ShoneGold @ 11/11/2008 00:44 commented on Penguin Waddle Emote
Thanks!  :) (Must be 15 characters long )

ShoneGold @ 11/6/2008 05:49 commented on Juzz and Ist Pose for Photo
I cannot this resist this the subject and the palette is just stunning! :)

ShoneGold @ 8/20/2008 05:42 commented on SpaceShip
FrankieSmileShow  Various galleries need people with certain expertise to do the reports. They need the people who would normally report to continue to do so. No small group can be asked to trial it as it needs to be done by the folk who report regularly and understand the artforms they are reporting.  I think you are right, I think they want the big build up to happen in order to test how well it is likely to work and what sort of abuses/mistakes are likely to occur.

I am not too concerned, when I began as GD, it was about 2 - 3 years of miscat buildup....all we are looking at here on a worse case scenario is about 3 -4 months hopefully...and if it doesn't work, it will only take me a couple of weeks at about 8-10 hours a day to sort them no big deal really, just frustrating at this point when I see miscats, I am dying to move them.

ShoneGold @ 8/18/2008 04:28 commented on SpaceShip
BobSmith006 Glad to see you here and contributing your PixelArt as well as dA. Reporting miscats isn't for everyone it is tedious and boring, so only if folks feel like doing it is OK. You should browse the Gallery, sometimes there are people there who are not here...yet! :)

ThereIsNoCure  They have, there are only GIF and PNG file images allowed in PixelArt now.

  I look for the hidden treasures it is like hunting for is such a joy to find something special and then feature it. It is amazing how a good piece sticks out from the rest. Keeping an eye on the Daily Deviations is another way of finding art and people. I have a folder of PixelArt DD features in my Favourites gallery, so you don't have to hunt through all the rest of the DDs or galleries to find the PA.

zi-double I agree with you,  I feel it is so important for accomplished PixelArtists to share their work with the wider audience at dA so that people can learn what PixelArt is all about and begin to appreciate it. If everyone hides their work from the vast majority of people, eventually it will die out as an art form...the more people see and understand what PixelArt is all about, the more people will begin to  create it and find their way  here. I do my best to promote PixelJoint and often mention it on DD features.

ShoneGold @ 7/25/2008 22:42 commented on Hand Font
This is wonderful...congratulations on the win! :)

ShoneGold @ 7/25/2008 22:40 commented on pxlfnt
May I have your permission to use this on Pixel Art outside of PixelJoint?

ShoneGold @ 3/15/2008 06:45 commented on Mind-Diver
Lovin it...lovin it!

How is that for constructive criticism!? :p

ShoneGold @ 3/15/2008 06:42 commented on My Av
Fingers crossed...never fear we will find you! Don't stress, PJs is loved too much! :)

ShoneGold @ 2/28/2008 01:30 commented on Bunny Glasses
OMG don't tell me! Both dA and PJ will be doing the IT thing....ahhhhh!

ShoneGold @ 2/28/2008 01:26 commented on Big Bird
Oh darn....ruined that link too!

ShoneGold @ 2/28/2008 01:24 commented on Big Bird
Rats are better....mmmm yummy fast food!  They eat the same food as doubt!

ShoneGold @ 2/27/2008 22:57 commented on Mr. Johnson
Canvas size of 150x150 and yes transparency is fine...sorry should have mentioned that as well! That is also strange that my personal site did not link properly for the notes... it needs to be sent to me at dA and it is to

ShoneGold @ 2/27/2008 03:27 commented on Ratchet Zero Sprite 2
I have still not downloaded and tested it yet but on deviantART I was asked by an artist to count her colours on a certain piece of turned out to be in the thousands. Cut a very long story short we finally worked out she was using and the eraser tool was not fully erasing the colours but leaving reduced opacities behind which was the cause of the enormous colour any one who tries it please test this point in ruining your pixelart.

ShoneGold @ 2/25/2008 23:27 commented on Candy Corp.
Darn....I wish you were on I would love to feature this as a Daily Deviation so thousands of people could see it! :)

ShoneGold @ 2/25/2008 22:53 commented on Shaun (SOTD)
OMG i roflamao lol!

....tick another point up

ShoneGold @ 2/5/2008 21:10 commented on Tentacles
Darn nice work!

