Nightmare Maker @ 8/19/2016 19:30 commented on Big Bird

thanks green :3

Nightmare Maker @ 8/19/2016 09:17 commented on Big Bird

did a quick pixel art with a self-imposed 1-hour limit to complete to post on my illustration page. not sure if I'll post it here on my gallery because I didn't really like how it turned out but here it is:


Nightmare Maker @ 8/19/2016 07:16 commented on Cowboy Witch

Really solid art style on both pieces. Awesome!

Nightmare Maker @ 8/11/2016 06:58 commented on Bethany "Bullseye Betty" Wyndham

Haha really? I picked this specific surname out of a list because I thought it sounded awesome. Hope this piece lives up to your family name :P

Nightmare Maker @ 8/11/2016 06:57 commented on Bethany "Bullseye Betty" Wyndham

Thanks for the comment! I think the fix for the boots is simple enough, but I was pretty satisfied with her face overall. All other concepts I had made of this character prior to this piece depict her with pronounced cheekbones and a strong jaw (like this one, or this one). I'm not sure if that's what you meant, though.

Nightmare Maker @ 8/1/2016 12:46 commented on CAPTAIN SLOW

I feel like it has maybe a little too many colors for a piece this size, but that's just me being nitpicky.

I love the pose, his expression, and the overall style of this piece. Keep it up!

Nightmare Maker @ 7/25/2016 09:52 commented on Tyrfing Eldek

Many thanks! :)

Nightmare Maker @ 7/21/2016 17:33 commented on Sanctum of the Undying Flame

This looks absolutely amazing! The rolled up scroll on the guy's back looks almost like a picture.


Nightmare Maker @ 7/21/2016 17:30 commented on Tyrfing Eldek

Ah, right. I just read it under the preview submission.

Many thanks! :)

Nightmare Maker @ 7/21/2016 17:01 commented on Tyrfing Eldek

Thanks a lot, Mandrill!

About the preview, does that mean the it doesn't show up on the newest category? ):

Haven't been around for a while so didn't know that was a thing... Will it show up if I update it or is this just never going up in the gallery? lol

(EDIT: Just updated it to a smaller file and it didn't show up so I'm guessing it's a no)

Nightmare Maker @ 7/30/2015 07:48 commented on Pixel Art Academy Title Screen

This looks gorgeous on parallax (even more so than here).

Nightmare Maker @ 7/30/2015 07:38 commented on Abandoned Church Dungeon

Actually makes me want to play this dungeon in D&D. Awesome job!

Nightmare Maker @ 5/25/2015 13:56 commented on Super Star Path - Unused Cover

This looks gorgeous! Very atmospheric.

Nightmare Maker @ 5/25/2015 13:19 commented on Fallout 3 Demake - Part III (Final)

Thanks! C:

Nightmare Maker @ 4/6/2015 16:10 commented on the Promise of Payment

Thanks a lot guys! c:

Nightmare Maker @ 4/6/2015 16:09 commented on HE'S BACK

Hahaha thanks!

For some reason it didn't show up on the "new pixel art"  header when it was out of the public queue.

Nightmare Maker @ 4/4/2015 03:13 commented on Sebillian Analysis

If you don't mind, I did a quick edit using alpha layers on photoshop just to illustrate how I'd go about it.

Otherwise, as others have said, looks pretty solid. I like the scaly texture, flatness aside. And the head/face part looks awesome as it is, I didn't even touch it in the edit.

Nightmare Maker @ 4/2/2015 11:49 commented on Gold gleams like a dagger's point

The dirty shading and such were done to sort of imitate the original game's dark, rugged, comic book-ish art style (it's awesome, check it out if you don't know it!).

And thanks!

Nightmare Maker @ 4/2/2015 11:45 commented on Gold gleams like a dagger's point

It's really not as "needed" as it is a style choice for the piece's presentation. I think the piece would stand well without it, but I feel like it should help with the "first sight impact" (if that's even a thing), at least for people who played the game.

Anyhoo, thanks! :D

Nightmare Maker @ 4/2/2015 11:41 commented on Gold gleams like a dagger's point

I wanted to show the scribbled "stress" symbol from the game but I didn't realise it was hurting the preview instead of helping it haha

Good to know, thanks for the heads-up!

Nightmare Maker @ 4/1/2015 14:33 commented on ahoi!

Hahaha, I know Designer Bêbado!

That's a smooth looking animation. Awesome.

Nightmare Maker @ 4/1/2015 14:29 commented on Crystals

Your style has a painterly take on pixels. I'm digging it!

Nightmare Maker @ 3/24/2015 07:24 commented on for the children

Now this is just some improper dancing.

Nightmare Maker @ 3/24/2015 07:13 commented on Summer before the Fall

Haha, thanks, I'm glad it's recognizable!

Nightmare Maker @ 3/22/2015 17:46 commented on for the children

I think I'll sit this one out if it happens to become a fad.