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[CLOSED][UNPAID]Could you improve this tileset ?

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Topic: [CLOSED][UNPAID]Could you improve this tileset ?
Posted By: Recher
Subject: [CLOSED][UNPAID]Could you improve this tileset ?
Date Posted: 17 November 2020 at 7:27am
Hi everyone.

I am currently making a grid-2D game engine. You draw a tileset and code the game logic in python, to have a game directly playable in your browser.

I made some example games, one of them is called "h2o". Here is a screenshot.

You can play it right now : - (initial loading takes a few dozen seconds).

I am not very satisfied with the tileset, it looks too simplistic. It needs some polish, details, shadow/light effects, etc. but I am not good enough to do that.

I would be very grateful if you created an improved version. Feel free to change anything in it : the dominant color, the character main look, the tile size, ...

Here are the only constraints :

- all the tile have the same size, and are squares.
- each element must fit on its tile, and can not go out of bounds.
- do not do completely weird things, like a heating tile blue and a colding tile red.

Here is the complete tileset :

And here are the detailed explanations of each tile :

If you are motivated enough, you may draw different wall tiles, to make it border-wise :

But that would mean drawing 16 wall tiles instead of just one, so do as you prefer.

Concerning the other job details :

I have no company for the moment. I would prefer not to publish my email address if you don't mind. Because the tileset will be publicly available, I would say that the best solution would be to put your propositions in this topic.

It is not paid. I'm really sorry about that, I know it is not very polite to just ask for a work. I am just starting this project and I do not have any back-up or fundings for the moment. You will be credited in the game, with your name and your website written on the game console (the text on the lower left of the game interface).

The only counterpart I may propose to you for the moment is to create a little game for you, by using some arts and tilesets you made.

If it is in accordance with PixelJoint terms, I may propose jobs of the same type in the future, and in a distant and undetermined future, jobs that would be paid.

Posted By: Recher
Date Posted: 08 December 2020 at 4:04pm
It is done !

Lots of thanks to - Tacheul , who made an incredible work, drawed many tile combinations, and kindly listened to all my remarks, modification requests, etc.

The game h2o is now way prettier. I changed the levels a little and I updated the website. You can play it here : -

Some screenshots : - daLk also started a tileset, which is still a work-in-progress. Here is what it looks like in - the game

I mark the job offering as closed. But you can still propose your own tileset. I will make a specific game version with each one of them.

Thank you all, and see you for any next game on Squarity !

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