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One year ago, America and the world's richest countries, the "G8", made historic promises on debt, aid and trade for Africa and the world's poorest countries.  On July 15th, 2006, the G8 meets again in Russia. It is important to me that America's life-saving G8 commitments are kept, both at this year's G8 and back at home where it's up to Congress to keep those promises.

The ONE campaign put together a petition asking Congress and the President to keep the promises America made a year ago.  I think you should sign it (anyone from any country can, btw).

Click here to sign the petition
Posted by Aleiav @ 6/29/2006 09:40  |    15
Perhaps I'm a bit late in providing this news and if you're a true hardcore Spidey comic fan who hasn't heard the news yet, please do not read on!

For everyone else, read the full story as told in the New York Post

Spider-Man first burst into the scene way back in 1962 in Amazing Fantasy #15. Fans all over the world have seen him reincarnated in various forms over the past 40+ years - from comics, to a number of animated cartoons, to the live action movies.

Spider-Man 3 swings into theaters May 2007.
Posted by pixelblink @ 6/29/2006 16:29  |    15
You all heard about it, Jesus was found on a grilled cheese sandwich, and it sold for an astonishing amount of cash.  Now you can have your own, or a jesus pancake, steak, or whatever -- even a JESUS WAFFLE!
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/28/2006 17:30  |    4
Two recent articles on MSN really crystalize just how out of whack our society is.  It would take a minimum wage worker 21,600 years to match one year's salary of Capital One Financial's CEO. 

"It should be a source of great national shame that the United States ranks No. 1 in the world in the size of the pay gap between executives and workers," says John Cavanagh, director of the Institute for Policy Studies, based in Washington, D.C. "And that the gap keeps growing wider."

Sorry for the soapbox, but this type of stuff tears me up and misery loves company!
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 6/27/2006 17:02  |    12
Check out the new Spiderman 3 trailer. Sandman? Venom? Gwen Stacey? Yes, please.
Posted by HMC @ 6/27/2006 13:34  |    8

Incredibly freakin' huge meteor smacks the Earth. See who wins...

The video is in Japanese, but there is a translation.

Posted by eghost @ 6/26/2006 08:36  |    6
Late news, but Futurama resurrection must be posted.   All those bizarre posts on Billy West's site got many fans hoping for a comeback and now Comedy Central is bringing the goods.  Look for 13 new episodes in 2008.  Huzzah!
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 6/26/2006 13:35  |    9 | Source
Citypixel is truly and literally an extension of the world we live in - just pixelated. There is advertising and hotels, public works and transportation, and art and interaction. You can use the payphones, for free, to look up a business or another pixelcitizen. You can shop and...well do whatever it is you do!

From Digg
Posted by Ripped Monkey @ 6/24/2006 10:19  |    3
The beloved Metroid Series. Started all the way back for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Metroid was a side scroller at first. After several more side scrolling adventures on various Nintendo systems, Metroid entered the world of First Person Adventures in the Metroid Prime series. Samus Aran even ventured into the Pinball genre in Metroid Prime: Pinball. But now, Samus takes off into the FPS world in Metroid Prime: Hunters for the Nintendo DS.
Read the full post...

Posted by halfDemon @ 6/24/2006 17:12  |    4

An odd website has people submit pictures of Conan O'Brien in some sort of conflict with a bear.  Who will be the first to submit pixel art?


Posted by Faktablad @ 6/22/2006 21:23  |    8

The community just keeps growing, and let's all congratulate MrColeman for being lucky! Good job keeping this place alive, guys! 

(Ed note:  There are 70 disabled/banned accounts included in that figure.  We actually have only 5934 active members, but close enough! )

Posted by Monkey 'o Doom @ 6/20/2006 05:46  |    25
We (2 friends of mine and myself) recently made a large neo-retro pixel-based video game akin to galaga, robotron, etc. It took us about 8 months. It's got lots of weapons, characters, bosses, etc, and a full 8-bit soundtrack as well.  We are giving it all away for free.

The Link:


You can get some screenshots and download the thing at that address.

Please check it out and let us know what you think!
Posted by milestilmann @ 6/18/2006 21:59  |    5
Thanks to someone asking someone on the forum what website they got their ideas from, I set out on a search. I found this, it pulls up some very odd inventions randomly...  Might be good if you want to pixel something very unusual...  Here are a few examples of what came up...

