Metaru @ 3/28/2019 08:40 commented on Anybody seen my glasses?

I'll let you know, I absolutely adore how this came out. I'll see if i can follow your steps and try to achieve the same effect

Metaru @ 12/28/2018 20:50 commented on Big Bird


Metaru @ 12/10/2018 08:27 commented on Big Bird

funfact: I've seen that animation all over the place. Last time was when it was being used in a Nintendo music stream over youtube.

Metaru @ 12/5/2018 09:30 commented on Big Bird

I recall it being the reason why i went to join the previous years. I barely ever come to PJ these days pther than for the job sub forum.
but only because I'm often busy with other stuff.

Plus there is little to no reason to post stuff on PJ's gallery other than some degree of nostalgia.

Metaru @ 12/1/2018 07:07 commented on Big Bird

OOpps, it seems I missed the secret santa again.

Metaru @ 8/27/2018 13:08 commented on Big Bird

In other News, Squared UP! is live! its a zine about a bunch of cool people doing pixel art for charity.

Metaru @ 8/26/2018 19:40 commented on Big Bird

at least to me pixel art is both a medium that aims to capture both the techniques that were used to circumvent the earlier tech limitations of primitive hardware/software and the aesthethic vibe that spawns naturally from it.

lowpoly does follow the same path and that pretty much conveys the same principle - to catch that early days vibe.

Metaru @ 8/23/2018 16:23 commented on Big Bird

I mean, away from any kind of toxicity people has described around here, the whole concept behind pixelation was, to say something, almost out of reach to anyone just begining. plus with the talents that dwelled the placed it was rather hard to feel that you were among peers looking to pixel stuff for fun. even if that wasn't intentional.

Metaru @ 8/22/2018 20:00 commented on Big Bird

I've got to admit I always felt intimidated to post in pixelation back in my earlier years of PA, to a point I simply just didn't even post at all.

Metaru @ 7/1/2018 22:42 commented on Big Bird

To think Card Sagas Wars was a project that predates my very own interest in pixel art, back in the days when i used deviantart.

Metaru @ 4/23/2018 16:40 commented on Big Bird

Anyone here use Instagram to upload their work? or you guys prefer Twitter over it?

Metaru @ 4/19/2018 06:55 commented on Big Bird

You can't do a recap without saying


Metaru @ 4/11/2018 22:25 commented on Big Bird

If there is one thing I personally hate from internet-based relationships is the fact that if anything ever happens to someone i care I'll probably never know.

Metaru @ 4/10/2018 07:47 commented on Big Bird

self imposed restrictions is what truly brings the best of each one of us to work around them, much like martial arts or any other discipline. Imagineif every designer had to go through a pixel art course early in their careers.

but like you two have pointed, the restrictions should only be applied on the canvas, not on the artist. to gimp yourself as an artist or as a developer is not a proof of your will and creativity, is merely an act of lazyness.

Metaru @ 3/31/2018 08:34 commented on Big Bird

can't complain. I could, but nah.

Metaru @ 1/31/2018 16:52 commented on Big Bird

Mega Turrican or Super Turrican?

Metaru @ 4/20/2017 22:56 commented on Metaru Large Portrait - The Fighters Resource

merci merci

Metaru @ 1/2/2017 19:00 commented on Big Bird

who're calling old.

Metaru @ 12/30/2016 10:35 commented on Big Bird

Every time this argument pops up I want to bring this scene from Terminator 2.

not only because this movie is a dramatic rollercoaster between a sentient robot who struggles to become human, only to realise that achieving that bit of imperfection means he has to sacrifice himself for others but also because that scene is from a time and era (1991) when CGI was barely surfacing and it already had everyone by their balls crying because machines would render us all obsolete, only to show that practical effects can't be replaced and are in fact, timeless.

Metaru @ 12/30/2016 10:08 commented on Skully - Jump

the only way this could get any better is to right away not be a megaman sprite edit.

It works on the nes and was designed that way for technical reasons and readbility, limitations you do not have working here. come on, you can do better by actually doing something that doesnt look like a sprite edit.

Metaru @ 12/30/2016 10:07 commented on Quotient

thats because you need to upload it as the detail file, and then upload a preview icon that is less than 100x100. try using something that is not a lazily resized version of the whole thing or else it wont be accepted.

Metaru @ 12/29/2016 17:25 commented on Big Bird

Hail to our new robot overlords.

Metaru @ 12/29/2016 17:13 commented on Quotient

you might want to try to upload this version over what you have here as the detail image.

Metaru @ 12/29/2016 17:05 commented on Fire Mage

welcome to pixel art, you might want to read about why using so many colors defeats the purpose of paying attention to details and such. painting with a bajillion colors in such a small sprite doesnt add any kind of detail, even when zoomed this much as it comes of as mere noise other than anything-

Metaru @ 12/29/2016 17:03 commented on Spinning Saw Blade

a shinning piece of metal like that would have its reflections spin and get all smeared following the blade's spin. it makes no sense for the blade to retain those lines in the middle, as they make it look more like the blade is suctioning something towards its xenter rather that spinning at high speed.