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Direct to my desktop ) 

Holmik @ 6/28/2018 13:37 commented on Nude fencer battle animations

@Romson, hehe looks like i accidentally cut it off) 

Holmik @ 6/5/2018 01:11 commented on Avatar

This game is awesome. Art, fighting system, story, dialogues create so cool atmosphere. Great job!

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Simple) draft-lineart-solid colors - extra colors - inbetweens - penis  time )

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UltimoGames no i haven't. I was forced to make a pause in development and when get back start working on nude fencer game, and i'll use fighting basics from Mechneriada there. I don't have time limits because it's a pet project and that's why i can work on realistic animations)  This current animation took about couple hours and in this style it's not too hard to work, indie devs should just dare to try)

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TheBigang I reuploaded gif now with compromised penis version - not super floppy and maybe not too rigid. Not sure wich will be used in game animations yet, i'll test it in prototype soon)

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AirStyle I will) The game just start too unexpectedly for main character, later he'll find something to wear

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Hehe Renegade (and Barbarian also) was my favourite game on ZX Spectrum, and you bring me it back, thanks for this) By the way, couple weeks ago i found a game Friends of Ringo Ishikawa (inspired by Technos games), and it was pretty cool too) Looking forward your game!

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JeffSturm4nn, that's a problem. Hope i'll avoid this Blender feeling in game) 

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Goodlyay ,yeah, that's for mirrorinng) I was thinking about turning main hero back while turning around, but with all his next animations it would took too much time. So maybe later)

Holmik @ 5/30/2018 14:11 commented on Nude fencer battle animations

Hapiel, It took to many attention when it was less rigid, and i desided to lock it little bit yet)

Not sure how it happened with colors, thanks for catch it ) 

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Thanks, Zephyrrite, but this is a problem for me. I hope to avoid, you know, 3d-model-effect in game when i'll add clothes, rags, coats etc for other characters 

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@GooeGuru, ithis is his favourite hand )

@Theoden, thanks man!

@orangemagik, my dog say it too)

@CritiqueMyWork, twelve. And they all must be belly dancing women )

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@MikePixel, @IvoryFalcon, thanks) 

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@Shon7291, and it's even before make up)

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@masonmason22, thanks ) no, i don't use rotoscoping. For this game i work this way: making low/middle pixel animations for game prototype , and then scaling it 400% and use enlarged frames as base for bigger animations and just draw over them. Here is the small animatons :

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Thanks for your comment, @eishiya, i'm in searching this game's style mode now and I'll think about your words. For me the noise isn't an enemy, and the clear isn't something definitely good, but i'll check the ways to controll noise better without  spending much more time on it. 

Speaking about framerate - now i'm using the same number of frames, as for low pixel version, because the first draft of game, whole movement and fighting sistem will be made for low pixel version. And after prototyping i'll check what framerate will be used in high pixel version. 

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@IvoryFalcon, thanks ) Hope very soon i'll show something really distinctive looking ) 

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Thanks, guys ) 

@saulc12 there will be noble horses too 

@Theoden be sure it will ) 

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wow, you just gave me idea for further works )

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I had buggy prototype with those nude guy, but hadn't time to polish it well.  Fortunally, soon i'll have some more free time to make game prototype and show all mechanics. I'll have a holiday on august, so it should be done till septemper. 

There is no up and low attacks and blocks, because it will shift focus of players's attention to slow one on one fencing, wich is good, but i want to force gameplay work good for one vs several enemies situations. Changing atack and block levels will be just visual contest effect, but there will be a lot of other additional mechanics, so fight is going to  be pretty complex and fast-tactical [if i'll not fail )]. 

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Thanks )

Holmik @ 7/17/2017 11:03 commented on Enemy deaths [Blasphemous]

Thanks) I'm happy to please you