"It's a genetically-modified sheep that squirts clouds of black ink! It cuts through stone as if it were butter and dissolves in water."

"It's a rocket launcher! It has a human brain inside!"
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/15/2006 12:04  |    8
The following pixel artists produced Pixel Joint's top rated pixel art for May 2006. Many thanks go out to this month's top pixel artists and all the members who took time to rate.

#1 Pixel ArtOdin Summon by Ahruon
#2 Pixel Art"The new guy's an ass..." by Tremulant
#3 Pixel ArtLocke's Bandana by happip
#4 Pixel ArtDragon's head by Tremulant
#5 Pixel ArtRooftop Level by jalonso
#6 Pixel ArtWario raider - Running by Frario
#7 Pixel ArtEarthworm Jim by Tremulant
#8 Pixel ArtBronze Bust *updated* by Adarias
#9 Pixel ArtCat Tree by OMGFossil
#10 Pixel ArtAlcofribas Large by FrankieSmileShow
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 6/15/2006 18:51  |    14
Students are now using a special ringtone that plays in a frequency that is higher than what most adults are able to hear, allowing them to use their cellphones in class without the teacher knowing.
Posted by HMC @ 6/14/2006 08:38  |    14
If you think about it, LED's are like live versions of pixels.  You can use them to make something, and can do it pixel by pixel (LED by LED).  I have thought about on several occasions about making some simple images using LEDs, but that would take alot.

But I digress...  Hacked Gadgets is great for electronic nerds, like me.  They constantly have cool things people have built, and most of the time, a link to a place that shows you how to do it.  One of the latest posts is the top 5 spinning LED displays.  For those of you who don't know, a spinning display is a group of LEDs that spin, and light up at the right moment to display a picture, text, and sometimes games.
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/14/2006 22:15  |    4
Ok you soccer (Or football if you aren't in the USA) freaks, this one is for you...  In Mexico, they know how to decorate.
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/12/2006 22:24  |    2
Forbes.com just releast a list of the best and worst paying jobs in America.

Surgeon is #1 (Duh!), and Fast Food Cook is in dead last, well maybe right after my crummy job... 

How do you compare?
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/12/2006 22:29  |    15
Volvo, in conjunction with Disney, is sponsoring a world wide treasure hunt for a Volvo XC90. First one to find the vehicle, buried somewhere in the world, gets to keep it! The hunt is publicity for Disney's new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, opening July 7th.
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/12/2006 22:34  |    6
Need to upload and image really quick and then not worry about it?

Introducing the rebirth of Ensellitis.com ImageHosting.  It is the simplest uploader to use.  Just browse for the image (Can only be GIF or PNG, since it is designed specifically for pixel art).  Upload it.  Then 2 links are shown, one is a direct link, and one is BBC code for use on forums.

Once the image is uploaded, that's it, it is stored forever.  You can't edit it or delete it, if you make an edit, just upload the new one.  Best way to prevent those infamous red X's.
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/12/2006 22:45  |    6
Just a reminder that the top 10 pixel art pieces for last month (May 2006) will be locked in on Thursday so make sure you rate your favorites by then.   It's a really close race for the top three spots this month so every rating counts!
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 6/12/2006 08:28  |    2

Director Brad Bird (Iron Giant and The Incredibles) is helming Pixar's 2007 animated film Ratatouille. 

Check out the Ratatouille trailer here and the Ratatouille iMDB profile here.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 6/12/2006 12:15  |    4

Two Australian brothers aged 10 and six drove 100km (62 miles) along a busy New South Wales highway in a bid to make a surprise visit to their grandfather.  See it here.

Posted by Mulchdiggums @ 6/12/2006 16:34  |    3
An upcoming free online magazine, The Art of Gaming, is looking for Pixel Art & Pixel Tutorials to be featured in their monthly issues. The first issue of the magazine debuts on Friday, June 16th, so be sure to go to http://aog.gameside.org and click on Pixel Me Silly from the side menu to learn more about to submitting your artworks.

