greenraven @ 4/19/2018 13:17 commented on Big Bird

Just got back from my doctor's, I've lost another 15 lbs doing nothing but sitting on my ass and compulsively worrying about shit. At least depression is good for something at least. Easiest weight loss ever, it only cost you your sanity. 

greenraven @ 4/18/2018 09:30 commented on Big Bird

What is and isn't pixel art. The end. XD

Sorry to hear you're also struggling with depression. I know it sucks so hang in there.

greenraven @ 4/12/2018 11:12 commented on Big Bird

Last I talked to him he said something about his niece being in the hospital. And that was the last I ever heard from him.

Also ditto what Met said. Online friends can just vanish off the face of the earth one random day and you'll never know why. (I actually have several online friends currently MIA and it's annoying as fuck cuz we were close.)

greenraven @ 4/8/2018 10:37 commented on Big Bird

Depends on how you feel about pixelling. For me it was always just a fun way to kill time not "pixels4life".

greenraven @ 4/6/2018 09:45 commented on Big Bird

Yes. I haven't been able to submit anything for years now. It's called crippling depression.

In other news... Trump scares little children!

greenraven @ 3/31/2018 10:06 commented on Big Bird

Sounds like you're either trying to stay positive or just tired of complaining.

Things have been kinda meh for me lately.

greenraven @ 3/30/2018 19:51 commented on Big Bird

Anyone heard from jal?

And sup. How's everyone doing these days?

greenraven @ 3/3/2018 09:49 commented on Big Bird

Hey all. Passing through so I thought I'd say hello.

Hope everyone is doing well. Sadly can't say the same. My anxiety and depression has been pretty bad lately.

greenraven @ 12/15/2017 17:48 commented on Big Bird

Duly noted and we love you for it!

Although he and Alex Jones are already brewing up conspiracy theories.

greenraven @ 12/14/2017 21:22 commented on Big Bird

Rome started burning the moment we elected a lobotomy patient as president.

greenraven @ 12/14/2017 11:24 commented on Big Bird

I hope Ajit Pai chokes on a bag of dicks!!!

For you international folks who don't know, our internet providers are already strangling us for every last penny as it is. Now there's not much that can stand in their way to bleed us dry altogether.

greenraven @ 10/31/2017 11:08 commented on Big Bird

Been going through some boxes recently...

...I feel oooooooooooooold.

greenraven @ 8/30/2017 07:14 commented on Big Bird

You know what, fuck this shit. I only came around to see if jal's ok and if the chatterbox is fun again. Apparently not on both accounts.

I'll show myself out.

greenraven @ 8/30/2017 07:00 commented on Big Bird

Oh please like you're such a white knight.

I was going to respond to Hap but I'll respond to you instead. This isn't "some grudge" this is literally not liking the guy because of the way he behaves towards others. That link I posted is just one of millions of examples.

Let me tell you a quick story (it's a shame I never screenshotted it). A whiiiiiiiile back blinky was looking for someone to do interviews and he was considering me and Loli for the part. Loli reeeeeeeaaallly wanted the part so he quickly jumped to have a private chat with me to dissuade me. You want to know what he said? He said that "based on my gallery" I wouldn't know how to talk to a "real artist" and that's why I should step down and he should get the job.

That's sneaky and underhanded and sadly par for the course for every single interaction I've had with him.

Hap if you're honestly confused on why I don't like you then you're just Trump levels of thick. You're not gonna win any friendships with me if you constantly keep taking a piss all over me. I'm not a fan of backhanded compliments.

Classy move backing me into a corner and then accusing me of being toxic. Bravo.

greenraven @ 8/29/2017 11:52 commented on Big Bird

The fact that you didn't know who RAV was when you banned him is making me laugh my ass off for some reason.

Like I said though jal and I had protocols in place for calming him down when his little episodes flared up. I'll have a chat with him and see what comes of it.

As for the second class citizen thing I strongly disagree. Not gonna go into a huge thing here but Evidence A.

One of the many maaaaaaaaaaaany cases of elitist snobbery towards those whose skills are deemed "inferior" by PJ's elite. Also one of the many reasons why I'm adamantly against Hap being mod. (Not that my opinion matters.) But Loli has a history of giving snide backhanded compliments like that all over the place. Not mod material in my eyes.

Like I said not gonna go into a whole thing but pieces like that were often cruxifiied and made examples of. Not a good way to treat members in my opinion.

"But if somebody that is not interested in pixel art hangs around here; that is absurd in the first place."

And that's my cue to walk on stage...

But on a seriously note I was into pixel art, but then I was turned off by the shitty demeanor of most of the members here (like being told that I'm insignificant and am "wasting my time"). I should have left for good but at that point I made more than enough friends so I stuck around.

As far as I'm concerned lack of leadership isn't PJ's only problem. Lack of heart is. jal and leel and so many other older members were my friends, how many of you can say likewise? How many friends do most of you have on here and not just "fellow artists"?

This is what made PJ great and this is what's killing it now. This is why I keep coming back here and why I'll continue to keep coming back here despite dumping my entire gallery.

