Kfuchoin @ 5/31/2008 17:54 commented on Zelda Remake
the job in the rocks is awesome

Kfuchoin @ 5/28/2008 18:17 commented on Big Bird
i'm kfuchoin there too xD

Kfuchoin @ 5/27/2008 16:24 commented on myself
what about some transparency?

Kfuchoin @ 5/27/2008 16:22 commented on Big Bird
Thanks for the advices:
Pb: i wish it was that way =/ unfortunately  is not that way
Dm: i will be thanks for the advice
you might see a lot of practice pixels from me soon enough , I think i might be back to some tutorials =/

Kfuchoin @ 5/27/2008 16:15 commented on Desert Blade
good job there                  

Kfuchoin @ 5/27/2008 12:34 commented on Big Bird
bah my pixel "no-skills" are failing, any tips on how to practice? D: i can't even do a texture for a wall...

Kfuchoin @ 5/26/2008 14:27 commented on Green Quiff
yah we know him her as snader

Kfuchoin @ 5/25/2008 18:25 commented on Cave Pano
not as awesome as the other places =/

Kfuchoin @ 5/25/2008 08:15 commented on Big Bird
lol great movie, the end was awesome

Kfuchoin @ 5/24/2008 18:32 commented on Big Bird


Kfuchoin @ 5/24/2008 17:42 commented on Giant Squid
loving the pallete good job

Kfuchoin @ 5/24/2008 14:02 commented on Big Bird
holly crap that's amazing!

Kfuchoin @ 5/23/2008 13:31 commented on Big Bird
gAs in Venezuela is cheap, 2 US $ or even 1 US $ a tank ;D

Kfuchoin @ 5/22/2008 18:21 commented on Big Bird
i prefer going for a sandwich, rater than burning the dinner :3
burning = chemistry lab
there's where cool things happen

Kfuchoin @ 5/21/2008 15:19 commented on Big Bird
happy B-day soda

Kfuchoin @ 5/20/2008 19:52 commented on Big Bird

i prefer two and a half men :)

"Alan: Holy mother of God!

Charlie: No, unholy mother of us!"

Kfuchoin @ 5/20/2008 17:39 commented on Demon Sword (revised)
what about some shading?

Kfuchoin @ 5/19/2008 19:14 commented on Big Bird
anyone knows when heroes volume 3: Villains  starts (in USA)?
Venezuela es like in episode 12 from season 4 of doctor house =/

Kfuchoin @ 5/19/2008 19:00 commented on Big Bird
Zygote you are right =/

Kfuchoin @ 5/19/2008 18:13 commented on Big Bird
"is a complete rip"
pretty rude... I didn't find any similarities  between the songs...maybe the guitars are kinda the same in some parts
creep is pretty cool, so does paranoid android

Kfuchoin @ 5/19/2008 15:25 commented on Big Bird
No idea,
what's wrong with the nickelback they have 1 or 2 good songs...but I strongly prefer radiohead ;D

Kfuchoin @ 5/14/2008 16:14 commented on True Flame

Kfuchoin @ 5/13/2008 12:25 commented on Big Bird
happy b-day Ilkke

Kfuchoin @ 5/13/2008 06:23 commented on They Exist
gracias we :)

Kfuchoin @ 5/12/2008 14:29 commented on Big Bird
happy b-day leel and inkspot too