Hapiel @ 4/18/2021 01:19 commented on cabinet
It works great with pressing on the left or right side of the screen. The port is nearly finished, but I can't publish it until I pay 200$ for a new GMS2 licence which I don't really want to.
If anyone knows someone with a licence who would be interested in finalizing the build, or if anyone has other suggestions, I'm all ears!

Hapiel @ 4/17/2021 13:41 commented on cabinet

So my current scores that you guys should beat are:

Flinigan has beaten all of these in the beta version (228, 141, 158, 174), so consider that proof that it is possible!

Hapiel @ 4/17/2021 13:30 commented on 4 Seasons

Very nice use of the theme!

Hapiel @ 4/17/2021 08:52 commented on cabinet

Nah, I only spent 5 years on it, the first 4 years I tried to convince other people to make it for me!

Hapiel @ 4/17/2021 05:15 commented on cabinet

Thanks guys!!

Hapiel @ 4/17/2021 02:01 commented on Bob

Haha, I have no clue if that was already my first plans for Drop Boy or if it was something else

Hapiel @ 4/16/2021 13:46 commented on cabinet

Thanks to Squirrelsquid for the awesome sound track!

Hapiel @ 4/16/2021 00:59 commented on Big Bird

Thank you!!

Hapiel @ 4/14/2021 03:52 commented on The Dark Portal

Something went wonky when scaling the preview, it is an irregular block size and a lot of new colors are introduced because of the bilinear scaling, could you fix that? Thanks!

Hapiel @ 4/14/2021 03:42 commented on #36 [ISOrd & ISOrcery]

Hapiel @ 4/14/2021 03:38 commented on settlement

Nice! Fun to see some 10 PRINT here :)

Hapiel @ 4/13/2021 11:28 commented on abandoned and overgrown

You're on a roll! Great atmospheres

Hapiel @ 4/13/2021 10:05 commented on Flies...

It's only a single pixel, but it is so obvious that it is a fly! Very well done

Hapiel @ 4/13/2021 09:28 commented on The World is Mine

Great image, now I have to look up the song!

Hapiel @ 4/12/2021 09:04 commented on Bouncing ball

Its nice, so simple but it always keeps you curious about what is going to come next!

Hapiel @ 4/12/2021 00:36 commented on Fabulous secret pixels

One of my all time favorites!

Hapiel @ 4/12/2021 00:34 commented on Island of the Oligarchy

Nice mood, looks good!

Hapiel @ 4/12/2021 00:33 commented on Minecraft-Sheep

Do they have human faces? Very uncanny

Hapiel @ 4/11/2021 06:56 commented on Time For Crab

Very nice work, you picked some nice colors too :)

Hapiel @ 4/10/2021 13:27 commented on Slime monsters

Thank you! :)

Hapiel @ 4/10/2021 11:52 commented on ĦBROTHAAAAR! żDo you know to the Wae?

Of course it gets approved! I suppose Jinn (who wrote that line about knuckles) was only joking ;)

Hapiel @ 4/10/2021 11:51 commented on Asylum Demon

Heya, you seem to be having a lot of similar dark colors, could you tidy that up? Thank you!

Hapiel @ 4/9/2021 10:55 commented on fc11

I had not expected anything different from StoneStephenT

Hapiel @ 4/9/2021 01:34 commented on fc11

Good luck, only a few more points to score!

Hapiel @ 4/8/2021 12:17 commented on only the strong: fox & kittie heroes

Welcome to pixel joint! This is great, after making this you can't really claim you're not an artist, haha!