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Quote Metomunc Replybullet Topic: Chocobo Chaser --Final Fantasy VI-esque-- (UNPAID)
    Posted: 06 March 2022 at 9:42pm
Hello there,

We are in the midst of working on an indie fan-based game which is its own story, but is designed within the limitations of the original Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III in the U.S.) and occupies a world which stands alone, but hearkens to the setting, mood, and technology of the original SNES game.

We are looking for a few pixel artists who would be willing to contribute sprites, portraits, tiles, and backgrounds which are VERY similar to these:

(For reference, we are using color palette rules from the original SNES title.  This means we only use colors that already exist within each asset category.)

This is a great project for mid-level pixel artists who have a grasp on color use and are able to imitate an established style.  Or for pixel artists of all levels who have been especially inspired by Final Fantasy VI.  Or for pixel artists who always wanted to make their own character, monster, or area that looks like it came from Final Fantasy VI.

All contributors and members of the team are providing assets on a volunteer basis, and we do not foresee selling the game or trying to make any other monetary gains off of it because of its close relation to copyrighted work (It's a fan-game).  We do however want to make something which looks good on everyone's resume and which captures the final fantasy style, while still remaining unique.  All contributors will be listed in the game credits.


Similarities to Final Fantasy VI:

- The story is its own, but "neither fully apart from or separate from" the original game's setting.  Chocobos, flying things, an "evil empire," medieval steam technology, and monsters exist, but all names and places, heroes and villains, are unique.  It is as if the story "could be" in the same world as Final Fantasy VI, but without a definitive connection or concrete line of separation.

- The sound effects and pixel art are a combination of existing (but adapted) Final Fantasy VI assets and original work which assume the same style as the original SNES game.

- The music is almost entirely original (some themes like the battle victory song are recognizably Nobuo Uematsu's own composition with subtle variation).  It sounds as if it could fit in with the score of the original game, while maintaining a unique style of its own from a variety of contributing composers. 


Some obvious differences from Final Fantasy VI:

- Much of the game's excitement is about chasing stray (and wild) chocobos rather than a heavy emphasis on turn-based combat (although there is some of that) too. 

The starting/main character, Chase Songale, is a champion chocobo chaser who is renowned for tracking the birds in their various habitats and returning them to their stables.  Both good and evil forces try to employ Songale throughout the course of the story to accrue chocobos for cavalry and for other purposes.

- There is no magic at all.  (WHAT?!?!)  The story centers on characters that have unique skills/items, but there is no magic even mentioned in the story; the characters are all completely oblivious to whether there is or isn't such a thing.  The heroes are a bit more common in that regard (everyday heroes).

- Battles (and chases) are based more on problem solving rather than accumulated stats.

- The heart of the story is larger than its setting (everything takes place on one small, but diverse island).  This game is meant to be small in comparison to Final Fantasy Titles, but compelling and memorable just the same.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Have any questions about the project?  Feel free to shoot me an e-mail anytime.  (please no spam, or we'll  serve green eggs and ham.)

E-mail contact:

Project Website:  (mostly good for screenshots)

Discord contact:

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