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    Posted: 08 January 2006 at 3:09am
Hero of Allacrost

Brief Description
Hero of Allacrost is a single-player, 2D RPG. The game is modeled after SNES-era RPGs like Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger, but we have implemented our own flair of modern features and graphics. We are a well-established project and have been around for over 18 months now.

Target Aim
Allacrost is cross-platform and will be available on all flavors of Linux, BSD, Windows, Mac OSX, and whatever else we can compile it on. It is also designed to support multiple languages, from English to Portugese to Japanese. Additionally, the game is not-for-profit and open-source, licensed under the GPL.

We are aiming for as broad of a target audience as possible, and hope that people from all walks can enjoy this game. This game will be of special interest to those who favor gameplay and story more than state-of-the-art 3D graphics.

Because we will not collect any revenue for this game, we cannot offer you financial compensation. However, all of the current staff are quite content with putting forth their efforts into what we believe will someday be a great game to share. :)

About the Team and Current State of the Game
Our current staff count, although some are currently on hiatus
> Programmers: 6
> Artists: 6
> Composers: 2
> Web Designer: 1

Art: I won't lie, we are hurting for artwork as several of our artists are on very tight schedules right now. I've even been starting to make place-holder art myself. I suck, but I'm getting better at it. XD
Programming: In the programming department, we are coming along quite nicely (our code base increased 6x from August to December last year). However we are still in need of additional help to lighten the burden on our existing development team.
Music: The music department is well-staffed and has been producing numerous quality sample tracks for months, so no help is needed there. :)

General Team Information
Communication and feedback are a big thing on our team and everyone is encouraged to comment on any work or ideas that are shared. We are very flexible with our work schedules and loads. All that we ask for is for people to give up what time that they can afford to. If a staff member becomes disinterested in what they are currently doing, I'm willing to assign them something new that they wish to work on.

Current State of the Game
The game is currently playable, but you can't do much yet (the focus up until now has been on the engine, and now we are finally able to begin focusing more on the game). We missed a goal a few months ago to release new screenshots because the artwork simply wasn't available. Currently the programming team is working towards releasing a playable demo, artists are working toward providing the artwork for the new screenshots, and composers are preparing for our first release. We're also working on a new design for our website, which I admit has been neglected lately.

We don't have any requirements for artists, musicians, or developers to use any specific tools, as long as it gets the job done. Allacrost uses the following languages and APIs:

Programming Language: C++
Data/Scripting Lanuguage: Lua
Low-level general access API: SDL
Graphics API: OpenGL
Image library: DevIL
Audio API: OpenAL
Text rendering: SDL_ttf
GUI for map editor: QT3

Our programming staff concurrently develop on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X and Hero of Allacrost presently runs on all three of these platforms.

Talent Seeking
2. 2D Artists (no set limit)
We need as much help as we can get with creating 2D artwork. Specifically, the art you create would fit into one of the following categories:

> Map tiles (32x32 pixels)
> Map sprites and animation (32x64 pixels) and other map objects (trees, creatures, etc.)
> Character battle sprites and animations (64x128 pixels)
> Enemy battle sprites (64x64 pixels and up)
> Other battle art like visual effects (fire, etc.)
> Misc. art such as GUI art

We maintain a high level of quality for our artwork and you can expect that the first draft of a piece you submit for review will be met with some criticism (typically, the third draft or so becomes the final, approved version). We use the PNG format for all of the artwork categories listed above. To find out more about the format of our game artwork, please see this thread in our forums.

Sample Battle Artwork

Sample Map Tile Artwork

Sample Map Sprite Artwork

Main site:
Screenshots (these are very outdated):

Contact Information
Send an e-mail to to apply for a position. Please also include the following information in your e-mail:

- A little infomation about yourself and who you are
- Background knowledge and experience
- Your availability (even if only a few hours a week, we will still consider you)
- Demonstration/proof of your skills (links to past projects, sample art you've done, etc.)
- Why you want to work for the Allacrost project
Please feel free to post any questions or feedback in this thread. Hopefully I've convinced you that we are a solid and committed team here with a lot of experience and talent. Thank you!
Hero of Allacrost, a free RPG for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and BSD
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Joined: 08 January 2006
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Quote Roots Replybullet Posted: 15 January 2006 at 11:10am
A thread in another forum where we were discussing the artwork in this game allowed us to realize something. It seems that people on that forum are intimidated (for lack of a better word) at the high quality of the artwork we've shared, and that's causing interested people to shy away from applying.

Well for anyone thinking that they are not "good enough" to fit in line with our existing art, I don't think that's the right way to go about it. You aren't expected to be a perfect artist from the moment you join. Rather, you are expected to continue learning and improving your skills as you go along. It's almost guaranteed that you'll get better at artwork from working on our project, because you'll be able to work with other great artists and learn from each other. Even I have been able to make some semi-impressive art lately after using some techniques of our other artists.

We have one artist contributing to our project, Jetryl, who is also one of the established artists for Battle for Wesnoth, a free TBS game. Here's something he told our team the other day (this was regarding an application for a concept artist):

When I first applied to work at wesnoth, I attempted to redraw their main characters, because I didn't like fmuñoz's work. My first works were terrible; no question - I was struggling with stick figures. But I changed, over time, changed by an almost frightening degree. In the meantime, I became one of wesnoth's most prolific sprite artists, and that wasn't even what I joined the project to do.

This person has most of the skills necessary - basic understanding of the human form, etc, and can probably have those skills broken into being a good spriter in short order. I could understand turning away someone who applied to do code when all you need is art, but this person applied to do art and could do a slightly different category of art.

Encourage him by stating the following:
• Good sprites get into the actual game; concept art just sits there.
• Sprite art is good practice for certain aspects of larger art, like costume design, and general balance/movement of the human form.
• He'll get to do the other things he wanted to do, like seeing a game get made, and getting the experience of working on the art for a game.

I was almost kind of shocked that he said this. If you look at the art that Jetryl does, it's freaking amazing. I can't even imagine him not being able to do basic stick figures. But anyway, hopefully this will give some encouragement to the pixel artists who haven't become seasoned masters yet. 
Hero of Allacrost, a free RPG for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and BSD
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