King Reaper @ 3/3/2010 18:33 commented on Request 1

 Alright, I'll give that a go.

EDIT: How's that?

King Reaper @ 2/27/2010 15:43 commented on Naughty Dance P2

Ah, okay. It is much easier to make out the details at 2x.

King Reaper @ 2/24/2010 19:01 commented on Naughty Dance P2

It's pretty awesome, but at 1x view, don't you think it's kinda hard to make out the details? Might just be my monitor.

King Reaper @ 2/20/2010 19:50 commented on Bird

I am absolutely in love with that uber-detailed eye there. :P

King Reaper @ 2/1/2010 10:41 commented on Dragonika

It looks very nice, but might I suggest you put more shading on the dress to help define her right leg a bit more. As it stands, you kinda lose the shape of her leg because of it.

King Reaper @ 1/28/2010 14:01 commented on Arthropod game challenge

In terms of function, having a main character whose body is that long removes a lot of difficulty from any platforming sequences, unless you'll have some sort of animation where he'll tip over if say the edge of his body lands on the platform but not his center.

King Reaper @ 1/21/2010 18:00 commented on mr T squirtle


King Reaper @ 1/19/2010 16:04 commented on Kap - Attack! (animation)

Looks very cool.

The basic concept kind of reminds me of Megaman Battle Network

King Reaper @ 1/6/2010 10:18 commented on Powered Up Megaman New/Old

Uhwhoops. Fixed it, thanks.

King Reaper @ 8/11/2009 07:25 commented on Taxi

The graphics in this game really are amazing.

In my opinion, though, they probably should have been working at about twice the size they did. I think that would have prevented the "Jaggy" edges everyone's complaining about.

King Reaper @ 5/21/2009 06:29 commented on Whale bee

Lol, I love this.

King Reaper @ 5/21/2009 06:28 commented on Pottiesects

They kinda look like pokemon, but good nonetheless.

King Reaper @ 3/25/2009 16:54 commented on the stare

Holy shit, it's soo smooth. I wouldn't have thought it was pixel art if I didn't zoom in and see the pixels myself.

King Reaper @ 3/23/2009 07:09 commented on Legend of Okami

When I first played as Wolf Link in Twilight Princess, I remember thinking how much the gameplay reminded me of Okami.

I think Okami did it better, though.

Looks great, I think, but I agree with Nightmare Maker about the lines.


King Reaper @ 3/23/2009 06:13 commented on Donkey Kong Spy

I swear, I spent the first few seconds that I was looking at this repeating "wtf?" over and over in my head.

I suggest more contrast on the mask, it looks kind of flat.

Though I suppose you really can't change the image after the challenge deadline.


King Reaper @ 3/19/2009 07:29 commented on Isaac Clarke Wee

The colors blend into one another when viewed at 1x magnification, and the only discernable detail is the lights on the helmet.

I'd change the pallete to better define the details and keep it from looking like a blob.

King Reaper @ 3/2/2009 07:25 commented on "I will never leave your side again!"

His arm is definitely too long. Like, if he were to let it rest at his side, it'd probably be around or past his knee, whereas normally I think the arm comes down to about the middle of the thigh. You could fix this by either moving his forearm to the right, closer to the shoulder, or by moving his shoulder closer to the forearm.

I realize that you based these on the artwork, but just because it's that way in the artwork doesn't mean you should sacrifice anatomical accuracy to make it that way... or, well, as anatomically accurate as these are, at least.

Other than the arm, though, they're both very good.  Recognizable at first glance, well detailed, and well shaded.

King Reaper @ 2/27/2009 07:23 commented on Sprite of the Silver Haired Maiden

Micaiah from Fire Emblem, right?

Looks pretty cool, I think.

King Reaper @ 2/25/2009 19:16 commented on Pixel toy - Scout from TF2

I'm gonna beat on your skull till I hit tonsils!

Neat little thing. Definitely never seen a scout like this.

King Reaper @ 2/24/2009 08:36 commented on Blue Blur

Not sure why, but the general shape of him makes me think of a potato sack.

Definitely an interesting look for the ol' blue blur. Fav'd.

King Reaper @ 2/12/2009 12:01 commented on TOTW Tails Doll
Love it. Faved.

King Reaper @ 2/12/2009 08:17 commented on protecteur
God, I love how smoothly the cape animates.

King Reaper @ 2/12/2009 07:20 commented on Jack
Looks pretty awesome.

King Reaper @ 2/11/2009 07:14 commented on Stone Restriction
This animation just blows my mind.

King Reaper @ 2/9/2009 08:16 commented on Mario Jump Icon

I agree with MashPotato. The design is really charming.

I always like to see a unique looking Mario.