What is The Art of Gaming? It's an online magazine series that discusses art in video games. We're not just talking about great graphics or the best framerate - this is about the game that had the amazing backgrounds, or the game that had great character design. Whether it's in 8-bit or Polygons, we'll be looking at games that spoke visually regardless of gameplay. Also featured are illustrations by you, the gamers - as well as your comments.
Posted by MadLion @ 6/10/2006 10:29  |    8
The new Nintendo DS Lite is two thirds the size of the original and has a new sleek white design (similar to the iPod asthetic).

Check out more of the DS lite here.
Posted by radio_active @ 6/10/2006 12:49  |    2
John Perry Barlow (EFF) and Dan Glickman (MPAA) have some choice words for each other.  Good times...

John Perry Barlow:  I've got good news and bad news and good news. And the good news is that you guys have managed to buy every major legislative body on the planet, and the courts are even with you. So you've done a great job there and you should congratulate yourself.

But you know the problem is - the bad news is that you're up against a dedicated foe that is younger and smarter than you are and will be alive when you're dead. You're 55 years old and these kids are 17 and they're just smarter than you. So you're gonna lose that one.

But the good news is that you guys are mean sons of bitches and you've been figuring out ways of ripping off audiences and artists for centuries.....
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 6/10/2006 18:23  |    0 | Source

A black bear got more than it bargained for after straying into a family garden in the US state of New Jersey. The unwelcome intruder was forced up a tree - twice - by the family pet, a tabby cat called Jack.

See it here!      

Posted by Mulchdiggums @ 6/10/2006 18:49  |    2
We are upgrading some software on the web server tonight so will have some intermittent downtime with the website and email.  It shouldn't be more than a half hour or so.
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 6/9/2006 23:22  |    2

Check out the official Transformers Movie site for the goods.  Here's hoping that colossal egomaniac tool director Michael Bay (even his iMBD photo makes him look like an a-hole) doesn't screw it up.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 6/9/2006 07:43  |    3
"Here boy, come on, come here boy"

"You're not my dog!  You're a lobster"

We've all had it happen one time or another, getting a furry lobster confused with our dog...  I wonder if it is edible, and how good it would be.
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/9/2006 09:33  |    8

Renowned pixel interviewer randomblink interviews pixel artist Ian MacLean (nvision) about his artistic influences, his work and his ruthless rise to power.

Read the full post...

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 6/8/2006 08:53  |    14
It started with one cat looking at a flower.  Then another cat was looking at that last cat, and another cat looking at the cat looking at a cat...  And it went on from there.  Now there are up to over 1,200 cats looking at each other.
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/8/2006 14:52  |    1
Unless you have been living under a digital rock and being a recluse from public life (Ensellitis), you have heard about Toby.  Incase you haven't, here is the skinny: A man started a website, he had a bunny wabbit, and was going to kill it and eat it...  UNLESS he got enough donations.

To the relief of animal activists, cute animal lovers, vegitarians, and PETA...  Toby has officially been saved.  Bored.com has taken over the site.

Either it was a ploy to get more traffic by Bored.com from the beginning or they really love bunnies.  All I know is no rabbit stew for me.
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/7/2006 21:55  |    6
Have you ever wanted to play tetris on a really, really big screen tv?

Of course not, especially when you can play it on the side of a building.
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/7/2006 22:05  |    1
Not much longer now, until the World Beard and Moustache Championships will be rolling around again.  My money is on Chevalier, he is the stud of the beard.

It is going to be held in Brighton in 2007.  I expect to see you all there!
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/7/2006 22:13  |    1
This delightful insight into Sony's discussion on the PS3 gives some thought if the $599 you need to afford one could be better spent on something else.
Posted by OMGFossil @ 6/7/2006 02:34  |    14
If anyone doubted Japan's dedication to efficiency they need only check out this video of three women learning English ("Spare me my life!") AND melting away the pounds at the same time.  (Thanks Ripped Monkey!)
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 6/6/2006 20:45  |    0
Take a break from pixel pushing, and make yourself some letter art (See what what I did there?  Do you?  It is a play on words, rather clever if you ask me...  We should make a site called letter joint, see, I did it again...  I'm rambling, sorry).

You can actually make it in color, too.  I love ASCII art.  I know this is cheating, but it still looks cool. 
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/6/2006 21:38  |    7
A nerd can solve a rubiks cube...

