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Station Spaces

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    Posted: 08 January 2011 at 1:35pm

Station Spaces -
What is Station Spaces?
Station Spaces is an isometric IMCE set in the near future that allows users to connect to a virtual space station set in orbit around the Earth. Users can collect resources using the Virtual Intelligent Resource Collection Unit (VIRCU) to make cool new furniture or chat with friends.

About Station Spaces:
Station Spaces is a virtual space station in orbit around the Earth, and through innovations in space technology, the sationfolk have access to raw materials that can be used for the creation of unique furniture and decorations, if they can only find the blueprints. Station Spaces does not have levels or abilities, and even the newest user can get every blueprint currently available if they have the Stardust (Free) or Comets (Paid) to do so. That being said, only certain blueprints are available at any given time and stock rotates constantly, creating a system of rarity for blueprints and furniture alike. Resources may be gathered and traded as needed. Rarity is setup through random collection result functionality using the VIRCU system. This system will allow users to mine (For stone and minerals), chop wood (For various types of wood), fish (for fishoils and the like), and farm (Cotton for stuffing furniture) to receive whatever resources their current blueprint might call for. Additionally, all resources, blueprints (until used), and furniture can be traded between players.

What makes Station Spaces different from the rest?
Station Spaces introduces some radical advances to standard IMCE functionality, allowing users not only to purchase furniture, but to create it on their own. This allows users the option to take the time required to create their own rooms rather than paying over and over for Tokens to get minimal furniture. Buy a blueprint once, and you'll be able to make that furniture item 100% free forever. (Of course, if you're in a hurry, you can still buy the furniture directly from the store.. If it's available.)

Why I started this project?
I love IMCE games, but I have always felt that they are missing a certain something to keep users coming back. I have felt that every IMCE that I have played has been in it for the money and nothing else, either directly or indirectly, and that there is no real feeling of caring about the users or allowing the users to do anything on their own. That's where the blueprint system comes into play in Station Spaces. Where in most IMCE games out there today, you buy an item, put it in your room, and then if you want another one you repeat the process, Station Spaces allows users to step up and build as many of an item as they need without having to pay on a per-item basis. They need simply purchase the blueprint once and they're all set to go. Really, what I'm attempting to do is expand what an IMCE can be.

The First Release:
In the earliest stages of release, through the Alpha and Beta stages, the game will have limited features, with new items being released for testing at relatively consistent intervals, allowing users to try things out one or two systems at a time. Additions to the Beta phase will include the VIRCS, public rooms, and possibly some fun little games to play during your downtime that can win you some great prizes or Tokens for the live game.

Game Ideas:
Mini-games are fun little things you can do to earn some Tokens in your downtime, or just to have some fun. Not a lot of thought has gone into this yet, but some basic ideas have been developed.

- As Station Spaces is based in a Space Station, a basic problem that might occur would be space littering. The Station Council could offer Token rewards to citizens picking up litter in the public rooms or outside the Space Station throughout the client. This would not only promote users going into the public rooms, but would also allow users a nice alternative to always having to buy Tokens.
- More to come soon.

Leadership & Guidance:
Station Spaces is set in space but is governed like a city. Therefore, the system of Leadership and Guidance encompasses the roles of the Station Police Department (SPD) and the Station Council. The SPD act as the law (rule) enforcement squad, going around and making sure that people are following the rules and escalating issues to the game staff should a problem arise. The Council consists of game staff and is defined as anyone who is physically employed with Station Spaces. The Council would then be broken down further to illustrate the roles of each individual within the council, whether it be Marketing Manager, Community Coordinator, or anything else.

VIRCU - An in-depth view:
Many of us have probably played MMORPGs in the past, and most of us have probably dealt with having to gather an endless supply of resources in order to get to the level required to create the item we really want. Station Spaces will involve a system which eliminates the need to gain levels to create something and will allow users to gather any material, rare or otherwise from the start. Obviously more common materials will result from resource gathering much more often than the rare ones in order to maintain values, Additionally, the user will have to buy a blueprint that they can use to learn how to create an item. There are no levels for gathering items or for blueprint based item creation.

Item Creation in-depth:
The item creation screen is used for the creation of items. It will feature a three row concept, as follows:

Client Status:
The current client status is as follows:

- Chat Bubble based chat w/ dynamic width
- Private rooms
- Dynamic private room creation
- A* pathing system
- Item container with items
- Item placement
- Items causing tile blockage
- Multiple tile span furniture support
- Item Rotation
- Multiuser Motion in Rooms
- Administrative Tools
- Moderator Tools
- Call For Help system
- Automatic Wall Creation during room creation
- Chat Bubble Centering over the player
- Seating
- Server/Website integrated data management.


- Item catalog
- Public rooms (system created, no rooms created yet.)
- All permanent graphics
- Gathering
- Blueprints System
- Item Creation System

Station Spaces is currently in need of a professional pixel artist in order to create the game's release GUI, Avatars, Furniture, Tiles, Walls, and so on. Positions can be paid on a per item or per hour basis as discussed. Email or PM me if you are interested or with any questions. Please include some work examples with any employment requests.

Thank you for your time,
Johnathon Stevens
Station Spaces Owner

Station Spaces - A division of MWOGaming.

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