am sure you can see it.
I probably should have added these informations to the describtion. I am sorry.

Mewr @ 3/1/2016 04:33 commented on risk

Filter? I am sorry, but I'm not sure what you mean. 

Mewr @ 2/24/2016 08:37 commented on my cat WIP

Ah yea, I messed it up. Thanks!