Irenaart @ 7/19/2018 00:19 commented on Swordmaster (true form)

Beautiful piece!

Irenaart @ 7/18/2018 10:28 commented on Cave of the Colossus

Cool piece!

Irenaart @ 7/17/2018 00:11 commented on Big Bird

@Mandrill; Happy birthday, buddy!

Irenaart @ 7/17/2018 00:05 commented on worldcup2018

Wow! Fantastic job!

Irenaart @ 7/16/2018 11:03 commented on Guardian's Return

Amazing work, Reo! 

Irenaart @ 7/16/2018 04:41 commented on Rasberry Effect Main characters

Nice work but please take care of those semi-transparent pixels if you want your work to be approved in the gallery.

Irenaart @ 7/16/2018 04:37 commented on Gold Temple

Not bad but too many colors for such a small piece (200).

Irenaart @ 7/16/2018 04:33 commented on Kinda Mage

It has potential but it's more like a WIP. Rather post such works on the forum where you can get some feedback.

Irenaart @ 7/16/2018 04:30 commented on USSR flat

Nice work but there are simply too much unique colors in this image (319) for such a small piece. Please, do something about it.

Irenaart @ 7/15/2018 13:11 commented on Tiny House

Your piece has 28 unique colors. And for the weekly challenge the transparency is requiered. Just so you know.

Irenaart @ 7/15/2018 01:25 commented on Big Bird

@Cyangmou; Happy birthday, Thomas! One big   to you and your talent.

Irenaart @ 7/14/2018 04:15 commented on Marx

Very interesting palette. Nice!

Irenaart @ 7/12/2018 00:30 commented on dmc4 for pd

Great color palette! Nicely done...

Irenaart @ 7/11/2018 14:42 commented on workshop

Beautifuly done! Sooo cute...

Irenaart @ 7/11/2018 14:41 commented on Critical Failure!!!

Nice one! But I'll miss the old one.

Irenaart @ 7/11/2018 08:02 commented on Transformation

Nicely done!

Irenaart @ 7/7/2018 23:34 commented on Renaine

Beautifuly done!

Irenaart @ 7/7/2018 00:22 commented on Big Bird

@shm31; Happy bday!

Irenaart @ 7/6/2018 03:54 commented on Big Bird

@philippejugnet @ArcadeHero; Happy birthday, guys!

Irenaart @ 7/3/2018 01:40 commented on The Twins

Nice work! But could you please remove the semi transparent pixels from the image (shadows).

Irenaart @ 7/2/2018 23:18 commented on Self-portrait

Nice piece!

Irenaart @ 7/1/2018 23:37 commented on Plot Twist

Really cool piece! But there's actually 19 unique colors in it.

Irenaart @ 7/1/2018 07:33 commented on Goat's eye

You have a few semi transparent pixels around the edge. Please, take care of it. You can check it in the Image Specs Tool under the Features. Simply copy/paste the image location in it.

Irenaart @ 7/1/2018 07:28 commented on Unconditional Lover

Cute stuff!

Irenaart @ 7/1/2018 01:28 commented on Big Bird

@Delicious; Long time away from our site, but wherever you are, happy birthday man!