Fenne @ 10/11/2009 10:18 commented on A look in the mirror

O om gee. I don't want to, since I'm a girl :(

Fenne @ 10/4/2009 03:22 commented on Big Bird

Hey guys.
Does anyone know if there was an official collab thread of those 'pixelation portraits'?

Fenne @ 9/13/2009 10:37 commented on Death OR Dishonor

Haha, sweet!

Fenne @ 9/12/2009 01:51 commented on Robot-Faced Robot

I guess it's a robot then...
I really like him, great style man.

Fenne @ 9/12/2009 01:49 commented on Atran

Very nice, great animation!

Fenne @ 9/3/2009 11:26 commented on [UPDATED] Screamin'!

Great creation, awesome creature! Good luck in the challenge!

Fenne @ 9/3/2009 11:23 commented on Frost

Oh man... This piece totally rocks.

Fenne @ 9/3/2009 09:27 commented on DawnBringer's Avatar

That's pretty damn sweet man! I really like it!

Great work!

Fenne @ 9/3/2009 09:26 commented on Mecho Tales

I love the character designs! Great piece :)

Fenne @ 9/1/2009 09:53 commented on Logo

Delicious! And I can actually read what it says!

Fenne @ 8/28/2009 12:34 commented on Big tiles-Field

I really love you...

Fenne @ 8/25/2009 07:03 commented on dude, get yourself a ferry ticket!

Haha, I really laughed with the different birds in your WIP.
Lovely piece!

Fenne @ 8/24/2009 03:16 commented on Mario Characters

I really love you now.

Fenne @ 8/19/2009 03:04 commented on The Final Battle

This is awesome man. You've got my vote.

Fenne @ 8/16/2009 12:02 commented on Battle Car vol.1

I agree with Dex and it was the first thing I notices; dithering. I love the overall piece, but the dithering just makes it more ugly. But you did a great job!

Fenne @ 8/15/2009 05:15 commented on Say no to booze

Why did I miss this one? It's really awesome!

Fenne @ 8/14/2009 02:18 commented on 忙啊忙啊~

I like the smoothness in this piece. Really nice job!

Fenne @ 8/14/2009 02:17 commented on Misc. Characters

Really nice characters! I love them.

Fenne @ 8/10/2009 03:23 commented on Explorer Mockups

I like the characters very much!
All the rest is really nice as well, however, the chains in the fourth picture seem too smooth compared to the rest of the mockup.

Fenne @ 8/10/2009 01:50 commented on Yulia

I really like this!

Fenne @ 8/8/2009 04:12 commented on Weekly - Mi consenta!

Haha, you rock, seriously. I really like this piece

Fenne @ 8/7/2009 14:27 commented on *

I'm not really sure I can see Obama in this piece. I don't think he looks like it, even though it's a caricature.

Fenne @ 8/7/2009 09:34 commented on Futile.

It's really lovely, but I'm not too fond of the skeleton guy on the right... It's seems out of place.
But I love the colors and the whole piece, amazing Reo!

Fenne @ 8/5/2009 03:47 commented on The great Kim Jong-il

His eyebrows don't seem to match his expression, imo. But he probably has that kinda weird facie thing (and it's a caricature ofc).
Anyway, I really love it, nice and stylish.

Fenne @ 8/4/2009 10:47 commented on Swagga

That's indeed very stylish. I didn't realise the smoke was a person itself after I read the comment af Jaeden, but I never see the little details...