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    Posted: 06 September 2014 at 5:54pm
I am looking to build a small team of developers in a what I call "FDGDT - Future Development Game Design Team".

We will collaborate, and communicate often to work and plan games and game ideas, so as long as you feel you are good at what you do, can work with others well, generally creative, and like to come up with ideas, and develop, then I am interested in collaborating with you! =)

I am a 17 year old general programmer from Canada. I know many languages, though I would say my top 2 are Java, and C++.

I understand most development, so application isnt hard for me to do, as long as I know what I need to do.

I also have skills in graphic design (logos and UI's and stuff like that, cant draw), and music production, and mainly 3D animation.

Though I can do other things, but not fully skilled in, such as 3D modeling, 2D animation, sound effects, and concepts.

Generally, I am looking for people to collaborate with.

I am looking for a few people, anyone that is good at any of the following:

Concept Artwork (Artist)


- Write down some notes of whats talked about.

- Draw up some quick rough sketches of concepts and ideas that we talk about and of your own.

I may not have explained the idea properly, and that is my bad - I am not really the best at explaining things, I am more of a visual person, I can show you it better kind of person.
Anyways, this isnt really a team, it is like a collaboration group, a project development team, a "go to" team, a resource if you will, a team of motivated game designers who all share the same common interests, who keep each of us all active and motivated and focused, when we have an idea, we use this team to plan it out and turn it from more than an idea into something that might actually be achievable, then me personally being the helpful one - if it happens to be one of your ideas, I will help you find your team to build it through it, if its me, I will probably search on my own for a team, unless anyone wants to help with that - and ofcourse anyone from our small team that you feel would be a great source to have on your project, you can recruit as well.

So its basically like a project development group, or like a planning-stage group that helps us all basically take what could otherwise be seen as an outlandish idea, test run it, see if its even possible to make, and figure out how we/you could do it, then actually get onto it. From that stage, if we think we can actually do it just of what we have we will, otherwise we will expand and get a larger team for that project, and anyone from this team who is also interested in helping. So you know, its possible in the future I or you might have an idea for a MMO or some large scale project, and its probably not very likely a team of 4 - 6 people will be able to make it, but if this team of 4 - 6 people think, after basically "doing all the math", feel, with the right team, then its something that actually can be done, then this team can help plan it and get it set up for you, help get the right team together for you, or even help you get started, giving sources they might use for certain areas of production, etc.

If you would like to hear a bit more about my idea with this, I can show you my GDP (Game Design Plan) I created.

Hopefully, everythings a bit more clear to you, if you have any other questions, just feel free to ask me. If you are interested in being a part of it, please let me know. Thanks.

(My reply to some people who had asked about this, confusing this as a game over it being a group to develop games, taking ideas, kind of putting them through a "test run", and seeing if its all possible to make it - get it all organized and get a team setup (which I will probably be helping with), to actually have it made - though we might do our own projects as well just as our small team)

You can reach me in a few ways.

Skype: Dibbie1337 (best form of contact)


This topic (or a private message)

The idea is that the team will be congregated on Skype, and we would all be able to communicate through there, in a group.

Also, as I said with my introduction, you dont have to be a super professional, as long as you can actually do the job, and you feel your at least good at it.
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