Bacteriophage @ 10/24/2008 20:33 commented on SMLL HLF LF 2
I'm severely disappointed in your lack of Combine, but this is still great!

Bacteriophage @ 10/20/2008 19:10 commented on To battle!
Hey, look! A Nut Bread! Good work though.

Bacteriophage @ 10/1/2008 19:04 commented on Neo Rustbug
god I love this. Whatever game this is for, you're finishing it. Now.

Bacteriophage @ 9/28/2008 23:29 commented on All aboard the Shawn train
I love you, 1up. Like, I wanna get in your pants. And the pixel art is good too.

Bacteriophage @ 9/28/2008 17:31 commented on bd Emotes
They're too similar to each other. I shouldn't have to study a smiley to know what kind of emotion it has.

Bacteriophage @ 9/15/2008 18:39 commented on workers of all lands unite! and produce better lightbulbs, dammit!
It beats the crap out of mine, that's for sure! ;o; But the hair shape's a little illogical.

Bacteriophage @ 9/9/2008 19:20 commented on der Scheissbaum
thought I should mention you forgot to change the pallete on the small file

Bacteriophage @ 9/9/2008 19:06 commented on Big Bird
Yeah, no skin off my nose!

Bacteriophage @ 9/9/2008 17:50 commented on Big Bird
I love how McCain just stood there with weird looks on his face.

Bacteriophage @ 9/9/2008 15:04 commented on Terrifying Monsters
Larry's the best one.

Bacteriophage @ 9/9/2008 14:26 commented on "Killer" Theme Redesign
Well, of course the best is last!

Bacteriophage @ 9/9/2008 13:07 commented on Boulderfish
Yeah, I thought Koffing at first, too.

Bacteriophage @ 9/9/2008 11:01 commented on American Gothic Pixels
My only problems are that the only original thing about it is the speech, and also W and H look the same. Good, though.

Bacteriophage @ 9/9/2008 10:59 commented on am i cool now
cool story br0

but yeah, I like it. A lot.

Bacteriophage @ 9/9/2008 08:14 commented on Animal Antics screens
I'd buy it. Twice. Faved, and I will come back every time I gain a rating star I will add it to this.

Bacteriophage @ 9/9/2008 07:43 commented on Jefferson Memorial
There. Fixed up the perspective and added transparency.

Bacteriophage @ 9/9/2008 06:51 commented on Dogbane Saloon
Not bad, but a LOT of areas could do with AA.

Bacteriophage @ 9/8/2008 21:43 commented on Big Bird
No way, Jal. I pixeled for like 6 hours straight today and I am done. Plus this headache is killing me.

Bacteriophage @ 9/8/2008 21:42 commented on lame mockup
The lava makes this, yeah. Awesome work.

Bacteriophage @ 9/8/2008 20:42 commented on Jefferson Memorial
It's a bit overexposed, but I'm not so hot on it now. Once the challenge is over (or maybe before!) I'll fix it up. But I'd say I'm done for the day.

Bacteriophage @ 9/8/2008 20:23 commented on Star Wars characters
Absolutely nothing from Episodes 1, 2, or 3. Just the way I like it. B)

Bacteriophage @ 9/8/2008 20:22 commented on jamie
Finished on the first day, let's party

Bacteriophage @ 9/8/2008 20:21 commented on Big Bird
Hey, a lot happens in a year. Wouldn't be that hard if you were really, REALLY active

Bacteriophage @ 9/8/2008 20:12 commented on Max Crouching
You have an amazing style going here. If a game is made with these I'd be the first to play it.

Bacteriophage @ 9/8/2008 20:11 commented on Magic Card
Hey, not bad, not bad at all! As BlackDragon said, though, lighting needs a bit more precision