greenraven @ 3/23/2017 09:15 commented on Big Bird

Sup y'all. How's everyone doing?


I see ye olde if I had a magic genie how would I change PJ debate is still going on. Classic. Never gets old apparently.

Still no word from jal by the way. And I'm pestering him on private lines we usally reserve for our super secret sex hotline and all. Kinda worried about him at this point.

greenraven @ 2/28/2017 11:49 commented on Trek Communicators

This is so nerdy I love it. XD

I didn't even realize there were so many. O_O

greenraven @ 2/27/2017 08:50 commented on Big Bird

Not harder. Easier actually. That Santiago floozy can be anywhere in the world, jal won't leave the confines of the promised land (Florida). Plus some of us know what he looks like and the unique tattoo that he has. All we gotta do is approach every middle aged man and pull his pants down to check his tramp stamp. How hard could that be?

greenraven @ 2/26/2017 09:03 commented on a guy

If this challenge doesn't get 100% entrees as scarabs I will be sorely disappointed and will lose the faith in humanity forever.

greenraven @ 2/26/2017 08:40 commented on Big Bird


...wherever he is.

greenraven @ 2/24/2017 11:25 commented on Big Bird

Oh no... not the furry porn... whatever shall we do if all the furry porn gets stolen from dA. Crisis. 

Also what in the bleeding fuck is Wix if it's big enough to gobble up dA? Is this one of those cases of me living under a rock?

Also also... still no word from jal, I'm mildly worried for him and his grandpa age.

greenraven @ 2/11/2017 20:31 commented on Big Bird

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Where will I get my shoddy piss poor flash games now?!

I guess Digital Homicide will be remembered for something after all. They were the David that put down Steam's massive Goliath.

greenraven @ 2/10/2017 07:53 commented on Big Bird

You did, you really really did. Clearly you didn't hear about the jackass we elected as dicktator president. See?

This whole thing with jal is and isn't stalkery. It's a fine gray blurry line.

Also no word from him. I even pushed the speed-dial button. He probably just doesn't want to deal with people right now.

greenraven @ 2/9/2017 17:53 commented on Big Bird

Last time I talked to jal he mention something about his niece being in the hospital. That was about two months ago and I haven't from him since.

I'm gonna go poke him with a stick right now and I'll let you know if he twitches or not.

greenraven @ 1/26/2017 06:26 commented on Big Bird

Well that was that one time... in Oklahoma.

Also the guy in the video behind the counter is pretty stoned. He just stands there casually and don't even flinch.

greenraven @ 1/24/2017 13:36 commented on Big Bird

And for the rest of us that don't have ADD we hit this little button and we see aaaaall teh new thingz! Magic! \o/

I never did understand what the big deal with the front page was. It's an appitizer for the rest of the site, not the whole meal.

By the way I'm totally being paid to say this but congrats to Zizka for getting his Toaster Game Greenlit.

greenraven @ 1/5/2017 10:21 commented on Eminem Totem

May I just say that I approve of this theme very much!

greenraven @ 12/28/2016 19:41 commented on Big Bird

So my weird little life just keeps getting weirder... anyone who's been robbed recently raise your hand...

*raises hand*

Our entire house got cleaned out by a bunch of Mexicans. That's not the weird part. The weird part is that they were sent by the bank.

I hate my life.

greenraven @ 12/24/2016 15:12 commented on Big Bird

*raises both*

greenraven @ 12/22/2016 19:43 commented on Big Bird

Already thought of that, piano wire adorned with razor blades.

So... I'm still here. Or am I? I am the ghost of teh interwebs in the machine. WoOoOo...

The cycle of depression and poverty continues...

The medical bills are piling up and I have no income, worse than that we're in debt. My dad's an alcoholic and my brother is a college dropout. Bills as far as the eye can see.

Just so very tired of it all peeps.

Meh, bah humbug.

I kinda wanna say something positive but I'm drawing blanks.

