-DE- @ 4/20/2018 22:29 commented on Kratos

Good stuff!


-DE- @ 4/3/2018 22:55 commented on Igor

Would be appropriate to include the reference you based this off of.

For those not in the know, this is Igor from the Persona video game series.


-DE- @ 4/1/2018 22:04 commented on RX-78 Gundam

Why ver Ka, may I ask?


-DE- @ 3/16/2018 01:55 commented on Samus

Why's she sporting a squirt gun?


-DE- @ 2/20/2018 22:54 commented on Shadows of Adam Monster Compilation

Yeah, it was my favorite design too, actually! Had a lot of fun making it.

-DE- @ 2/18/2018 00:45 commented on Shadows of Adam Monster Compilation

Thanks for voting for my sprites, guys! Really appreciate it!


-DE- @ 2/11/2018 04:19 commented on Bathroom Break

Looks awesome! Looking forward to the game!


-DE- @ 1/22/2018 02:20 commented on Big Bird

I only played the Amiga version, never knew it was ported to consoles! Time to check it out, interested in the changes.


-DE- @ 1/14/2018 04:03 commented on Big Bird

Typical Robertson dreck. He seems a deeply disturbed, nihilistic individual incapable of producing anything wholesome.


-DE- @ 1/1/2018 07:16 commented on Shadows of Adam Monster Compilation

Yup, it's an indie RPG game for the PC, available on Steam!


-DE- @ 9/18/2017 22:05 commented on Earthworm Jim Remake

More like a demake.

-DE- @ 9/2/2017 03:44 commented on It's a font!

Very cool font!

-DE- @ 6/23/2017 00:24 commented on Fatima Tileset

Sorry, I don't have the tileset anymore, it's lost to time and obsolete servers.

-DE- @ 11/23/2016 03:19 commented on Mekademon

Totally rad!

-DE- @ 11/20/2016 22:57 commented on Abomination

Awesome design, really dig it!

-DE- @ 11/18/2016 23:27 commented on Big Bird

What would you need that for? An honest question, I'm intrigued.

-DE- @ 11/11/2016 commented on Duelyst Spells #3

It's clear you spend a great deal of time on your animations, but taken as a whole, they feel very samey. You keep using the same effects regardless of the subject. I lost count how many times your animation ends with a puff of smoke, even when it makes hardly any sense for it.

Timing is also too similar. Everything pops in abruptly, does a spin or flash, and then suddenly vanishes. It feels you're going on autopilot for most of these.

You need to broaden your horizons and inject more diversity into your work. Go watch some anime or oldschool 2D Western cartoons and learn.

-DE- @ 10/23/2016 07:52 commented on The Flying Bat

I can't see almost nothin' here... oO

-DE- @ 10/21/2016 01:35 commented on robot

Very nice shapes. Good work!

-DE- @ 10/21/2016 01:35 commented on Cat village

Haha! So cute!

-DE- @ 10/21/2016 01:34 commented on la prophetesse

Splendid rendering!

-DE- @ 10/21/2016 00:39 commented on Mines

Very nice. I love it!

-DE- @ 10/21/2016 00:37 commented on pudge

Very well done. Good job!

-DE- @ 10/21/2016 00:37 commented on Snatcher - Walk cycle

Hah! Nice!

Love the game!

-DE- @ 10/21/2016 00:35 commented on Green Hood

Look at those sady puppy eyes...