Hapiel @ 1/12/2019 07:51 commented on Big Bird

As these messages seem to cause confusion >.<, it's just a silly prank which presents itself at least once every year to the chatterbox. Nothing to see here, literally!

Hapiel @ 1/12/2019 07:49 commented on Big Bird

Hapiel @ 1/4/2019 15:40 commented on Big Bird

No clue what you guys are talking about, but it sounds kinda cool

Hapiel @ 12/22/2018 15:58 commented on Crazy Ivan

Well done on getting the style right ^^

Hapiel @ 11/29/2018 02:15 commented on Overdone.

Bye pyro :(

Fool, in October 2007 5x, and in December 2006 5x. I think those are the records..

Hapiel @ 11/13/2018 11:29 commented on Big Bird

Happy birthday!! :D

Hapiel @ 11/8/2018 02:34 commented on Big Bird

Happy birthday! Just yesterday I was showing the juggling dolphin yellow tutu unimotor to a friend, haha!

Hapiel @ 11/5/2018 13:07 commented on Big Bird

I've started playing Duelyst again, anyone here who's on there? Find me as "hapiwel" :)

Hapiel @ 11/4/2018 10:02 commented on Space mockup

That's looking good so far! I hope I can see it finished next month :p

Hapiel @ 10/9/2018 15:05 commented on Big Bird

Yay! I'm super excited that those two are on the team now!

I'll announce here then that I'm stepping down from being a mod, at least for the forseeable future. I have not been active over summer as I was touring with a show, and I continue to be busy and interested in too many things outside of my internet life. But as long as there is a PJ family for me to come back to, you'll sure see me around here again one day!

Hapiel @ 10/4/2018 14:02 commented on Squirrel

Hi, could you please set the preview to anything else than a scaled down image? A crop would be fine for example :), thanks!

Hapiel @ 9/30/2018 16:32 commented on Big Bird

Yay, happy birthdays you two!!!

Hapiel @ 9/27/2018 13:51 commented on 7654

A preview of your liking which will excite viewers to click on your work. Perhaps a collage of snippets from each artwork, or one artwork which you like best and the text "click for more" or whatever, be creative :)

Hapiel @ 9/25/2018 15:52 commented on 7654

By collaging all the images on one canvas and uploading that as a single submission.

Hapiel @ 9/21/2018 03:59 commented on Big Bird

Not only there, but random quotes from the database also show up on the bottom of the home page. I woudn't say they are 'useless', just that they are not very relevant to a pixel art community.

However, getting rid of the quotes altogether is not very high on my list of things to push Sedge to fix....

Hapiel @ 9/20/2018 15:34 commented on Big Bird

The quote submission feature has been dismanteled a few years ago...

Hapiel @ 9/18/2018 12:30 commented on Middle Age Axe Man Idle

Could you remove the black background please? I can't even see his feet! 
Thanks :)

Hapiel @ 9/18/2018 12:28 commented on Soldier 76 - I've Got You In My Sights!

Thanks for taking the glow effect away, approved now! Great work by the way :D, and a belated "welcome"!

Hapiel @ 9/17/2018 14:21 commented on 7654

Hi Melodee,

These are nice works, but if you don't think they are even worth giving a name then we don't think they are worth being showcased in the gallery. Since they all seem similar, why not showcase them all together in one submission? Thanks!

Hapiel @ 9/16/2018 03:52 commented on 2

Something seems to have gone wrong in the process, this piece has a total of 255 colors!

Hapiel @ 9/16/2018 03:50 commented on Samurai Shodown fanart! :)

Awesome work! For inclusion in the PJ gallery, would you mind to update the preview image to something other than the downscaled icon? A crop of a part of the full image would be fine.

Hapiel @ 9/16/2018 03:45 commented on Base War sprites

Hi Kelsea,
If you arrange these sprites closer together they can all fit on the screen in the PJ gallery! Also, would you perhaps consider removing the white background? Thank you!

Hapiel @ 8/4/2018 02:20 commented on Big Bird

I would encourage everyone who wants to give that a try! Pixeljoint could definitely use more news, articles and writers!!!

Hapiel @ 8/2/2018 11:39 commented on Big Bird

There is always a news release if you submit one! 

Hapiel @ 7/26/2018 13:10 commented on Big Bird