Paxjah @ 3/25/2015 12:06 commented on Isometric building 05 - Church and Cemetery

Cannot get over this piece, it is amazing! Now I'll just stare at it for hours and sap in all the details 

Paxjah @ 9/26/2013 14:26 commented on Trapped In Pixels

 I never imaged that when I read the challenge description, brilliant! 

Paxjah @ 11/24/2012 10:23 commented on RPG Dungeons Mockup : Update 3

 I think this mockup is beautiful, I adore the stonework, the icons, it's just fantastic. Well done!! 

Paxjah @ 10/4/2012 13:40 commented on Suicide Frog

 You seem to have mixed up your files :)

Paxjah @ 9/27/2012 00:58 commented on King Mustachio

 Well he rocks, he reminds me a bit of Captain Hook, but only because of the dark curly hair :)

Considering the depth you've given to the rest of the piece, I think the hair could have a bit more depth itself. But either way he is fab! 

Paxjah @ 9/12/2012 12:07 commented on Castle by the Moonside

 Stunning pixel art 

Paxjah @ 9/12/2012 00:33 commented on Crystal Haven I

 That's beautiful Zenobia, wonderful detail on the rocks and grass.. i have to say in my opinion that is the lovelist way to pixel grass that I have seen!

Paxjah @ 5/24/2012 08:53 commented on Kitty Totem [Updated]

thankyou for your comments , the monkey is next :)

Paxjah @ 5/6/2012 04:54 commented on Flying dragon

 @kyata - You can easily save a .gif and preserve the transparency :) I've never made a .png animation before, and I don't care if this question sounds stupid, but, how did you do it? I'd much prefer to have mine as .png than .gif

And Chrome should really support these too. I've seen it in Firefox now, and it is wonderful :)

Paxjah @ 1/19/2012 04:36 commented on Leima

You really need to ammend this post, having read up on SOPA and PIPA I understand more.

Paxjah @ 1/15/2012 03:26 commented on Flying dragon

 Preview is lovely but the .png does not work in Chrome, you could try saving as a .gif, it'll work in all browsers then :)

Paxjah @ 11/25/2011 13:07 commented on RPG tileset

 These have to be the most eye-catching tiles I've ever seen, they are perfect! 

Paxjah @ 11/6/2011 15:40 commented on Where Trees Go To Die

 My eyes are playing tricks on me, I could swear there's dithering, something in this.. there isn't and it is even more stunning for the lack of it. Beautiful and eerie. 

Paxjah @ 10/31/2011 06:37 commented on Knave of Spades

 I wish you'd seen the challenge sooner too, this has a lot of room for improvement, but as it is.. the rough painted look is still a winner. This definitely gets my vote :)

Paxjah @ 7/6/2011 12:19 commented on El Aguila


@Rebolation? - Rules say use either a character or a vehicle, either one :)

Paxjah @ 3/8/2011 10:56 commented on Cat Cobold

 Wicked animation, her hair could probably bounce a bit more to go with the flow of the tail. i think the walk is more of a mincing-skip-walk...if that is possible lol

Paxjah @ 12/29/2010 15:27 commented on Pax Icon

 Thank you :)

tomic - it's the writing? low colour count and pop-out effect, iLKke rocks :D


Paxjah @ 12/9/2010 17:28 commented on SpongeBob

 I love Spongebob :)

The angle of the left hand (near the open eye) looks awkward compared to the right. I think the wrist shouldn't overlap the palm. If you position your arm like his is supposed to be and look in a mirror that'll be the best reference for you to see how the palm and fingers bend and where they should overlap. But other than that I think this is a lovely piece, you can definitely improve this :)

To quote Mistiqueshis - do you have the reference you used for this piece?

Also, when using palettes, it is always polite to mention where you got them ;)

Paxjah @ 10/10/2010 07:39 commented on Spongebob

 @Sneep - nope, Spongebob is a rectangle (cuboid) and his face is in proportion to how he normally looks, you can find pics of him in Google images. But thank you for your comments :)

Paxjah @ 10/9/2010 09:29 commented on Maria the courtesan.

 Perfectly disturbing, I love this! I feel the face grabs you but, to agree with Reo here, the body's shading could be far better, particularly the darkest shadowing to the bottom-left of the left boob. Also the shading of the sheet on the right doesn't quite match that of the left, unless there was a reason for that.

Paxjah @ 10/7/2010 02:06 commented on Spongebob

 @Zetabot - I originally had the arms in that particular position as he was meant to have lots of bubbles in a semi-circle over his head spelling out 'Happy Birthday'. I will either add those bubbles or correct the arms, whichever looks better.

@skamocore - The background was an addition so he wasn't stuck on plain white. I will remove the high contrast and improve the background :)

Thank you so much for your comments and critique  

Paxjah @ 9/18/2010 03:41 commented on Busy Bee

 Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments 

Paxjah @ 9/17/2010 13:35 commented on Busy Bee

 Thank you for your comments <3

Paxjah @ 8/22/2010 04:38 commented on Mad Monkey

 Thank you for all of your comments and critique :)

I removed the green from his elbow hair! lol

I did try him with a single white outline but even with some AA it looked quite awefull and took away from the detail of the thing, so I have given him a single white background for now but may well pixel him a simple faded jungle background in the next week as plain white is just...lazy.


Paxjah @ 6/29/2010 03:51 commented on England

 HanClinto - I know, I am not proud of my lack of good perspective on this piece