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Quote NothingToSeeHere Replybullet Topic: Organizing the OPP Forums and Website
    Posted: 08 March 2017 at 11:46am
This topic is being set up to try and organize project files and threads so that visitors and new group members will have an easier time navigating the OPP forums and website.  If anyone has suggestions for improvements, please post below.

The current proposal is to create an inventory and progress updates system that will enable better communication and sharing with the community. 

The names, information, and numbers in the mockups are not official.

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Quote Hapiel Replybullet Posted: 08 March 2017 at 12:48pm
Hi Jason!

First of all, thank you so much for visualizing your ideas!
I like what these mockups look like, and hope that this can possibly help to drawing new contributors into the project!

My main concern is that we don't have specific goals (yet). That way it is hard to tell what is finished, and at what percentage we are. I'm not sure if we want to have a specific list to begin with, but I suggest we'd try it out.
We have some plans for a arctic tiles et, perhaps we can open this one by making a list of items that we "need" and keep track of progress at all time!

Counting tiles and animations is easier to do, and I will try and do that when publishing the 2017 pack later this month. We should watch out though, quality is harder to measure but equally - if not more - important!

Ideally I'd make the barrier between forum and website as small as possible. Perhaps if we move to a forum of our own in the future we can improve on the technical side, but right now this is the forum we have to deal with. We could try to keep track of statistics like this in the first post of a thread, but this can only be altered by the topic starter.

Therefor I suggest the following:
We make topics/threads smaller. For every new asset we open a new thread. For every "world" we open a thread in which we can keep track of new stats, todo's, ideas and discussion simply by making new posts in that thread.
Those threads could all have the tag [arctic]
so for example you get the threads:
[arctic] planning
[arctic] ice tiles
[arctic] snow tiles
[arctic] igloo
[arctic] kid

Of course for contributors easy to make threads as small or as big as they like.

Then possibly on the website there could be:
Pictures on display of stuff (like in your mockup, that looks awesome!)
A tile/sprite count and percentage finished, based on the list we build in the planning thread.
However, because this can only be updated by webmasters(me, gabriel, Damian?), it might not always be so  much up to date, I do not plan to be constantly involved with the project in the future. However, since it is wordpress based, we might be able to give access to the website to some other volunteers who are interested in managing this?

I'm looking forward to hear more input on these suggestions from everyone!

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