KatsPurr @ 4/27/2009 21:08 commented on Horse Skeleton

Hehe Conzeit :). Well thanks for going to the trouble of investigating. Yeah these horsies are complicated critters!

KatsPurr @ 4/27/2009 21:06 commented on The Portrait of Sam Hane

Thanks for your comments.

Shannon the line on the forehead was originally just pixels that needed some recoloring to make the forehead smooth, but then I looked at it and thought: "Hey, that's sort of like vein or wrinkle and it makes him look more serious and rugged!" so decided to flaunt it and polish it up instead. :-) As for the eyes, the dot of light is definately not "realistic", but matched the person whose portrait I was making.

KatsPurr @ 4/27/2009 21:01 commented on Skeletal Dragon

Thanks guys!

Gil, yeah Ultima art is something you either love or hate. I've been in the love camp up till they started adding on new graphics (by different artists) which didn't match. My very favorite has to be the art work in Ultima VIII The Pagan. Ah!

Manning: Yep, skeletons are a huge amount of work for sure! Thanks for the compliment :).

KatsPurr @ 11/21/2008 14:54 commented on Old Emma
Sure, you can see the original on this page:
Scroll down a bit.

KatsPurr @ 11/20/2008 20:59 commented on Doll3
So beautful and sultry! And as many others said - the dress is incredible.

There's only one thing that keeps catching my eye in a bothersome way, and that is the inner corners of her eyes - the eyeliner is a tad dark and could have slowly faded into skin color. Even though the image is gorgeous otherwise, my eyes keep darting to that part for some reason :).

KatsPurr @ 11/19/2008 20:41 commented on Fluffy Andrea
That's mainly what I look like every day at work. The messier the hair the better!

KatsPurr @ 11/13/2008 14:34 commented on In a middle of nowhere
Oh my god... that's truly amazing. In fact I adore all of your work!

KatsPurr @ 11/13/2008 14:26 commented on Hoochie
Hahah this is so funny, you can almost hear her saying "Uh-uh home boy"

KatsPurr @ 11/13/2008 14:24 commented on The Portrait of Sam Hane
Thanks guys!

Dogmeat I've been playing UO since 1999, so not quite the veteran you are, but almost. I'm known as Saphireena on Stratics and post on U-Hall mostly. I play on Europa, although I also have a char on Siege Perilous. As for Mythic, well for now I'm just going to have to say "no comment" :).

KatsPurr @ 11/11/2008 12:09 commented on chicken
Adorable! And yes, the worm is amazing when you consider the amount of pixels.

KatsPurr @ 11/11/2008 12:08 commented on Doggy
This is the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life... *speechless*

KatsPurr @ 11/11/2008 11:33 commented on The Portrait of Lady Nico
Ok I now re-uploaded the 32 color version, but for some reason it only updated to the top sectipn, not the "pixel art details" section, which seems to still have the 256 version. Hmmm...

KatsPurr @ 11/11/2008 10:46 commented on Old Bonsai Tree
Thanks for your comments zi. When you say too much colors, you mean too many rgb shades? Yes you are probably right, I could have used maybe less.

If you want to see the bonsai "in action", in the setting it is meant to be used, look here:

KatsPurr @ 11/11/2008 10:42 commented on Horse Skeleton
Hi zi-double. Thanks for your critique of the horsie.

Brown color: The reason it is this color was to remain consistent with the other skeletal beings in Ultima Online. They all use those same RGBs. Have a look:

Anatomy: You are right, there is something strange about the back of the neck. I didn't understand what you meant about the bone of the back leg, so I googled a horse skeleton and managed to find a pic in a similar position:  After comparing, I still don't understand what the issue was. You are correct about the cheek being too big. But I have an explanation for that as well. If you look at my first link, you will see that this creature was meant to be a "mount" for players. So I wanted to make the head look a little more "approachable" and more like a living horse head so that the owner would feel some connection with it.

KatsPurr @ 11/11/2008 10:32 commented on KatsPurr
Hehe, well it's originally from a portrait challenge we had at work where we were supposed to make very tiny bodies of ourselves with a very limited space. So that's why it "sucks". But I still think it's cool because of the old school factor :D. Maybe I'll get around to making a proper avatar for myself if I start to feel at home here.

So far though...

KatsPurr @ 11/11/2008 10:29 commented on Old Emma
Ah, didn't notice the zoom option - right. I'll not post zooms anymore then. Actually the zoom thing is kind of sucky because it blurs the results, at least with my browser.

I'll reduce the colors of Emma once I get Lady Nico done. Thanks again for the advice.

Oh by the way, I wonder why my links refuse to work.

KatsPurr @ 11/11/2008 10:26 commented on The Portrait of Lady Nico
Hey Tomic. Thanks a lot for pointing a Pixel Joint newbie in the right direction.

The reason I classify this as a pixel piece is because each pixel has been finalized by hand. So although the first rough scetch has been drawn in "sweeps" to fill in colors, the details and rgbs of each pixel has been adjusted from there on. Many people don't believe these to be pixel drawings, simply because they don't "look" like pixel drawings. But if I know that I have done the work to make it look that way, that's all that counts.

As for the color amount. My assumption was that 256 is alright here since it's mentioned on the editing page. But I will take your challenge up though, of making it with less colors. Right now I reduced it to 32 and am polishing it.

Are we allowed to re-upload the images? So when it's done, is it ok to simply replace the one here with the 32 color version?

KatsPurr @ 11/11/2008 06:04 commented on Old Emma
It's very odd, I marked 256 colors when I uploaded, but it doesn't show in the details. :-o

Even now if I go to edit, it's still marked with 256. Bug?

KatsPurr @ 3/21/2007 13:14 commented on Doggy
Love it love it love it!