Stacy3601 @ 1/28/2013 17:17 commented on New and old Pie

thanks for your input :) i might try taking out the texture and see how that goes

Stacy3601 @ 1/24/2013 12:28 commented on Out of inspiration

i love it. the wood floor looks great!

Stacy3601 @ 1/24/2013 12:18 commented on mosquito

that is a really cute critter but needs some work. the outline is really jagged. i see real potential though

Stacy3601 @ 12/13/2010 09:32 commented on Angel Adoptable

yes i drew it myself.  what i ment was, i was making these as adoptables on another site. its 100% mine.

Stacy3601 @ 12/9/2010 12:15 commented on DewFlower forum banner

thankyou :D

Stacy3601 @ 12/8/2010 11:26 commented on digital art for the pixel

that is a really interesting puppet O_o

the shading on the left side is a bit odd especially that swirl or wavy part on its chest.  i like the overall design though. :)

Stacy3601 @ 12/8/2010 11:19 commented on DewFlower forum banner

thanks :)  the mirroring was intentional though :P

Stacy3601 @ 2/14/2010 14:10 commented on Froglet

yeah i'm still not great at the whole dithering thing. like when and where its needed.  love your avatar

Stacy3601 @ 2/6/2010 09:20 commented on Swimming with Mermaids

your right i do.  my next picture i will take more pride in it and do my best to gain more self confidence.

thankyou for your positive comments. it really makes me happy ^^

Stacy3601 @ 2/5/2010 08:27 commented on Bouncy Octopus

thanks.  when i began drawing it i grosly underestimated how dificult it would be to animate O.O but i was too far in to just stop so i just finished what i had.  i knew it was choppy and rigid but i was DONE with it -_- 

  i'm not 100% sure what you mean by mirroring.  is that when you you copy and paste one side onto the other?  if so. i did mirror some of the sketch but i did all the pixeling seperate.

and thanks for the suggestions i'm deff. not done with the character and plan on making a smaller more fluid one. :)

Stacy3601 @ 2/4/2010 20:25 commented on Attacking Snake

very cool. i like this.

Stacy3601 @ 2/4/2010 08:22 commented on Swimming with Mermaids

@manupix: thanks i will deff. take a look at that pic.  i dont know much about AA but i will take a look at some tutorials and other pictures.


thanks for all the positive comments guys. i really was not expecting them :)

Stacy3601 @ 5/3/2009 08:32 commented on Orange you glad

well i was makinf fruit icons and orange was on my list. as for the animation and straw, i remrmbered old orange juice comercials that had the same kind of straw stuck in an orange and i always liked how it looked.

Stacy3601 @ 5/1/2009 08:24 commented on Orange you glad

thanks ^^ yep its a straw and juice squirting out :)

Stacy3601 @ 1/6/2008 15:03 commented on Nyanko Burger
thanks for the advice i will work on the next piece more before i submit it.  i guess it looks hurried  i'm not sure how a bun should be shaded though -_-"

Stacy3601 @ 1/6/2008 15:01 commented on Peach Nyanko

that is the ref pic i used for both :P

Stacy3601 @ 5/21/2007 09:25 commented on Cheshire Cat
wow it was hard only choosing three.   there are some really good ones in there.

Stacy3601 @ 2/15/2007 11:54 commented on Atari Arcade Pong
congrats yall ^^ i hope i can be that good some day :)

Stacy3601 @ 2/14/2007 21:58 commented on Sonic
still pritty cool even if its not new news :P

Stacy3601 @ 2/14/2007 19:39 commented on Hey, you! Want some gum?
"looks like an usb-stick"

XD  thats what i thought too.  its a bit too square and perfect to be a pack of gum :P  but it still looks good :)

Stacy3601 @ 2/14/2007 14:30 commented on Atlantis
wow that is absolutly beautiful!! nice work!

Stacy3601 @ 2/14/2007 13:39 commented on Milon
very cute character.  i like her expression.  i think its good now. but perhaps you can add highlights to improve it?

Stacy3601 @ 2/14/2007 13:35 commented on Chess Piece Queen
thankyou.  i think your comment was the very first comment i have gotten on this site that was actually helpful and polite at the same time.

Stacy3601 @ 2/14/2007 13:18 commented on Six Arms
very cool, i like it :) the shading is very smooth

Stacy3601 @ 2/14/2007 12:56 commented on bunnie anthro
its very cute ^^ good job :)