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Quote Kryo Replybullet Topic: [PAID] Pixel Artist for MMORPG game
    Posted: 30 April 2022 at 7:24pm

______We are looking for:
  • English speaking
  • 2 years of professional Pixel Art experience

______Our Team:

We have 1 artist, 2 modelers/riggers, 2 animators, 3 programmers, 2 sound designers. Some of the team members have been working with each other for up to 10 years on various projects.

Our website:
Our Devlog:

_______Brief Overview of game:

ChronoCraft (alpha release) is an MMO-RPG based around time travel, some of the technical features include:

  • Distributed Architecture(allows for thousands of players on one map. All out war is possible as a result)
  • Player Shops(Players can own them and hire for them)
  • Player Economy(Nearly everything purchased was acquired by another player)
  • Party System
  • Instance-able event
  • Multi-branching Quests(Accompanying quest making tool)
  • Player housing(Own a house and alter the interior or buy one of the few farm lands & provide produce to the towns)
  • Custom Animation system(modular design)
  • Fast paced Range and Melee combat
  • Player Restaurants(Be the chef, the waiter, host, etc or run the restaurant yourself. Similar to running a shop. Food mechanic encourages those roleplay moments)
  • Enemies/monsters with different combat attributes throughout the timeline
  • Projectile system
  • Overarching story-line with reoccurring characters
  • Etc. (Almost of all that above is either completed or mostly complete^)

______Artist Role is responsible for:
  • Unwrapping 3D models (can be taught on the team)
  • Texturing 3D models, characters, creatures, and Items.
  • 2D icons, UI Graphic design, effect animations
  • Character concepts and blueprints
  • Playtesting art assets in-game
  • And more.

My name is Kurt, Im the Project Lead and Owner of ChronoCraft. Id be happy to show you our workflow/tools/assets in real time and answer any questions you may have (pay, hiring process, work, scope, design, anything).


This is a profit-split contractor position, so as the business grows, so too does your pay with no limit to what you can make. The pay structure is as follows:

Currently: Profit-split is evenly split amongst all the developers and owner. No one makes more or less than anyone else.

Future: When a majority of the Devs can switch to going fulltime with ChronoCraft we will switch the pay structure to pay based on approx. 70% tenure and 30% performance.

At the moment, with ChronoCraft in Alpha-state so it doesnt pay enough to replace our day jobs and we expect it to be the same for new hires. However, we are growing and plan for that to change within the year.


We all do ChronoCraft part-time and work full-time day jobs. Usually about 14-22 hours a week is enough to keep up with the pipeline. However, there is no required amount of hours as all we care about is the output.

Schedule is flexible. If you have a doctor's appointment on a day when you would normally do ChronoCraft work, then you just plan your Chrono work on a different day of the week. As long as there's no lost work, you don't need permission to design your schedule.

  • Every Tuesday 11amEST we have an entire team meeting (Share personal life highlights and playtesting). Usually 2-3 hours (flexible length for different Devs) of fun banter and game-breaking playtesting.
  • Optional join-able Idea chat on Thursdays 11amEST (level building, playtesting, idea generation)

______Why work at ChronoCraft?:

We have turned down 4 separate investors so that we can:
  • Increase the personal returns of each Dev
  • Maintain the great work culture
  • Align our incentives to our userbase

We have increased each Dev's pay potential by:
  • Having our own distribution (30% cut saved from the likes of Steam, App Store, etc.)
  • Aligning Dev pay to the profit of business
  • Tracking output via point system to properly reward and retain high quality Devs

We have a great work culture evidence by:
  • Multiple devs working together for up to 10 years
  • Devs seeking to visit other Devs despite working remotely
  • Growing volunteers from the userbase eager to assist the Devs

If youre interested, send us your resume + pixel portfolio via email:
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Quote miaraPixel Replybullet Posted: 02 May 2022 at 4:17pm
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Quote Kryo Replybullet Posted: 08 May 2022 at 6:12pm
Emailed you
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Quote Kryo Replybullet Posted: 16 May 2022 at 10:43am
We are still looking for more Pixel Artists
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Quote GoopyGames Replybullet Posted: 19 May 2022 at 11:35am
Hello, I know it's been a few days but if you still need an artist I sent an email your way.
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