A super nerd can do it very very fast...

A enormous super duper (Brian) nerd uses a bunch of them to make a Mona Lisa.
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/6/2006 21:43  |    6
Just as the title says...  People stick things into condoms (Like bacon...  Yum)
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/6/2006 21:47  |    4
Need some original colors for your pallete?  Try out Color Whore.  It's a collection of some colors users submit.  There are some odd ball ones that would be interesting to use on a piece.
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/6/2006 22:07  |    1
Those geniuses over at Robot Chicken have created the greatest Star Wars fan flick eva, eva, eva.
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 6/5/2006 13:38  |    2

The ultra-rightwing pundit character of Stephen Colbert sent the Knox College graduating class off in style

And when you enter the workforce, you will find competition from those crossing our all-too-poorest borders. Now I know you’re all going to say, “Stephen, Stephen, immigrants built America.” Yes, but here’s the thing—it’s built now. I think it was finished in the mid-70s sometime. At this point it’s a touch-up and repair job. But thankfully Congress is acting and soon English will be the official language of America. Because if we surrender the national anthem to Spansih, the next thing you know, they’ll be translating the Bible. God wrote it in English for a reason! So it could be taught in our public schools.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 6/5/2006 13:53  |    6 | Source
Time for a challenge...  Get out those scissors, glue, and tape...  Here are some great sites to get some paper art.

Paper Inside - A site dedicated to "paper models".  They recently posted a camera and even have the GhostBusters car.

- These are nothing short of amazing.  Owned by Yamaha Motor Company, these are created by engineers.  The have rare animals, motor cycles, and more.

RecorteCole - Some random paper models.

Be warned, paper models are NOT EASY!  I highly recommend you take your time, and use card stock when printing them, as there are alot of small parts, and standard paper is almost to weak.  And be sure to read and follow the directions, and most of all, ENJOY!
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/4/2006 17:16  |    2
What is money?  It's just paper and metal, nothing too exciting, right?

Not anymore!  Turn your cash into a snake, spider, or a shirt...  And turn your spare change into a sculpture.

There, now your money is actually worth something.  I want to see someone make a Mario penny sculpture.
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/3/2006 03:34  |    3
From one angle, it looks like there is just some chaotic paint that was slung onto the walls.  But if you look at it JUST right, from the right angle, it makes perfect shapes and designs.

Imagine the time, skill, and patience something like this would take.
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/3/2006 13:54  |    5
You know the saying.  And what is the first thing that springs to mind when you hear that?  That's right, a toilet.

With our members coming from all over the world, then the image of a toilet might appear different then some one on the other side of the globe.

This site brings all of the toilets and places them on one gallery.  Now some one in Canada can see where someone in Australia does thier business, or someone in Japan can see how people in Afganistan go.
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/3/2006 13:58  |    3
The gallery of Peter Callesen is amazing.  He takes just 1 sheet of paper, makes a few cuts, and BAM!  Out comes some mind blowing pieces of art.
Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/2/2006 00:16  |    4

A belated congratulations to all the recent graduates out there!  Enjoy these last few months of summer before real life hits you square in the face.  Here's a repost of some inspirational commencement speeches to get ya thinking about what the hell you are going to do with that fancy degree...

  • Jon Stewart - William and Mary
  • Ali G - Harvard
  • Conan O'Brien - Harvard
  • Will Ferrell - Harvard
  • Alan Alda - Southhampton College
  • Al Franken - Harvard
  • Bob Newhart - Catholic University of America 
  • Stephen Colbert - Knox College (via Boing Boing)
  • Seth McFarlane - Harvard
  • Posted by sedgemonkey @ 6/1/2006 08:51  |    0
    Alex Toth best known for his work with Iwao Takamoto including Super Friends, Jonny Quest and Space Ghost passed away May 27th, 2006. 

    From Wikipedia
    "Toth died at his drawing table on May 27, 2006.  The following week, Adult Swim devoted bumps to Toth which simply read "Alex Toth 1928-2006". The words then faded out and the [adult swim] logo was not shown, a style the network only uses when mourning the passing of an important person."
    Posted by Ensellitis @ 6/1/2006 23:48  |    3

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