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Quote Xooxer Replybullet Topic: Tools and Tutorials
    Posted: 23 June 2005 at 8:55am
Here is the Tools and Tutorials listing nabbed from the old Pixelation forum before it went all crzay. I think it's everything, sorry if something is missing. We borrowed it a while back for BYOND, , and this is all I can find now.

Pixel Tools
MSPaint (nice walkthrough) -
Photoshop/Imageready -
Pixen -
GraphicsGale -
GFX Convertor -
Unfreez -
GraFX 2 (Win32) -
The GIMP -
Art Rage -
EasyToon -
RePix -
Ulead GIF Anitmator Lite -
Dogwaffle -
Promotion -
Ultimate Paint -
JDraw -
Allegro Sprite Editor -
Color Cache - (for creating Photoshop color swatch [.aco] and color table [.act] files)
Kolourpaint (Linux version of MSPaint) -

Compaq HP TC1000 -
Tablet PC -
Capture Pad -
Camtasia -

Transparent PNG's in MSIE -
Mozilla Firefox (transparent PNG's and Zooming) -
Find AA colors automatically -
Silvir's Kickass Tile Script - source.gif
(Just replace the src url with your image's url and check your tiles easily)
Zooming Utility -

Mobile Game Dev Tools
Deler's Links -

Pixel Tutorials
Isometric Tutorials
Zoggles -
Pixelfreak -
RhysD -
Pixel NascImpact -

General Pixel Art Tutorials
Tsugumo - (the original!)
StOven (old)-
StOven (new) - (it's not live yet, but we're all trembling in anticipation)
Zoggles -
Gas13 -
Nemesis (AA) -
AbsoluteV3 (AA) -
Pep and Helm (coloring/shading) -
Blackeye Software - (it's under Miscellaneous)
Matriax -
Biomors -
Biomore :P -
Enterbrain - _01.html (Japanese only, but worth digging around for stuff)
PixelZone Tutorials -
Mozco Metallic Objects -
Drububu - (combining Flash and pixels) - link.html
(please note that the original vlink site disappeared, this is what I salvaged from my hd)
Natomic -
OurCall - subtut=42

General Art Technique





Animation Tutorials and Reference
Eadweard Muybridge - htm tml
Preston Blair -
Don Bluth -

Pixel Art Forums
Pixelation -
PixelDev -
GMPixel -
Potasio Men - (Spanish language site)
Spanish Pixel Art - (Spanish)

Pixel Fonts
Bitmap Font Utility -
Creating a Pixel Font from Scratch -
04 - (free pixel fonts... what are you waiting for? Click!)
dafont - (wow! 29 pages of bitmappiness!)
Atomic Media -
Fontographic -

Community-Driven Pixel Art Sites
PixelDam -
IsoCity -
Wee! -
PixelGala -
PixelJoint -

Video Game and Sprite References
The Video Game Museum -
Game Sprite Archive -
EmuGifs -
ShyGuy Kingdom -

Demo Scene
GFX Zone -

Making Games
Gamemaker Tutorials -
Tile Studio -
World Creator -

Free Sites for Hosting Your Images


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Quote pixelblink Replybullet Posted: 23 June 2005 at 4:17pm
an awesome list full of resources! thanks for sharing these with us
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Quote Xooxer Replybullet Posted: 26 June 2005 at 11:04am
Well, I think the thanks should go to the folks at Pixelation who took the time and effort to compile this grand list, but you're welcome, all the same. This marks the 4th forum this list is posted on. Hopefully we won't lose it again.

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Quote kankki Replybullet Posted: 27 June 2005 at 10:58am
Well GameMaker sux, you should add a link ""
It is a learning site for Multimedia fusion that is alot better than GM.
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Quote PulkoMandy Replybullet Posted: 12 January 2010 at 4:56am
GrafX2 new url : (more features, and the eclipse version is dead anyway).
Thanks !
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