Paperdomo101 @ 3/14/2017 00:45 commented on G unit

Can the palette be any type of monotone (like brownish gray) or just flat gray? 

Paperdomo101 @ 3/12/2017 06:48 commented on Slime Bounce!

Thank you!

Paperdomo101 @ 1/30/2017 19:03 commented on Tiny Saxophone

I love the simplicity of this. Looks like it belongs in links awakening.

Paperdomo101 @ 1/22/2017 17:28 commented on Super Waluigi World

B-but this is just an edit of some SMW Tiles...

Paperdomo101 @ 12/23/2016 16:14 commented on Delicate Sense of Balance

He can't, the challenge doesn't allow animation.

Paperdomo101 @ 11/19/2016 04:43 commented on Tears of mother nature

I like it! Reminds me of the 2nd last level of Kirby's Adventure with the monochrome and stars.

Paperdomo101 @ 10/20/2016 15:40 commented on Cityscape

Thanks! Currently I'm redoing the buildings and adding detail to the front ones. I'll remove some as well.

Paperdomo101 @ 9/28/2016 16:29 commented on Searching

Thanks for that, its fixed now.

Paperdomo101 @ 9/27/2016 18:23 commented on Isometric Chemicals Processing plant

I think this challenge is kind of poorly thought out. It shouldn't matter what their dimensions are. Also, the shape is a trapezoid.

Paperdomo101 @ 9/16/2016 16:40 commented on At Dawn

Thanks guys!

Paperdomo101 @ 8/31/2016 00:37 commented on Sunset Panorama

Hey, yeah! I don't really do much there anymore tho.

Paperdomo101 @ 8/27/2016 16:25 commented on Battlements in the Glade

I'd love to see a game with these graphics. R33l noice.

Paperdomo101 @ 7/25/2016 16:52 commented on An Apple Anomaly

I tried to show with the lines at the bottom, guess I'll work on it some more and re-upload.

Never mind, now its floating in space :P

Paperdomo101 @ 7/22/2016 23:33 commented on Hermit on the Dunes

Yeah, I really don't know what's up with my artistic side of my brain! I think I'll do something different from now on, as I'm really pleased with this and done with crabs. Anyway, thanks.

Paperdomo101 @ 7/2/2016 04:57 commented on 4x4px tileset

Cute! Nice colors man.

Paperdomo101 @ 5/29/2016 22:12 commented on Planet of the Birds

Thanks :D.

Paperdomo101 @ 5/28/2016 00:24 commented on Just tree

Simple, but effective. Nice job!