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Quote maraxle Replybullet Topic: [UNPAID] Need artist for classic Zelda-style game
    Posted: 14 September 2007 at 3:14pm
Company Info
I'm normally a one-man-show, but I think that this project is special and needs some help on the graphics.  I have one pixel artist and one screen artist (drawing title screen, intro pictures, etc) on board, but could use a little more help.

Job Info
Basically, Armand and the Foppish Hat is a small adventure/rpg in the style of the early Zelda games. It is a short game, as it is meant to be like a one-act play. It is also the first game to be produced with my new adventure game engine, which is part of why I'm keeping it simple.

The engine has been developed off and on for several months, but is now feature-complete. I have scripted roughly 80% of the main plot, and expect to have that finished within two weeks. I plan to add a few simple side quests as well. The game is playable, but is currently using placeholder graphics.

The game stars a swashbuckler/swordsman whose skill is exceeded only by his ego. While he is on his way to a fancy party, he manages to get his favorite hat stolen along with all of his money. Since obviously a gentleman such as this can't be seen without his hat, the quest to track down the thief ensues.

I need someone who is willing to do environmental tiles (grass, buildings, etc), and someone who can do people/monsters/items. The tiles are 32x32, and would ideally use a simple but attractive style similar to the Zelda game on Super Nintendo. Buildings and such can be drawn bigger, as long as they can be separated into smaller tiles. Depending on how exactly they are drawn, this entire project will use roughly 100 tiles (including transitions between terrain types, which I can do if necessary) and 15 animated characters/monsters. The animation on the people/monsters is simple two to four frame animation (though the engine can use whatever you'd like to throw at it). If you could draw me a handful of basic people sprites, I can recolor them myself to create different people in the town (unless you want to draw them all yourself, in which case go for it).

I have one pixel artist on-board already, but they are not sure how much they can help out, so extra help would be great.

Paid or not? and salary info?
I can possibly provide some level of payment, but as this is a freeware effort, nobody will be getting rich off of it. You will definitely receive full credit for your work, links to your website/portfolio, etc. It could also lead to me hiring you for the shareware game a few months out, which would of course pay better.

Email Address
"webmaster" ^^AT^^ ""

Company Website - There is no project page there currently for the Armand game, but there are links to some of my older work.

Previous Projects
From about 1990 on up, I have programmed little games, apps, and such. A few of them are collected on my website, including a full RPG from 1995/1996 (was shareware, now free), a recent Pac-Man style game (freeware), and a few others.
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