SPCaine @ 2/15/2009 22:23 commented on Resistance is Fuchsile
I wouldn't usually drop a completely pointless comment on someone's art, but this is just too awesome. I never thought of the floaters when I saw the palette, but I'm damned glad someone did. This is double-awesome.

SPCaine @ 2/15/2009 11:46 commented on Behemoth in the Desert
Hi Noet, thank you very much for the comments. I've been taking everyone's comments into consideration, and updated the image to fix some of the ugly banding that was going on in the dunes. The transition between the tones on the sand dunes are pretty abrupt now, but I'm really learning a lot, and I think ultimately really improving my technique.

SPCaine @ 2/14/2009 12:57 commented on Behemoth in the Desert
Helm! Thank you - I'll do what I can to fix that.

SPCaine @ 2/14/2009 11:08 commented on Behemoth in the Desert
Thanks a lot, Badassbill - I took a look at the dune you mentioned, and I can definitely see what you're talking about. I fixed that one to a point, though it may not be perfect yet, and will take a close look at the others. Originally I was concerned about the extreme switch in so short a distance, but I can see it looks fine now.

Much appreciated!

SPCaine @ 2/14/2009 07:53 commented on Behemoth in the Desert
Hey there, Badassbill - I appreciate the critique, I'd love to improve on it, if possible. I thought I had my light source relatively well worked out, but I'm afraid I may have messed it up in a lot of places on the foreground.

Unfortunately, I've been looking at this thing for so long I'm starting to become blind to a few of the issues. Anything really glaring that comes to mind?

SPCaine @ 2/14/2009 05:22 commented on Girl (less) bounce and swing
That looks like it hurts. Not that I'm complaining. My only real criticism would be that it seems like the the arms really seem to snap forward in frames 28, 32, 36, etc. - I'd either pull back the arms a touch, or smooth out the action just a bit by making the arms pull back a little less on the retraction.

SPCaine @ 2/13/2009 11:04 commented on A Dragon and His Princess
I both love and hate you at the same time, Mash. Love for having such sense and bringing me great artwork like this to keep me inspired and working towards being better - hate for being so much better at it. You're an inspiration.

SPCaine @ 2/13/2009 09:22 commented on SpacePirateCaine Grin Avatar
I'm really glad you guys like it. I'd been using my own photo for the last month or two throughout most of the 'net, but figured that I'd try to drive the whole 'I'm an Arrtist' thing home with a pixelated version of myself instead.

I can see why you'd draw the parallels between this picture and One Piece, Antiboton - Though I don't read the comic all that much, I do like it, and it's an interesting style. Considering the simplicity of the picture and the ludicrously large mouth, and the fact that I've got an eyepatch in this one, it does fit.

Not intentional, mind you.

SPCaine @ 2/12/2009 10:38 commented on Zero-Gravity Suit
Hi DeProgrammer, it's nice to know an expert can back me up here. I suppose in a way it's flattering for people to think it's ripped, since that means it looks professional enough to be so. And I'm really glad that you like it, as well as Jaeden and ohnoimnaked. I've been poking around thinking about animation, but not sure if I'm really up to the task...

SPCaine @ 2/12/2009 05:45 commented on Card Game Helm
Groovy, something new from Helm. The first thing I thought of when I saw this was Virtua-Fighter. The art is amazing, as one can expect from your work, and I'm really hoping to see more stuff soon. I guess I really should start doing more on Pixelation.

SPCaine @ 2/12/2009 05:34 commented on Magenta dress
I've always been so much more a fan of A than T. It looks awesome, and as commented below, it doesn't come across as being specifically for the Magenta Challenge, which I think is a big plus. I'm really loving the disney-esque quality of her face, and prodigious use of your 8 magenta tones. Lovin' it.

SPCaine @ 2/12/2009 05:31 commented on ME-T, The Extra-Tasteful
Not sure I'd want to carve right into the little guy, but he does seem generally nonplussed about the fact he's on a bed of lettuce. I definitely like how he looks on the plate, before you added that, it seemed more like he was jumping through the air or something similar to that.

Great work, as usual.

SPCaine @ 2/11/2009 17:32 commented on All aboard, he doesn't bite.
Looks Great, Dirteater - I'm having a little trouble wrapping my head around the perspective, but I really like what you've done here. I thought I'd also point out a few stray pixels up near the top of the image near his right flipper. All-in-all, great sprite. I aspire to be dedicated enough to put together something this detailed.

