Hapiel @ 8/9/2017 06:38 commented on Big Bird

I'm sorry guys.. I've known for a long time that PJ servers go down if I don't log in at least once every 2 weeks, I kinda forgot this time :s

Hapiel @ 7/29/2017 17:09 commented on Weezer Kermit

I've gos no time and see this too late, but great idea! I've lost my first pa, but still remember what is looked like.. Would have been fun to recreate! 

Hapiel @ 7/18/2017 18:13 commented on Big Bird

Painting over pixels

Hapiel @ 7/18/2017 13:25 commented on Big Bird

Draw horizontal parallel lines on a sheet of paper, each representing a layer. Put them the relative distances apart that you want your layers to be.
Put a dot above them on your "horizon", static back layer. With a ruler draw one diagonal line down from the dot and one straight line down from the dot, both crossing all of your parallel lines. Measure the distance over the horizontal lines between the two lines from the top, now you know the relative distances that each layer needs to scroll if you want it to look like the depth you've drawn.

Does that make sense?

To make loops, make sure the amount of frames needed for the slowest looping layer is dividable by the amount of frames of the other layers. For example have the background take 60 frames to loop, the second layer 30 frames, then 20, then 15, then 10, etc. If you're going to make the second layer e.g. 40 frames to loop, it's going to take at least 120 frames before the 60f and the 40f layer line up.

How wide they should be? Maximum obvious the total frames * the speed. And again the amount of frames should be dividable by (width / speed) of each layer.

The good example you posted is actually a bad example because not all the layers stop at the same time. Technically correct perhaps (perhaps meaning, I didn't actually measure the distances that all the layers pass) if you move some layers less than a pixel per frame, (which is the case), but visually it makes the layers look more separate than they need to be.

Hapiel @ 7/17/2017 16:18 commented on Vespa Cosa

Nice work!

But what's going on with the jag in the front wheel?

Hapiel @ 7/13/2017 05:28 commented on Big Bird

A juggler :D

Hapiel @ 7/13/2017 04:53 commented on Big Bird


But I have my hopes up Adarias will return here too :)

Hapiel @ 7/10/2017 15:12 commented on Your Brain on Bobs!

Fun design and funky colors too! I'm really enjoying your recent works! :D

Hapiel @ 7/10/2017 12:37 commented on Crystal Chess

But it was in the challenge!

Hapiel @ 7/10/2017 11:30 commented on Big Bird

Yeah I know this problem too... Every time I write a word starting with P my fingers automatically finish it with ixeljoint...

Hapiel @ 7/10/2017 11:25 commented on Crystal Chess

Such a pity! It was in the weekly challenge, but now this one is too late to get in it!

Hapiel @ 7/6/2017 04:21 commented on Big Bird

Hapiel @ 7/6/2017 03:54 commented on Avatar July 2017

Haha, so much for a change

Hapiel @ 7/3/2017 13:27 commented on At Tomic's Petting-Zoo

Super fun! :D

Hapiel @ 7/3/2017 13:19 commented on Big Bird

No sarcasm at all! Whenever I go and comment on these pieces, I see that half of them already have a comment from you!
Same goes in the WIP forum, I feel bad when WIP threads go unnoticed, luckily you always have kind and useful advice for everyone!

Seriously, I appreciate your efforts very very very much!!!

Hapiel @ 7/3/2017 13:17 commented on Pwnguins Emoticons

Aww thanks, I'll take that as a huge compliment! Of course I have no intention to replace jal, and sadly this amount of activity can't be sustained for long as I'll go on tour this week, and won't be back for another 2 months... Hopefully more people will step up and help out!

Hapiel @ 7/3/2017 10:36 commented on Isometeric Room

Each piece a size limit... does that mean that one can't feature the pieces in a creative scene, but they have to be displayed one by one?

Hapiel @ 7/3/2017 08:48 commented on Big Bird

I wish there were more people who take time to comment and explain what should be done with all the mediocre art & WIPs! Thank you Eishiya!

Hapiel @ 7/2/2017 16:37 commented on Arzach

And a tribute to the nerd too! Nice work :D

Hapiel @ 7/2/2017 13:44 commented on Big Bird

If it's really just the usb that fails, why not replace it with a new usb plug?

Hapiel @ 7/2/2017 02:20 commented on Pwnguins Emoticons

I'm sure that would be interesting, yes! Why don't you go for it?

Hapiel @ 7/1/2017 11:47 commented on Big Bird

Cool links Cure!

Hapiel @ 7/1/2017 10:51 commented on Pwnguins Emoticons

I've been doing a lot of interviews recently, but on quite a different subject than pixels... I'd love to do more in the future if time allows it, but really anyone is welcome to go for it!

Hapiel @ 6/30/2017 02:13 commented on Big Bird

Almost congratulations! ;)

Hapiel @ 6/30/2017 02:12 commented on Wild West Saloon OCB

Weard, I could swear that it was darker before! My imagination brings me places..