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PaintCAD 4Windows free Pixel Art software

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Topic: PaintCAD 4Windows free Pixel Art software
Posted By: blackstrip
Subject: PaintCAD 4Windows free Pixel Art software
Date Posted: 10 June 2012 at 2:49am
PaintCAD 4Windows by Blackstrip Studios - is a free graphics editing program., it was ported from mobile platform (Java2ME) to Windows. It works on any OS from Windows 95 to Windows 7. Not requires any VMs like Java or .NET Framework (but requires IE 4.0 or later).

Download last version here (10 Mbytes): -

Main window:

Main difference between PaintCAD and other editors - it has real cursor which you can operate using mouse, keyboard or touchscreen.

Some windows:

Tools, Effects, Selection-Clipboard menus

Palette window (three color selection methods: table, spectral, RGB)

Image or Text paste

Raster PCF-font creation

Now you can:
— use ONLY keyboard without mouse;
— if you are mouse-user: use ONLY mouse;
— draw graphic primitives, text;
— use internal effects: color, brightness, contrast, gamma, colorizer, 3D, bevel, gradient, blur, stroke, shadow, glow, stars, hot air, snow, fire, hellfire, combustion by trajectory, sepia, grays, relief, sharpness, visions, spray, thermo, colorswitch, ex-channel, black-white, color wool;
— resize small images to big sizes with «lossless» quality (using Extender effect);
— fill objects with texture (by Tile tool);
— draw animations on touchscreens: at the bottom of Main Window you can find buttons for frame switching, jumping between frames, compare previous frame with current frame (onion skin) e.t.c;
- create your own raster PCF-fonts from scratch or based on Windows-fonts, use your fonts for text drawing;
— use webcam or tv-tuner for single frame shots;
— use webcam for video-recording:
a) in automatic mode (shot frames with 10fps or less speed);
b) in manual mode — make sequence of frames by pressing shot-key for every frame, and make cartoons;
— mount frames in Frame sequence view and pack them to AVI file;
— extract frames from AVI files;
- for gamedevs and web-page creators: draw tiles for tile maps;
- create images with semitransparency and save it to PNG;
— process frames with selected effects;
- create 3D photos using webcam (or two webcams) and 3D video (only for two webcams);
- draw 3D images using 3D drawing mode or using original picture and Z-map. Save your 3D images as stereopair or anaglyph.

In details - see Help included to PaintCAD 4Windows distributive pack.

In PaintCAD you can draw 2D graphics, control every pixel, mix colors, use effects.
PaintCAD user-pictures gallery (for PaintCAD mobile and PaintCAD 4Windows) - -

Posted By: blackstrip
Date Posted: 10 June 2013 at 11:35am
PaintCAD 4Windows was released!

Download: - (10.8 MB)

PaintCAD's Homepage: -

In this version you can:

- create, open, draw and save semitransparent PNG images with alpha-channel

- process frame sequences, apply effects to it and pack it to AVI

- extract frames from any AVI file

- create your own tile-sets in Tile Editor

- load/save WBMP images, process frame sequences with Extender effects (advMame2x, advMame3x, Simple, Blur), Crop, Resize raster.

Posted By: KingGorillaKong
Date Posted: 29 June 2013 at 2:14pm
That's a pretty heavy set of tools right there. Seems loosely based off of Piq Codeus with some of Jasc Soft's Animation tool thrown in. Hrm... The tile set feature though... Hrm hrm hrm, definitely going to favourite this for the future.

Posted By: blackstrip
Date Posted: 29 July 2013 at 11:35am
=) Some screenshots posted in previous posts have bright green tones in interface. In last version 1.2.2 it was fixed (and shifted to gray tone, you can see screenshot of 1.2.2 in first post because it updated automatically).

And there is PaintCAD Mobile available also for Java and Android:

Official page with info: -

Stable 2.2 version for Java: - -

Alpha 2.3 version for Java: - -

Alpha 2.3 version for Android: -

Screenshots of android version(java version is similar):

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