Hapiel @ 10/31/2020 06:17 commented on Big Bird

Their artists are listed here, I checked their portfolios but didn't spot anything that I've seen on PJ

Hapiel @ 10/31/2020 03:21 commented on Shh

I only realised now this is a response to the screamatars? Hahaha

Hapiel @ 10/30/2020 15:00 commented on Big Bird

Shhhh, don't tell them about Discord, or we'll lose them too!

Hapiel @ 10/30/2020 14:59 commented on Red Panda

Yes, now it works! Thank you! Also, nice panda!

Hapiel @ 10/30/2020 14:30 commented on Red panda

The images are still the wrong way around! Preview should go to "small file" and the whole panda sprite to "detail file"! Let me know if you need help :)

Hapiel @ 10/30/2020 10:11 commented on OCTOCHEF

Why pick 1 action when you could have 8 actions? Nice work!

Hapiel @ 10/30/2020 09:08 commented on Red panda
Hi, it seems like you've swapped the preview and the detail image, could you fix that? The "small file" is the preview, which is max 100x100.

Hapiel @ 10/30/2020 02:56 commented on PlanetISO_tiles_Irenaart

Not only great tiles, but also a lovely way to present them! Nice

Hapiel @ 10/29/2020 11:09 commented on Let's hunt some ghosts!

Oh wow, pretty darn amazing!

Hapiel @ 10/29/2020 09:50 commented on Hey! Come Back!

Welcome to pixeljoint!!

Hapiel @ 10/28/2020 18:37 commented on Leeeeee

Thanks for fixing!

Hapiel @ 10/28/2020 13:10 commented on Leeeeee

Hi, could you please reduce the color count on this one? It has 17 colors, but for the challenge the maximum is 16!

Hapiel @ 10/28/2020 05:00 commented on Skeleton warrior

Oooo, that looks like a great challenge!

Hapiel @ 10/27/2020 17:51 commented on Blushing Pond

Hiya, could you please upload this unscaled? Thank you!

Hapiel @ 10/26/2020 15:19 commented on Skeleton warrior

Sweet, glad to hear at least 1 person has energy left after 4 intense weeks of Pixelween!

Hapiel @ 10/26/2020 12:01 commented on Rpg Church

I think it is the tiniest submission ever to win a trophy!

Hapiel @ 10/26/2020 02:41 commented on Mutualism

Your story is so well done! It almost looks as if the prompts and color themes were completely in your favor, haha!

Hapiel @ 10/26/2020 01:44 commented on Possession...

Haha, clever solution! :D

Hapiel @ 10/26/2020 01:37 commented on Bad mog

Pixeljoint is where dreams come true!

Hapiel @ 10/26/2020 00:58 commented on Happily ever after

Sorry, this entry was submitted after the weekly deadline, and can't be included for the weekly vote any more, our system doesn't allow that. I will include it in pixelween of course. Congrats on finishing your set, kid of EyeballKid!

Hapiel @ 10/25/2020 15:12 commented on Neon Vapourwave Wallpaper (320x200)

Welcome to Pixeljoint :), nice work!
Do you have a version without the transparent gradient? Effects like these are not allowed in the PJ gallery.

Hapiel @ 10/25/2020 14:00 commented on Demise

Nice work, congrats on finishing your story!

Hapiel @ 10/25/2020 12:47 commented on Big Bird
Thanks for mentioning the version number, for some reason I was on .22 even though I did just go to the FF addon site to install it. Maybe it just re-activated an older version that I still had?
Either way, it's working now, thank you so much for fixing this again 

Hapiel @ 10/25/2020 12:24 commented on Big Bird

Are you sure? On my FF it doesn't appear to work still. The addon loads and I can change settings, but no changes appear to PJ..

FF 81.0.2 64bit on windows 10..

Hapiel @ 10/25/2020 08:43 commented on Catwalk_4_HappilyEverAfter

Haha, funny ending! :D