So I'll just say PENIS cuz it seems like the perfectly sane thing to say.

greenraven @ 12/18/2016 10:12 commented on Big Bird

I guess it's that time again when I make the chatterbox all weird and awkward again. Sorry in advance.

Anyone google suicide methods lately?

Quick and painless is how I wanna do this. An overdose of sleeping pills seems like the most practical way to go.

Hanging yourself is a "popular" way but you'd be surprised how surprisingly difficult it'd be to hang yourself. Also it says it usually only takes 5 to 10 seconds, but for me that feels like 5 to 10 seconds too long. Anyone ever vomit? Feels like an eternity doesn't it?

Also I messed with blades and cutting myself in the past, so I know from first hand experience that isn't much of an option either.

Funny story but I once tried to build a guillotine. It's one of those things you don't really think through. It's a whole giant commitment. It's swift and painless, yes, but gotta build the damn thing first.

Also anyone who may want to do something like get hit by a car or bus or whatever, don't do that either. Got in front of a truck once, all that happened was me flying back about 20 feet.

There's certain suicide methods that just aren't 100% guaranteed.

For those of you wondering this has been a lifelong affliction for me.

Funny story but I was cleaning out some old crap and I found that card. I've been fucked up in the head since 5th grade.

Suicidal thoughts are sometimes like a surge of water. Eventually you just can't hold up an entire dam with your bare hands.

I don't know why I keep ticking despite so many attempts to end it all.

Hopefully my suffering will end soon. I'm just so tired of everything.

Sorry for making things awkward again. I tried talking to jal in private but he must be busy (or just plain tired of my crap) because he didn't respond. And this is one of the few places I feel like I can call my home.

If you don't hear from me in 12 months make some sort of crayon oekaki day or something, kay? Love you all.

greenraven @ 12/17/2016 08:22 commented on Big Bird

One of many things that shouldn't exist. XD

greenraven @ 12/14/2016 05:59 commented on Big Bird

Clearly it's your fault for not making a quality game like this.

The indie scene is a mess right now because every 13 year old with basic programming skills and a hunger for money us pumping out their games. It's getting harder and harder to notice legit games.

At least Digital Homicide is now out of the picture. 

greenraven @ 12/7/2016 15:55 commented on Big Bird

Thanks to my Hep C I can't drink even if I wanted to.

greenraven @ 12/7/2016 06:05 commented on Big Bird

Click here.

Alternatively if you're trying to use someone else's avatar they have to have it set to allow other's to use it.

greenraven @ 12/6/2016 14:10 commented on Big Bird

That's because no one wrote you any love letters. Some of us have hot wild flings out back.

Speaking of jal though, look veeeeeery carefully and you'll notice it...

What's everyone been up to as of late?

greenraven @ 11/28/2016 05:53 commented on a few Darkstalkers

Reminds me of the Gem Fighters art style.

greenraven @ 11/27/2016 05:57 commented on Big Bird

They're a bunch of self-righteous, opinionated, ignorant, close-minded, control freaks. There's two types of opinions in the world: Their opinion and the wrong opinion. If you don't agree with their opinion then your opinion is inherently wrong. They will also give you "advice" at all hours of the day whether you asked for it or not. And even when they TRY to say something nice it still comes off as an insult.

greenraven @ 11/24/2016 14:54 commented on Big Bird

Fuck Thanksgiving, annoying ass holiday you spend with people you can barely tolerate. Bah humbug. 

I can't stand mom's side of the family, a bunch of sophisticated snobs that dole out nothing but backhanded compliments.

Dad's side of the family isn't any better, they're all religious zealots and everything is always about hayzues christopher our lord and saviour.

I said it before and I'm saying it again... Bah humbug!!!!!!!! 

greenraven @ 11/18/2016 05:42 commented on Big Bird

Well... yes. They were supposed to be chocolate flavored but they don't always come out that way.