Kiddo @ 2/27/2007 11:12 commented on Babydoll Dress
OMG XD LMAO Her leg is turned (look at Her foot) O_o! Oy you people are funny my god

Kiddo @ 2/26/2007 09:03 commented on An Army Of One
Its one thing if I had asked for C+C but I clearly didn't and I didn't post this in the WIP section of the forum because I didn't want to as well. I don't always respond in a defensive mannor its just that you where kind of rude. I mean I don't post comments on peoples art that they spent time and effort on telling them how it looks as if they half-assed it or that their "style" as you so called it is ugly I don't care if the majority of artist don't like it, thats not even the point of art, you don't make your art just to apeal to a majority of people or anyone for that matter do you?. In REAL art communitues people try and encourage eachother and use "Conrtructive Criticisum/critique" not lets point out what someone already said or make a short post that doesn't do anything for anyone like "Not enough detail.." which is sooo helpful thank you Mar.

Kiddo @ 2/26/2007 06:19 commented on An Army Of One
Wow such a sweet person you are! For your information if you go to the bases site you will see its not shaded and it has NO FACE so I did infact do the face. Also I would like to thank you for taking your time to try and make me feel like this whole peice is crap (pointing out every detail), sorry you didn't succeed and that your harsh demeaning comment didn't work. I'm sorry my shading is "ugly" I'm not the best artist but I hope to get better. And about the sky, its based on a picture I was looking at at the time, the sky was lit that way so thats how I made it. Frankly I think that not everyone has to shade the same way. Also I don't expect any comments and I really wouldn't think anyone would say they loved it since I myself know its not that good.

Kiddo @ 2/25/2007 06:55 commented on An Army Of One
Thank you! I edited it even though its not a WIP XD Her teeth are more white now though it doesn't look all that different.

Kiddo @ 2/25/2007 06:49 commented on An Army Of One
How is that? She does infact belong to this piece because She does XD

Kiddo @ 2/8/2007 13:02 commented on cyber

You must know who Kyle Ceese is Jalonso?

Also I live in FL as well ^,^

I suppose I should say something nice like, your talented or something along those lines but I don't want your head to grow... after all you won't be able to pixel with a huge head.

Kiddo @ 2/6/2007 13:04 commented on The Katamari Dance
That game is crazy and so much fun =3 This looks just like that lil character =D

Kiddo @ 2/6/2007 08:56 commented on Vi
LOL how can white be too bright, its white XD Thank you BTW.

Kiddo @ 1/30/2007 12:36 commented on The greatest pixel art in the world
Thats right oh shit. This is just great ^,^

Kiddo @ 1/27/2007 09:59 commented on Babydoll Dress
My new goal in life is just to scare you. Thanks for the kind comment  

Kiddo @ 1/26/2007 13:00 commented on Babydoll Dress
Her leg has fat on it... when a leg has fat it makes "fat deposits" around the knee and such. I'm sorry you think it looks like an emu XD. I don't know what to say about Her awesome boobs, I guess I can say thank you.