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    Posted: 26 September 2021 at 1:48am


I am the Lead Programmer of Codename: Mystery Babylon. Also, the CEO of Makeshift Software -- the new indie studio behind the game.

I am here to scout for talent ahead of a Kickstarter campaign, launching October 15th.

Feel free to try out our demo here.


Much of the game currently uses placeholder art in the name of rapid prototyping.

There are many roles I'm scouting for, so we can nail down our game aesthetics after successfully being funded or gaining a publisher's backing.

Tileset Artist

The aim to to capture the 16-bit, late PS1 aesthetic in our game. We want to find a style that fits this, yet portrays a grittier medieval vibe.

While we are working with the very talented Dokitsu, I'm still on the lookout for any talented artists working in the top-down RPG perspective.

Here's a tileset he's done for us:

The housing is great work -- so we're fine to keep working with him. However, some of the assets have a more NES style than a PS1/SNES golden age style.

Here's a preview of a level that's in progress with these tiles. The grass and dirt is from Seliel's gentle forest tileset.

StoneShard is a good example of a style we'd like -- except with a more JRPG style. Breath of Fire and Trials of Mana come to mind.

The tile size is 16x16 and the usual way I work is to pay $2 per tile.

I'm looking for an artist who's worked with this perspective before and can execute the detailed style I'm looking for at a 16-bit resolution.

If I don't find it -- I'll keep working with Dokitsu and commission Seliel.

Character Artist & Animator

Our current character art leaves much to be desired, to be honest. Any experienced pixel artist can see it by playing the demo.

Our resolution is around 35x48px for characters. My target was to use Suikoden 2's style as an inspiration. However, I'd like the character sprites to be less cartoonish/chibi and give off a grittier feel. Yet, still be that tall resolution.

This is a big area in the animation department, as well.

All our animations for characters are only 4 frames. Which, to a skilled artist is enough, but our animations can look so stiff and flat.

Ideally looking for a style close to Abyss Wolf, Wolfenoctis or cyangmou in this case.

As for usual rates here, I've paid really low rates here (10/hr) and the style shows it. I'm willing to go up to 25/hr or 30/hr, or ideally work on a more flat rate budget.

If I don't find anyone here, I'll likely work with this talented gentleman full-time. Or, maybe I'll ask cure on twitter, he's about $25/hr.

Background Artist

Our battle scenes are quite well-done, obviously where most of our budget has been spent. While, I'm not really looking for another artist to make our battle sprites, our battle backgrounds could be great. Currently, they're pretty good.

The resolution is 480x350. The game's resolution is 480x270, but there's always extra room at the top for camera panning.

I've paid $150 per static background, working with the talented zaicuch. Which, I really don't mind continuing to do -- he's great.

However, I see stuff like Zedotagger's work and still know there's a higher quality that can be achieved. Plus, we can add some animations to our backgrounds -- as well.

I'm willing to go up to $300 per animated background at this resolution -- if anyone can match Zedotagger's level.

If not, we'll continue with who we have. After all -- it's good work.

Those are the roles I'm scouting for!

To see what sort of styles I enjoy, I would check my twitter feed. Though, I am inept at doing it (though, I haven't quite given it a serious go), I love great pixel art.

From the top-down are the most urgent roles. I'm hopping to lose the RPG Maker-ish aesthetic we have for certain levels -- and get our game to visually have it's own unique look.

I've broken down the budget for each role, as well. I am totally fine doing straight up paid work, but if anyone skilled wants to do revenue share or a paid/revshare combo, it's on the table.

But, I know good pixel art takes time -- so no worries. I am ultra-invested into the project, so it'll cross the finish line, regardless.

Discord: Copywright#3697

Send me your portfolio and the role you'd like.

P.S: I am also looking for someone to develop pixel fonts!
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