I sincerely hope that restoring the soul of PJ is on your to-do list and far above any trivial coding updating. But hey, that's just me and my wacky values, we all know how popular my opinions are.

greenraven @ 8/28/2017 14:46 commented on Big Bird

Meh. Like I said I'm done arguing with conscripted zealots. The fact that Asmo turned my sass remark into a near personal attack against me is everything I need to know to stop wasting my time here.

greenraven @ 8/28/2017 11:51 commented on Big Bird

Now would be the part where I say something sassy and sarcastic but you sensitive little butterflies would take it at face value and get all huffed up.

I'm not having this argument and certainly not with someone who came in halfway to the movie.

"And I am actually sort of against the whole community without making art thing. It looks like an out for troublemakers. If you want to look at the art, you dont need a profile."

Congratualtions you're part of the problem. We're done talking here.

greenraven @ 8/28/2017 10:22 commented on Big Bird

Strong form? I have an ultrasound appointment in 3 hours about this decrepit mangled body of mine. 

Also sedge was only the sugar daddy admin. Ens and Blinky we're the coding admins.

Congrats Peyton! Only 2 more years till you can booze it up!

greenraven @ 8/28/2017 09:21 commented on Big Bird

Do remember also bipolar? If jal was around he'd just make fun of him and just let him fume it off. It was sort of an unspoken rule to just let him be and not get him any more riled up.

Also here's both versions of the dood in case it helps you guys.

Some mods only saw one, some mods only saw the other, some mods saw neither. I forget exactly what it is that jal did but he dun fixed it guud. He could approve pieces from all the way in the back.

God damn PJ owes me a backlog of medals for all the shit I did around here behind the scenes.

greenraven @ 8/28/2017 08:59 commented on Big Bird

Ok now we're talking, some mod presence at last.

I actually talked to RAV just the other day. Let me share a quick snippet from our conversation that I think is very relevant to everyone here:

"I knew this would sooner or later happen when I learned Jal was gone. I went into the argument knowing fully well this would happen. They were just waiting for the first opportunity to get rid of me, and I gladly gave them that."

Basically he got tired of being treated like a second class citizen just because he's here look at the art and not make it. So he decided to go out in a blaze of glory and you fell for it.

But I do have to agree that this is something that's been plauging PJ for the longest time now. Some of us are just here to look at the pretty things and participate in the community aspect of it all. Remember how I said that the gallery and the community are two very different things? This is exactly what I'm talking about.

People who don't have robust amounts of submissions are treated like nobody's and that's especially damaging when they're trying to have conversations with people on the forum or in the chatterbox. More pixels doesn't make you a better person. I've been speaking out against this for ages now. (It's partially why I deleted my gallery as a form of protest.)

As for jal I threw everything at him including the kitchen sink, still no reply. Skype, AIM, every possible email and contact. Pretty much the only real option left is to go knock on his door.

"The mods can only see and approve the first 2 pages worth of most recent entries. This is a limitation due to how the site was built."

Check the the staff forum for any mentions of the dood. Jal and I found a workaround to that once. Should be around 2013 and there should be this image accompanying it. This is when mods first started noticing they can't see the whole queue so I ginea pig'd my dood and uploaded him at two different times to see when which one would show up.

"Also Regarding Banning Decisions: I don't know if you have responsability to justify your decisions openly like that. I know, I just said transparency is important. Only for banning, there are a lot of variables to take into account. Having to explain everything (and most likely end up arguing) seems like a waste of time."

No. Full transparency and accountablitity. Otherwise you'll get people like me who will raise hell and make things ten times worse.

Also eishiya is a she.

greenraven @ 8/25/2017 10:20 commented on Big Bird

You cheeky bastard. XD

Seriously though... PJ's current atmosphere... 

greenraven @ 8/25/2017 09:07 commented on Big Bird

Ok what?! Am I hearing brainwashing propaganda from some sort of third world dictatorship? "We should be thankful they don't just gun us down in the streets whenever they feel like"? Is that the gist of what I'm hearing?

I'm sorry did I not mention that RAV was a good friend of mine and a friend to several of us veteren community members? Yeah I'm pretty sure I did. So do forgive me if I'm a little pissy right now if I find out he's been banned and for seemingly no reason at all.

(There's a very clear and distinct difference between PJ's gallery and PJ's community.)

Mods are accountable for their actions, at least they used to be. If you were here from the early days you'd hear the one thing they always stressed above all else: "we're no more different or special than the rest of you, we're just like everyone else."

This place changed. And not for the better.

greenraven @ 8/25/2017 08:04 commented on Big Bird

Maybe, maybe not. But "due process" requires a proper explanation on why someone was banned when they were abiding by the warning they were given. This smells of power abuse to me until proven otherwise.

greenraven @ 8/25/2017 07:49 commented on Big Bird

It doesn't. But RAV almost always apologizes once the dust settles for whatever the werewolf broke. jal & I have an entire compendium archive of everything he's ever been sorry about.

That last statement makes perfect sense if you've ever been an admin or a mod.

greenraven @ 8/25/2017 07:42 commented on ME

You should probably mention you referenced phoenix wright before someone gets uppity.