robotriot @ 12/31/2018 07:45 commented on Cigarette Break

Thanks man, appreciate it!

robotriot @ 12/30/2018 14:00 commented on Nagash

Nice design and detailing! One thing I would suggest when looking at your gallery: try mixing your colors more. Each individual material on this piece (bone, metal, cloth) has its own quite monochromatic color palette. This makes the materials look dull and unrealistic. Try bringing the colors closer together, for example by reusing shadow colors from one material on another. Or by making global adjustments, for example by overlaying a single color to bring your hues closer together.

robotriot @ 3/31/2014 13:01 commented on Big Bird

@Alex Pang also check out some of Nieborg's work, for example Lomax, Flink, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Ambermoon (to a lesser extent). Arcade game wise, In the Hunt, Neo Turf Masters, Gunforce 2, Aerofighters (nice backgrounds), KoF-series, Last Blade are interesting games.

robotriot @ 2/21/2014 10:20 commented on Dusk Village

Nice mood! The size relations and foreshortening strike me as odd though. Especially when you compare the door to the window above it - the window seems huge!

robotriot @ 2/9/2014 15:23 commented on Sea Monster

Nice water surface texture and I quite like the jellyfish as well! I think the girl would be much more believably integrated into the scene if you shifted her colors more towards a greenish-blue hue. Right now, she's the only object not sharing that palette, which makes her look like a sprite pasted onto an underwater background.

robotriot @ 11/22/2013 10:18 commented on Super Mario Hack.

Very nice work, great palette and characters! I'd suggest changing the spacing between the panels a bit, because I found it a bit hard to read at first. I was thinking you had to read it from left to right, instead of up and down. If you'd increase the spaces between each vertical column of panels, it would make the reading direction a lot more obvious.

robotriot @ 11/16/2013 05:47 commented on Old Car

Hey this is a very cool piece! I'm really into classic cars, so I'm enjoying this Packard a lot (no I didn't know that, had to look it up. I'm not very good with pre-war cars ;)

As Mandrill already mentioned, there are a couple of issues with the perspective and incorrect observations of the reference car's line flow and proportions. Since I enjoyed your picture it so much, I decided to make an edit  - I hope you don't mind. Here's the edit (it's not perfect either but should be a bit closer to the original):

I've added the red lines to better show how the car "sits"  in the perspective. The yellow lines highlight some of the shapes and relations of individual parts to another on the car. For example, the hood is actually a lot more curved - in your version, it looked rather flat due to the placement of the shading and hightlights. Also, the highest point of the fender should actually be in a straight line above the center of the wheel. The wheels themselves were a little too wide, car tyres back then were really skinny. Perspective-wise, you've shown way too much of the car's roof, you can't actually see that much of it on the photo.

I hope this helps a little, and keep on doing more stuff like that! I really enjoyed all those historic pieces you've got in your gallery.

robotriot @ 5/29/2013 14:54 commented on Avatar

Oops, thanks. I wondered why it didn't work.

robotriot @ 5/29/2013 13:57 commented on Laika

Thanks, you're right, I fixed that line.

robotriot @ 4/21/2013 01:33 commented on Snake rider

Lovely soft shadows, great work!

robotriot @ 4/19/2013 09:48 commented on Tibia: Deeplings Mockup

The perspective is a -135° oblique projection, and yes, it takes some time getting used to it. You can read some background information about it here:

robotriot @ 10/12/2012 04:29 commented on RA-Einstein-2

Man, I had some of your logos printed out and stuck on my school stuff back in the days. Great to have you here ra!

robotriot @ 9/26/2012 13:34 commented on Main Menu

Lovely textures you've created there, it's a great piece! The only thing I dislike about it is the volume of the columns. They could be a lot rounder - right now, they look like flat rectangles with slightly rounded edges to me. It would help a lot if the highlight wasn't at the very left edge, but much rather shifted more slightly left off-center of the cylinder.

robotriot @ 9/15/2012 02:15 commented on Lord of Change

The creature's design and weapon are quite solid already. I think you could have added more depth to it by adding more shading steps to the main blue areas of the demon. Also, you use a lot of dithering in your work that isn't really necessary. Especially on the beak here, it would be more logically to seperate the head from the beak with more determined line work instead of fading them into each other like you did.

robotriot @ 9/15/2012 02:08 commented on Big Angelic Power

I really dig the palette and the technique you've used on the fiery-looking wings, great work there! I think you could have adjusted his right arm to steer clear of the right leg to enhance readability of the silhouette. Other than that it's awesome!

robotriot @ 9/11/2012 11:37 commented on Jay

Hey there stoven :) Yes it's been a while. I really need to do more pixeling in my free time ^^

robotriot @ 9/20/2010 14:40 commented on Approaching

Thanks for your c&c everyone, I updated the picture with some of your input and also changed a couple of small things I found odd. I'm not going for a 16 colour palette here though, colour count is not that important for me on this picture.

robotriot @ 7/6/2009 09:15 commented on A Glowy Death

The idea is cool, however the System font doesn't look very good. I think something hand-pixeled would have suited the pic better.

robotriot @ 6/27/2009 01:16 commented on Truck

The "May 2009" link doesn't work, it gives me a 404 error.

robotriot @ 6/23/2009 00:25 commented on King Asiatic

Thanks for your kind comments! Here's the original sketch from the preview:

robotriot @ 6/21/2009 23:26 commented on Velvet monkey

The only difference for you should be that the Documents and Settings folder has a different name. But you can also just enter %appdata% in the address bar of the Windows Explorer to get to the desired directory directly.

robotriot @ 6/21/2009 14:38 commented on In a middle of nowhere

This is how iso should be done - not like that eboy crap. Awesome! The only gripes I have with it are the highlighting on the round roofs (looks a little flat) and the sea floor doesn't really look like it's under water since the colours are indistinguishable from the surface.

robotriot @ 6/21/2009 13:28 commented on Velvet monkey

Doh, ok, now it works. Reading isn't such a bad idea ... thanks!

robotriot @ 6/21/2009 11:23 commented on Velvet monkey

I did just like you described, and it doesn't work for me. The filename is spelt correctly, there's only one Firefox profile where I put it, so that can't be the mistake either. Here's a screenshot:

robotriot @ 6/21/2009 03:57 commented on Just look...

Great shadow.