Ails @ 5/13/2019 20:57 commented on CT mockup

Amazing as usual 

Ails @ 12/12/2018 14:06 commented on Old Overworld

I spent like 5 minutes staring at this :P I love the ground/grass tiles

Ails @ 9/26/2018 16:09 commented on Thinking


Ails @ 2/20/2018 21:22 commented on A Bear

Man, all those defining features!

Ails @ 1/11/2018 20:39 commented on Big Bird

If I'm not wrong, there's work on a new PJ going on? If I have a suggestion, who could I send it to?

Ails @ 10/23/2017 08:18 commented on Little Logray

I think he's trying to tell us something

Ails @ 7/12/2017 18:03 commented on Village Sprites

Absolutely beautiful!

Ails @ 7/9/2017 16:02 commented on Big Bird

Was researching "chess king" for the weekly and almost typed "chess kink", woof dodged a bullet

Ails @ 7/8/2017 19:18 commented on Mortal Kombat

Heads up, you submitted this for the challenge by accident (you can edit it out I believe)

Ails @ 7/2/2017 10:26 commented on Big Bird


Ails @ 4/2/2017 09:26 commented on Mr. Monk and the Room of Tomato Ketchup

Those greens and purples in the first 2 do look pretty sexy

Ails @ 3/15/2017 15:42 commented on Metaloid:Origin tile test

You could try just making the background fade into the sky color like this:

Ails @ 10/7/2016 14:19 commented on Big Bird

If a random youtuber or kid on twitter or whatever calls Owlboy 8-bit because they don't know what it means, does it really matter? Feels like giving "old media tape" a new name because kids keep on calling betamax tapes a vhs tape

Ails @ 8/31/2015 19:09 commented on Jungle Ruin - Greyscale

What are those underground noses supposed to be?

Ails @ 6/3/2015 11:28 commented on Red egg.

Why isn't the blurry zoom fixed on PJ by default yet? Is there no interest in making PJ better? It's been the same for years

Ails @ 4/13/2015 19:53 commented on Big Bird
 Can we get this implemented any time soon?

Ails @ 4/11/2015 19:28 commented on Fuze


Ails @ 4/11/2015 00:31 commented on Stain

Oh man we might, it would look rad!

Ails @ 4/10/2015 16:19 commented on Stain

Not as menacing

Ails @ 3/12/2015 00:19 commented on Items 2

I did a little editing to the carrots to add a better feel of the shape:

The dark outline on the right made it look more flat too, so I made it less apparent

Ails @ 1/10/2015 12:58 commented on Project Copy Girl Mockup 2

@4red This project is actually older than Shovel Knight, but I guess its success made me realize "NES-like games can be successful too"

Yeah it would be a lot of work. But with this style being easier it also means I can do more stuff, and that the game can actually be finished :P

Ails @ 1/10/2015 12:58 commented on Project Copy Girl Mockup 2

@surt Think of them as crystal spears

Ails @ 1/10/2015 12:52 commented on Project Copy Girl Mockup 1

@had0c It's a lot like Mega Man (8 bosses, 8 weapons, jumping'n'shooting, etc) but with some different design principles

Ails @ 1/10/2015 12:48 commented on Project Copy Girl Mockup 1

@8 Bit Dreams Thanks! We have a lot done. At this point we're mostly focusing on adding enemies, objects, etc and designing the levels

Ails @ 11/30/2014 20:27 commented on 420 Icons for RPG

The link is in the description. Then click the Download button (next to the Share button)