greenraven @ 7/14/2017 13:53 commented on Big Bird

I for one love things like this.

But also on the other hand you need to remember the internet is full of idiots like this.

greenraven @ 7/13/2017 06:39 commented on Big Bird

Same reason people burn photos of old friends they no longer care about.

For me I just didn't feel like attracting anymore elist snobs and trolls. Any of the senior members remember my clock animation? There you go, don't feel like justifying myself any longer. I am what I am, PJ is what PJ is, we just don't align all that well.

greenraven @ 7/9/2017 07:44 commented on Big Bird


greenraven @ 7/8/2017 20:11 commented on Big Bird


greenraven @ 7/5/2017 07:08 commented on Big Bird

Sup peeps. What's happening? 

Also I just saw the funniest ad just now --->

greenraven @ 6/2/2017 11:54 commented on Big Bird


greenraven @ 5/29/2017 20:25 commented on Big Bird

Guys, what in the bloody hell?! Last couple of days when I check this place from my phone I keep getting a bunch of hijack add opening up a bunch of new tabs. And this is the only site it happens on. 

greenraven @ 5/16/2017 10:05 commented on Big Bird

Very. It's like those classic 1920's radio performances, there's sound effects and everything.

Best part is that I got it from a Humble Bundle so all 20 something books only cost me $15! \o/

greenraven @ 5/15/2017 21:30 commented on Big Bird

Hey so anyone want to change the subject to something​ that isn't a decade stale moldy cheese?

You know how some people see jesus on toast? Close enough.

In other news I just finished listening to the second Garro audiobook, Legion Of One. Any Warhammer 40k fans in da house?


greenraven @ 5/12/2017 12:45 commented on Big Bird

"Elitism" was a correct choice of wording there. And I once again point at neonazi rednecks.

There's nothing wrong with pushing yourself to new hights but not at the cost of becoming a snob.

Again my issue isn't with PJ's arbitrary rules but the arrogant self righteous attitude towards anyone who doesn't agree. 

greenraven @ 5/11/2017 11:04 commented on Big Bird

Clearly you don't know that I'm a registered sex offender. 

You know what I always find the funniest about this never-ending debate? Hypothetically speaking let's say through an act of satan all of PJ unanimously rises up and agreed on a single united set of rules and guidelines. You know what happens next? .....................nothing!

PJ 3.0 has been a pipedream for over a decade now. And call me a jaded pessimist but I don't see sedge rising from his grave any time soon.

greenraven @ 5/10/2017 18:23 commented on Big Bird

As far as I'm concerned oekaki is pixel art.

My biggest problem with PJ isn't the fact that it has rules so much as it has a zealous cult preaching it as some sort of gospel. I'm about to do one of those things I do...

Here's a random dumbfuck redneck fatty holding up his prize pig.

And here's a fun fact: The swastika pre-dates Nazi Germany. So much so that there are different variants of it across the globe and time periods.

Do you see where I'm going with this? As I said PJ is a usurper.

For me personally "pixel art" means late 80's to mid-90's before 3D became the dominant video game form.

greenraven @ 5/10/2017 04:41 commented on Big Bird

I see that we're rehashing all those same conversations again.

One thing I need to butt in on as always: Pixel Joint is not "traditional" pixel art. For me traditional is defined by all those artists that pixeled during the golden age of gaming back in the 90's. And as they point out they never had any of these silly rules. PJ just made stuff up, said "that's how it is", and the masses just went with it out of simply not knowing any better.

tl;dr - PJ is a usurping fraud.

Now then. The most important thing. Anyone hear from jal? 

greenraven @ 5/1/2017 20:32 commented on Big Bird

Updates to MY PJ?! Why I never!

Paddy, jal knows what a gossip whore I am. Everything we talk about is under the unwritten rule that everyone will know about it within 5 minutes. If there's something he actually wants me to keep between us he'll tell me ahead of time. Like this one time we were talking shit about <redacted> and we were laughing our asses off behind his back because <redacted> was acting like a <redacted>  so jal told  <redacted>  to  <redacted>  and then  <redacted>  up  <redacted>. Man those were fun times.

Besides the thing about his niece isn't exactly a well kept secret. Anyone who was in chat at the time heard about it.

I guess the real question is how many of you plebs even know we have a chat?

greenraven @ 4/30/2017 13:12 commented on Big Bird

Haven't heard a word from him. And I even exhausted every possible way of contacting him, including his work email that he pretty much only uses for jobs/commissions.

Last time I talked to him he did mention his niece was in the hospital with cancer and with Ens recently passing away he just might be in a misanthropic mood.

It is weird not hearing from him in so long though. He was always there for me whenever I was having panic attacks or mental breakdowns. And now when he probably needs help the most I can't do shit from behind this screen...

greenraven @ 3/23/2017 09:15 commented on Big Bird

Sup y'all. How's everyone doing?


I see ye olde if I had a magic genie how would I change PJ debate is still going on. Classic. Never gets old apparently.

Still no word from jal by the way. And I'm pestering him on private lines we usally reserve for our super secret sex hotline and all. Kinda worried about him at this point.

greenraven @ 2/28/2017 11:49 commented on Trek Communicators

This is so nerdy I love it. XD

I didn't even realize there were so many. O_O

greenraven @ 2/27/2017 08:50 commented on Big Bird

Not harder. Easier actually. That Santiago floozy can be anywhere in the world, jal won't leave the confines of the promised land (Florida). Plus some of us know what he looks like and the unique tattoo that he has. All we gotta do is approach every middle aged man and pull his pants down to check his tramp stamp. How hard could that be?

greenraven @ 2/26/2017 09:03 commented on a guy

If this challenge doesn't get 100% entrees as scarabs I will be sorely disappointed and will lose the faith in humanity forever.

greenraven @ 2/26/2017 08:40 commented on Big Bird


...wherever he is.

greenraven @ 2/24/2017 11:25 commented on Big Bird

Oh no... not the furry porn... whatever shall we do if all the furry porn gets stolen from dA. Crisis. 

Also what in the bleeding fuck is Wix if it's big enough to gobble up dA? Is this one of those cases of me living under a rock?

Also also... still no word from jal, I'm mildly worried for him and his grandpa age.

greenraven @ 2/11/2017 20:31 commented on Big Bird

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Where will I get my shoddy piss poor flash games now?!

I guess Digital Homicide will be remembered for something after all. They were the David that put down Steam's massive Goliath.

greenraven @ 2/10/2017 07:53 commented on Big Bird

You did, you really really did. Clearly you didn't hear about the jackass we elected as dicktator president. See?

This whole thing with jal is and isn't stalkery. It's a fine gray blurry line.

Also no word from him. I even pushed the speed-dial button. He probably just doesn't want to deal with people right now.

greenraven @ 2/9/2017 17:53 commented on Big Bird

Last time I talked to jal he mention something about his niece being in the hospital. That was about two months ago and I haven't from him since.

I'm gonna go poke him with a stick right now and I'll let you know if he twitches or not.

greenraven @ 1/26/2017 06:26 commented on Big Bird

Well that was that one time... in Oklahoma.

Also the guy in the video behind the counter is pretty stoned. He just stands there casually and don't even flinch.