Magpie @ 7/22/2017 07:22 commented on Big Bird

It's a good demonstration of why higher graphic fidelity does not always mean better art. 

Magpie @ 5/28/2017 02:34 commented on Sir Elton

Lol, I'm bad with faces but not *that* bad.

Magpie @ 5/11/2017 04:43 commented on Consider The Lilies

Having a secure supply of food would help with not worrying.

Magpie @ 5/10/2017 13:34 commented on Consider The Lilies

What a strange parable. Don't plan for the future in case you die before you can reap the benefits? That's fine for lilies, but humans can't photosynthesise. What about the man's family and friends; they get to enjoy the fruits of his efforts, so it's not a waste unless you consider things only worth doing if you yourself benefit. The crop was already there anyway; he was just trying to store it so it wouldn't go to waste. I guess it's supposed to be about anti-materialism, but as beings in a physical world, we have to be materialistic to *some* extent. We can't eat sunlight. Or is it a condemnation of wanting to not live hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck? Are people not allowed to pace themselves and accrue leisure? Is it considered a lack of faith to not leave the source of your next meal to chance? How bizarre.

Nice pixel art though.

Magpie @ 1/14/2017 06:51 commented on Sikh

The straight, uninterrupted line at the right side of the image is a bit distracting. Personally I'd either fill that section in, give it some variation, or have it going behind the turban.

Magpie @ 9/26/2016 16:17 commented on Eyes Skyward

Thanks for the comments everyone, I wasn't expecting this one to be so popular. It's was a fun challenge; being limited to three tonal values really makes you think about how to render shapes without overdoing the highlights everywhere.

Magpie @ 9/6/2016 05:25 commented on Zombie Glue

I'm having a go at this with the original "palette". It's awful.

Magpie @ 9/5/2016 12:13 commented on Time To Shine

Thanks. I just wish I'd had more time to clean it up; I keep seeing jagged pixels I want to fix. The weekly challenge is good at making you actually post things instead of just fiddling with them forever.

Magpie @ 9/5/2016 09:30 commented on Zombie Glue

I'm having trouble even parsing what I'm looking at. Is that a mouth? A nose and chin?

Magpie @ 8/6/2016 15:38 commented on Dead Pixels

Sprite character death animation.

Magpie @ 4/5/2016 04:41 commented on Statuette

An imposter sprite is a series of images that seem to rotate as you move the camera around them, giving the illusion of a 3d object. They're also called 2.5D or fake 3D sprites.