ShoneGold @ 2/4/2008 22:57 commented on Summer Evening Love
Thank you chess, what a kind thing to say! :)

ShoneGold @ 2/4/2008 22:56 commented on Smilies
Congratulations to the winners.  As the First place winner doesn't have their work displayed at DeviantART regrettably, I can't give that piece a DD feature but littlesapphire's second place getter is displayed on dA so congratulations....a DD feature coming up for you! :)

ShoneGold @ 2/1/2008 22:39 commented on Bedroom
Akira & Lollige...Early in the piece I was calling these pieces Oekaki and discussing with management about a separate sub heading for Oekaki in DigitalArt. There is a specific program used for Oekaki art and I ended up with people complaining it wasn't Oekaki, they didn't use the Oekaki program, it was done in msPaint using pixels so it must be pixelart.  I don't need the extra arguments about is it or isn't it a certain genre of art, other than PixelArt, hence the reason I require people to show me demonstrated hand laid pixels over the majority of the work.....end of story.

Adam...On reflection I would prefer it to be changed to the phrase I use on the help desk when I am explaining to someone why their cell/flood filled work has been moved "PixelArt requires demonstrated hand laid pixels on a pixel by pixel, basis over the majority of the work." I see I can adjust the text, I will have a go at altering it.

Yes Bisque's example does display accepted aspects of genuine pixelart to the trained eye. I am having to deal with hundreds/thousands of people without a trained eye...that is the difference and that is my major problem. Unless I want to make my task totally impossible at dA...this style of PA would be a killer for me as a DD feature with those not versed in the finer subtleties of PixelArt.

I appreciate you are recognizing my hard work but if I can't get cooperative backing and understanding for what I am trying to achieve for PA from the majority of the PA community then it will all be a waste.

The B.O.B. ...At no time was I suggesting Bisque was not  a PixelArtist. I was commenting on a piece of work and all of a sudden I had words thrust down my throat. I have enough of my own words, I do not need any one else's put into my mouth!! :D I am quite familiar with Bisque's work and  I have been meaning to add a piece of her work as a DD feature. This is why I need people to chase me with suggestions from their galleries. I keep a file of artist's suggestions of their own work.

The B.O.B I would prefer to see a piece of second rate, low quality, messy, dithered work where someone is trying to work within the principle of  "demonstrated hand laid pixels over the majority of the work" as opposed to flood filled line art purporting to be Pixelart in the gallery. At least I know the person is trying and with practice, dedication and time their technique and love of PixelArt will grow. I don't have the luxury of veto of art into the PA gallery at dA. All I have is the ability to have a clear cut off point as to how I see and define Pixelart and what the consequences are, if my definition is broadened too wide. I then can move art out of the PA gallery if it does not meet the definition, which I can adequately argue in a situation where i am required to justify the move.

ShoneGold @ 1/31/2008 21:43 commented on Bedroom
Whoops sorry about those links...maybe someone cleverer than myself could fix them.

I am not just writing the preceding note to Bisque, it is an open letter to all of you.

ShoneGold @ 1/31/2008 21:29 commented on Bedroom
Bisque...Yes basically that is what I am saying....and the reason I am saying that is because when the average kid on msPaint sees this work, there will be little discernment on their part that it is anything more than they can do with brushes and bucket fill on msPaint. They would be able to reproduce a piece which is quite similar in appearance to yours  without using PixelArt technique of high magnification and using the pencil tool set on 1 pixel and hand laying the majority of the pixels with care on an individual basis other than the lineart...particularly as your piece  is so very large.

Here are some examples of charming Digital drawings which I regard is not Pixelart. Why? Because two of the pieces have heavy outlines not created with a single pixel outline and the third is more a lineart sketch....all three have bucket fill and some display brush work which would not require magnification. Not all flood filled Digital Art is as charming as this in the PA galleries and it gradually moves around the scale of pixelArt and non Pixel art which can on occasions come down to a purely subjective judgment on my part....

Please do not argue the case for these pieces of work they are not acceptable under the definition to which I work. I need boundaries to work to, I need cut off lines as much as anyone else. I cannot be reviewing thousands of pieces a week and not have set parameters for myself. I have been at it every day for over 6 months, I know what sort of boundaries I need to maintain, if we are to create clean tidy galleries to show off your quality PixelArt. I know I will be cutting off some of the meat along with the fat.....I do understand this.

I am not  a power hungry, dictatorial old dragon, nor am I trying to re define Pixelart, I am merely someone attempting to achieve the impossible in the shortest possible time, in probably the worlds toughest place for PixelArt.  I am busting my guts so we can really see PixelArt happening as a known and respected artform as opposed to kids doodles on Paint......we need to get past the phrase...."I did it on Paint, so it must be Pixel Art"

Regrettably, I will not please everyone and I may well be loathed by some and more than likely vilified by others,  all of which will be unfair and unjust to me but well tough!  Too many folks lose sight of what is important by trying to be loved and popular.... hate me, loath me, abuse me, report me, I will take it all. I have a single focus and that is to make PixelArt great at dA which in turn will eventually mean the world. You can walk with me or away from me....please yourself.  Hang in there with me and I reckon it will be a fun ride! If you walk with me,  can you please suggest your work to me....don't let me overlook you, I am immensely busy and I forget sometimes to check you for a DD.

