Hapiel @ 8/4/2018 02:20 commented on Big Bird

I would encourage everyone who wants to give that a try! Pixeljoint could definitely use more news, articles and writers!!!

Hapiel @ 8/2/2018 11:39 commented on Big Bird

There is always a news release if you submit one! 

Hapiel @ 7/26/2018 13:10 commented on Big Bird

Hapiel @ 7/12/2018 14:02 commented on Big Bird

Super amazing stuff, I'm glad I logged in today! I really enjoy all the textures!
I vote for YHWH.JPG

Hapiel @ 6/29/2018 14:51 commented on Big Bird

Happy birthday Fleya :)

Hapiel @ 6/22/2018 16:19 commented on Fern World heroes

Amazing designs, they are soo cool! Good luck with this looooong term project!!!

Hapiel @ 6/12/2018 12:27 commented on Pixel Plebes

yay, juggling!

Hapiel @ 6/10/2018 14:41 commented on Big Bird


Hapiel @ 6/9/2018 15:28 commented on Bamboo Ant

I like this a lot!

Hapiel @ 6/7/2018 15:46 commented on Big Bird

Hey PJers, I thought I'd let you know that I'll be much less active here for the next 3 months as I'll be having a lot of work over summer, but don't worry I'm not Jalling on you! I'll be back in September to pick up my modding duties again :)

Hapiel @ 6/3/2018 10:21 commented on Big Bird

, even people in circusses can have good taste :p

Hapiel @ 6/2/2018 17:04 commented on Big Bird

I never understood Girafarig. I think his original makes more sense. Also I enjoy the original Politoed

I think the early smoochum is too jynxy. Miltank hardly changed, I think the new one is fine?

Though I like the old Magby, I can imagine that in b/w it might have looked like a grass type... The new one is more fire-like..

Otherwise I agree with all of your comments, nothing to debate... :p

And geez, who designed that porygon2? Ouch

Hapiel @ 6/2/2018 13:09 commented on Big Bird

You can't say those kind of things witout giving us some links :o


Hapiel @ 6/2/2018 11:53 commented on Cacti Condom

Mmmm! My gf loves chili, gotta buy some of these now !

Hapiel @ 6/1/2018 04:15 commented on Fifty Indies

I don't think of mysefl as a gamer, so I'm surprised how many of these characters I've played or seen!

Hapiel @ 5/31/2018 10:48 commented on Brick wall and flower

Wonderful work, clever composition!
How come are there over 260 colors though?

Hapiel @ 5/31/2018 03:14 commented on My Logo

Could you please fix the palette on this? It has 160 colors where only 6 seem to be needed! Thank you!

Hapiel @ 5/31/2018 03:13 commented on Cactus

Hi Pyxlz! This entry does not meet the challenge requirements!
The cactus needs to have "come alive" as per the description. Also, there is a maximum of 16 colors but with your radiant gradient you've boosted this one to over 60!
Luckily you still have a few days to fix both of these issues :)

Hapiel @ 5/30/2018 17:07 commented on Big Bird

oh no! I accidentally clicked that button while making teamwork compo awards, but i thought nothing had happened. Thanks for letting me know, I'll fix it tomorrow... 

Hapiel @ 5/30/2018 10:42 commented on Nude fencer battle animations

Suuuper awesome animation! With so much detail inthe rendering!!! That must have taken ages!!

I would expect more swingy penis dangling with so much action, haha :p.

As for pa tech, why are there so many duplicate colors? There are 135 in total :o

Anyways, great stuff, I'm looking forward to hear more about this pet project of yours!

Hapiel @ 5/30/2018 08:01 commented on Big Bird

Hiii Gobbach!

Hapiel @ 5/29/2018 16:14 commented on Big Bird

Welcome to the CB, I hope you enjoy your stay

Hapiel @ 5/29/2018 07:57 commented on Prickly Pot

that's a nice cactus, but i believe that the challenge requires a cactus which has "come alive"! Luckily there is still plenty of time !

Hapiel @ 5/28/2018 16:04 commented on LONGCAT :D

This was a cool challenge with loads of cool entries! Well done everyone :D

Hapiel @ 5/28/2018 16:00 commented on LockSona

If you like, you can upload the cropped version as "small file" (preview) and upload the full image as "detail file", that way you can still use this as an avatar and display the full image on PJ too!