SPCaine @ 2/11/2009 15:17 commented on Zero-Gravity Suit
Thanks for the comment, Antiboton. I can guarantee that this isn't ripped. It's 100% original work. Obviously, I didn't come up with Samus Aran - She is very much a Nintendo character, but I did every pixel of the sprite you see above you.

SPCaine @ 2/7/2009 16:24 commented on The Circus
Hi 006, Thanks for the comment and pointing that out. I must've hit 15 by mistake when typing in the color count. I've fixed it now.

Honestly, by the end I wasn't sure if I'd used every color in the palette either, but I'm fairly certain I did ultimately. I had originally intended it to be much larger, but with the one clown as the main focus of the piece, I really couldn't justify to myself doing too much more with the background than I already had.

SPCaine @ 1/31/2009 04:56 commented on Bob
As always, the best way to improve on a piece of art is to get some good constructive criticism. I fiddled around with the sprite a bit, following some of the ideas that Progz had below, and I think that Good ol' Bob here definitely did benefit from it.

SPCaine @ 1/31/2009 04:45 commented on LeChuck
Hey Progz,

Big thanks for the comments. I fiddled around with the contrast a bit and added some detail to the boots as suggested and you're absolutely right, it does make a big difference. I'm always happy for some constructive criticism if it helps me to be a better artist.

And to Krysis: Exactly - I'm putting together a handful of sprites of old LEC characters for cameos in a game project I'm working on at the moment, and the main characters are a lot more correctly physically proportioned than the originals. Still not perfect human body shapes, but closer to real-life, as it were.

This and the other sprites I've put together are just static characters - ultimately they'll be animated and a far sight more active than what you have here - these are just essentially starting points.

SPCaine @ 1/30/2009 08:10 commented on LeChuck
Hi guys,

Thanks a lot for the thoughts. Darth: I've been thinking about how else to animate LeChuck here, but I figured that since he's a ghost, there's not really much need for breathing, and I don't really want to give him a Fighting-game bounce or anything like that. I may venture a little bit down the line to have him fidget a bit in his idle stance here, but he's mostly for a little cameo in a project I'm working on in AGS.
And JinnDEvil: Good observation. I put a lot of consideration into whether to have the nose or not. I may actually put it back in (and if you open the gif, you'll notice that I actually have colors in the palette selected for them. But at the moment it just seemed a little out of place... Not sure why.

SPCaine @ 1/30/2009 00:31 commented on Tytan - Adventure game Sprite
Hi, dpixel, thanks for checking out the sprite, and I'm glad you noticed the left hand. The character's body is actually meant to be revolutionary cyborg technology - the skin-colored coating on his left hand is left off (though he has the choice to regenerate it). He can use it to deploy nanobots to disassemble and reassemble inanimate objects (Actually making it possible to explain away having an enormous inventory but no backpack in a traditional point 'n click adventure game).

SPCaine @ 1/29/2009 05:16 commented on Caine - Adventure game Sprite
Thanks for the comment - regarding his pecs, he's actually a little out of shape. I tried to give him a little extra pudge, though he still comes across as athletic enough, I guess.

SPCaine @ 2/23/2008 23:05 commented on Pixel Gunners - SPC
Wow, I'm glad that people are enjoying this piece so much. I used a photo of myself for reference, so I suppose that's why the anatomy is realistic. The hardest part, of course, was keeping within the color limit. I had actually planned on going with only 4, but decided that was kind of pushing it.

Anyway, thank you all for your support.

SPCaine @ 11/18/2007 14:11 commented on Zombie SPC
Sure - I added it to the description in a link.

SPCaine @ 11/10/2007 19:45 commented on Captain N
Oh, it was a terrible show in retrospect, but you have to admit that kids would've eaten it right up. I still watched it religiously when I was in elementary school - even to the point of setting up my VCR to tape episodes if we were going out on Saturday mornings.

SPCaine @ 8/6/2007 12:40 commented on Self Portrait
You got it:

SPCaine @ 8/6/2007 11:26 commented on Self Portrait
Afraid I'm not sure what 'selout' is. I'm not so familiar with the terminology - I just do art as it comes to me. I'll edit the description, though.