Hapiel @ 8/3/2020 12:07 commented on K-mask

Hiya, could you please upload this in the unscaled resolution? Thank you!

Hapiel @ 8/2/2020 04:33 commented on aquatic dragon

Nice work!
Can you upload a version without the non pixel art shadow? Thank you!

Hapiel @ 8/2/2020 04:32 commented on Rave Sword Attack

This is a great animation! However with 300 colors it can sadly not be accepted in the gallery. Could you perhaps upload a version without the translucency effect?

Hapiel @ 7/31/2020 09:43 commented on The Last Shelter

Yes, finally we get to see the large file!
But something seems to have messed up with the colors, it seems to have been badly compressed down to 255 unique colors which made extra dithering patterns appear.. Do you have a clean version of this artwork?

Hapiel @ 7/30/2020 13:05 commented on Woodland trail 01

Hi Pixel Trails, welcome! Always fun to get new members who are willing to learn :)

Sadly this piece is not yet good enough for the gallery, I highly recommend you take it to the WIP forums to get some useful feedback. 
Good luck!

Hapiel @ 7/30/2020 13:03 commented on On the road

Nice art, but would you mind to upload an unscaled version of this? Thank you!

Hapiel @ 7/30/2020 02:36 commented on Charlie Icon - Hazbin hotel

Hi Rozwind, nice work, but as I mentioned in the discord: In order for this to be accepted in the gallery you can't have a gradient effect, and the lineart needs to be cleaned up!

Hapiel @ 7/30/2020 02:34 commented on Animated Elf Girl

Welcome to PJ, nice work!

There are a couple of small issues before this can be accepted in the gallery:

Can you please submit a non scaled image as preview image? Perhaps a cropped image?

Are you sure you meant to have a black background? The preview suggests that you might have wanted a black outline and a transparent image?

In some of the frames there are stray pixels around the skirt, frame 4, 7, 9, 10 and 11. It would be nice if you consider cleaning those up!

Hapiel @ 7/30/2020 02:30 commented on The Last Shelter

The non-preview image is still missing!!! Also on the other image you submitted.

Hapiel @ 7/29/2020 10:17 commented on Pokemon Resprites

Nice! I really like the effects: fire, gas, water etc. That really adds to the original designs! 

Hapiel @ 7/29/2020 03:04 commented on What remains of Donald Trump? Just a shit.

Your high contrast dithering and texturing is really effective, this work is great!
Super excited to have you a part of PJ and looking forward to more of this quality work!

Hapiel @ 7/28/2020 06:47 commented on Isometric Dino

Nice style, looks good!

Hapiel @ 7/28/2020 02:53 commented on 64x64 RPG Barbarian

For many purposes the exact amount of colors doesn't matter no. Here at PJ in our search for a fitting definition of pixel art for the site we've decided that control over the palette is a requirement for submissions, see rule 4 on the submission page.

I'm looking forward to see the cleaned up versions of the 4 icons, they look great otherwise :)

Hapiel @ 7/27/2020 15:15 commented on The Last Shelter


I think you might have only uploaded the preview file, could you upload the main file too? 

Hapiel @ 7/27/2020 15:11 commented on 64x64 RPG Ranger

Also here the colors messed up somewhere!

Hapiel @ 7/27/2020 15:10 commented on 64x64 RPG Barbarian

Something has gone wrong with the colors on this one, there are 508 of them and a bunch are semi-transparent. Can you fix that? Thanks!

Hapiel @ 7/27/2020 04:10 commented on Dreamhouse

Too bad it was late, it looks good!

Would you reconsider the background? Ideally transparent, or perhaps there is a color that looks better?

Hapiel @ 7/27/2020 01:37 commented on Mountain lodge

Hi railslave, can you upload unscaled 1x versions of all of your recent amstrad pieces? Of course you can keep the double pixel, that doesn't need to be scaled.
Thank you!

Hapiel @ 7/27/2020 01:23 commented on Summer 03

Glad to have you in the chat! If anyone else has trouble signing up, feel free to message me.

Hapiel @ 7/25/2020 14:54 commented on Fantastical Fortress

Very nice! I would for sure enjoy living there!

Hapiel @ 7/23/2020 07:25 commented on VW holiday

Great work!

Could you please submit this in the 1x original unscaled resolution? Thank you!

Hapiel @ 7/21/2020 09:15 commented on Hello

Yes, that's exactly what it looks like haha!
Great work on the "hello" animation!

Hapiel @ 7/21/2020 08:08 commented on Big Bird

I'll crosspost any message you like! 

Hapiel @ 7/21/2020 02:02 commented on Weeping Angel

Nice experimentation on the dither patterns!
When using a specific reference image, consider sharing it in the description!

Hapiel @ 7/20/2020 14:19 commented on Hole beneath the bridge

That's huge! And very nice!
May I ask, do you use tilemap software to create this, or is it just a bunch of layers with assets?