ShoneGold @ 1/31/2008 16:53 commented on Bedroom
Tymon...I can see one or two potential pieces in  your gallery. Private note me at dA please.

Bisque...Never in my wildest ranting would I suggest you weren't a PixelArtist and a most accomplished one but you just gave a very good example of what would create a real headache for me if this style of art was given a DD feature at dA, owing to the sort of subtle  difference between PixelArt and Digital drawing, for someone who was not so versed in the recognition of PixelArt. This was the very  thing I was trying to describe.

Haze01...I pretty much don't need miscat reports done now, I try to put in several hours a day moving miscats, they pile in continuously over a 24 hour period and I do need the occasional night of sleep, so at any given time there will be miscats in some galleries ....the only category I am not on top of is the non iso Character section. If anyone wants to press the miscat button and  tell me what is Fanart and should be moved, that would be awesome. I handle all the report desk moving of PA as well. I have the Dollers pushing the miscat button in characters, for Dolls as we speak....but Fanart is a hassle to identify for me.

ShoneGold @ 1/31/2008 03:35 commented on Bedroom
The B.O.B...Give the man the prize! Exactly!

After 5-6 six hours a day over the last 6 months sorting through the PA Gallery you better believe I am starting to get an eye for it!

Congratulations! =)

ShoneGold @ 1/31/2008 03:19 commented on Bedroom

Adam...Let me clarify this a little further down but each piece is individual and unique and needs to be viewed in that way but I need to cover my ass with the hundreds of msPaint doodles I have to review daily in the gallery. =)

MashPotato...Indeed, I do mean demonstrated Pixel technique, I was not clear enough when I wrote this article, I think I wrote it at about 2am my time, after working for several hours at dA, thank you for the phrase. You are well overdue for a DD feature...please PM me at dA and suggest the piece you feel most deserves a DD Feature for your first...then please update me with your next suggestion.

What is pointless? A DD feature? Let me tell you, it feels damn good to be at the centre of attention of thousands of people for a day! Shortly it will explode to tens of thousands of people viewing your DD ;-)

Dithering or demonstrated Pixel Technique would have been a better phrase.

Thank you! I believe PixelArt is worth it. It is an awesome art form.

Poor choice of definition but it was in an effort to get my point across of demonstrated laying of pixels, shouldn't try to write to experts in their field at 2am in the morning without proofing it first!

As I said before! =)

=D I will be back shortly to tell you about the next PA Competition I am running..there will be prizes!

..As charming as your work is, overall I agree, I see very little demonstrated Pixel technique in your work, that is quite true.

Gotta believe it man! =p

Appreciate the response to Bisque...this is 100% training for my role are ya? Hang in there I may well die of exhaustion before too long! =D

when I go into folks' list of artwork here, I see thumbs to the left which I need to press for a dA you go into a persons piece of work and often you need to press the download button to the left unless it is saved in PNG file format.  Both appear with the same time delay in full view. However, I hear what you are saying and this is on my list of to-do for the PA Galleries.

My high priorities were getting management behind PixelArt...done! ...Ridding the Gallery of  JPG files...done! Separating the Dolls from PixelArt...done! Getting fanart and ripped sprites out of  PixelArt....done! Keeping miscats under control.... mostly done! Getting Daily Deviations happening regularly....done!   ....Educating the general population about do. Elevating PixelArt to a respected and understood do.  To bring the PixelArt community into the enormous artistic spotlight which will be deviatART in the very near do.  Build a larger PixelArt community who will recognize and fave quality PixelArt and build the fave numbers for the do. I want to see the faves in for PixelArt in the thousands not the hundreds.....can't be done?   Bloody oath it can be done mate! =D

However getting this  download thing fixed is low on my priorities so I guess the world will need to wait to see your lovely work. I am glad Fool and a few other of you guys don't feel that way. I need quality PixelArt to promote Pi>*** Message truncated (4000 chars max) ***

ShoneGold @ 1/30/2008 02:44 commented on Chain Gunner
Hi, I am the Gallery Director for PixelArt at deviantART. This is a fun piece and I think it would make a good Daily Deviation Feature on deviantART.  I would imagine you could pick up plenty of faves and maybe a few thousand views. Have you thought of becoming a member, it is free and you get huge exposure there...if  that is what you want of course!  =)