iLKke @ 6/13/2018 00:04 commented on Dying Breed


iLKke @ 6/10/2018 17:47 commented on root

Excellent! Really liking the colours and crispness on this

iLKke @ 5/17/2018 03:07 commented on Big Bird

Happy b-day ptoing!

iLKke @ 5/15/2018 03:14 commented on Big Bird

Happy b-day PBDC! \o/

And thank you to everyone who remembered mine <3

iLKke @ 5/14/2018 18:36 commented on robot obibok


Has a very old school Atari ST kind of vibe.

iLKke @ 5/3/2018 23:17 commented on regular people

Hope you feel better soon. These are lovely!

iLKke @ 4/5/2018 20:07 commented on The dawn of Kernel (LOADER)


iLKke @ 4/5/2018 20:05 commented on Careful Descent

Nailed it :)

iLKke @ 4/5/2018 20:05 commented on Begrudgingly Awoken From Slumber

Very nice !

iLKke @ 2/20/2018 13:42 commented on Torii Path

Great piece!

Welcome to the 8 Colour Club, Marco :D

iLKke @ 2/20/2018 13:42 commented on Naval Battle

Even better than I remember it :)

iLKke @ 1/15/2018 19:04 commented on William Blake's Ghost of a Flea turned into a Shin Megami Tensei boss sprite

Love the concept and technically it is rock solid.

Perhaps the only crit is that the shoting star doesn't fully come accross as much as it does in the original.

Also thanks for the video, always a plelasure to watch

iLKke @ 12/31/2017 00:23 commented on Merry Yule

Merry Yule, Vanja!

iLKke @ 10/26/2017 21:21 commented on Technovikings

@dawnbringer  I have a photo from Rovaniemi to prove it, mr officer!

iLKke @ 10/17/2017 16:27 commented on Duck and Chicken

@DawnBringer it already was,

iLKke @ 10/16/2017 16:29 commented on Big Bird

Jeremy just really likes those uniforms :D

iLKke @ 10/15/2017 19:34 commented on The Gather (inspired by Frankie's WeekendRPG)

This is some nice work   

iLKke @ 10/15/2017 18:16 commented on cyberpunk room mockup

Very nice, like cyberpunk version of start of Zack McCracken            

iLKke @ 10/15/2017 18:16 commented on The tomb of the sleeping dragon

Sweet, this would have been out of place in an early 90s commercial game!

iLKke @ 10/15/2017 18:15 commented on Sage

The style reminds me of those excellent Gobliiins adventures from back in the day

iLKke @ 10/15/2017 18:13 commented on mountain cave mockup

Very nice pixel work.

Tiny bit of feedback though, I'd make the bg layer a bit less contrasty and hue shift it to give some more colour-range to the scene. Currently its all very orange/green

iLKke @ 10/15/2017 18:11 commented on Rabbeat LeChunk AHOY!

Stoked as!        

iLKke @ 10/15/2017 18:07 commented on Poker Game

Lovely stuff. I'd play this

iLKke @ 10/15/2017 18:05 commented on Post Singularity

That mesh grill on teh top of head is my fav bit

iLKke @ 10/15/2017 18:04 commented on The Eye of Shlarm

One of my favs of your C64 work.

Though to be honest a lot of them are my favourites :D