Ripped Monkey @ 12/1/2006 10:16 commented on Sad Duckie
Ask & Yahoo are def considered web 2.0 and are at the forefront of data transformation through rss as well as ajax interface techniques.

Ripped Monkey @ 6/10/2006 00:09 commented on Fatman
Seriously. I will own anyone at Herzog Zwei. Nobody would play me after awhile. I miss that game.

Ripped Monkey @ 6/10/2006 00:05 commented on Pixel Town
Very interesting. Nice to see pixeljoint spotlighting its own. Love to see more.

Ripped Monkey @ 5/11/2006 13:00 commented on Angry Smith
I can vouch for this story

Ripped Monkey @ 1/14/2006 14:47 commented on Donkey
Macs are pretty sweet. We just got a new one at the office. Really great engineering. We waited to buy it until after the macworld keynote. We knew that they would be introducing the intel-based mac. After seeing that they would run most apps in an emulation mode we decided on a G5. They got a ways to go.

Ripped Monkey @ 11/12/2005 10:38 commented on Martin Luther King, Jr.
The name of the family tree site is  Check it out.

By the way - this is ripped monkey. Something seems to be wrong with my name...

Ripped Monkey @ 11/12/2005 10:32 commented on Martin Luther King, Jr.
This is, I think the 3rd or 4th website I've seen this guy build in his spare time.  He's like a rat that has to keep knawing or his top teeth will grow out of his head.

The first site I saw was a simpsons site. Stored simsons quotes I think. Cant remember really. Then there was "Sedgetools" ( A name I coined that he hated but it stuck and I pwn. Sedgetools was great. A portal/blog/communication thing. I only recently retired it because the rest of the internet caught up with rss portals. He was way ahead of the loop on that one. Then there was the family tree site. Cant remember the url. It was (or is) pretty cool, but nobody caught on. Then pixeljoint. Well you know the history on that one.  Watching him build this site and bring in a so many people and become a hub of activity and community for pixel art has been interesting to watch and Ive learned a lot (and I steal his ideas constantly). 

If he doesnt burn out, he will probably get rich on one of his sites. And you can all say you knew him when...

Ripped Monkey @ 10/31/2005 00:38 commented on Big Bird
I want to see pictures

Ripped Monkey @ 10/30/2005 20:44 commented on Big Bird
Elvis Sighting: [Here]

Ripped Monkey @ 10/29/2005 19:35 commented on Pixelween2005
Very unique. A real standout for a submission. GG

Ripped Monkey @ 10/25/2005 19:24 commented on Mario
flamage. hmc is the suxorz. I tink the only thing you need is another coin frame...

Ripped Monkey @ 10/25/2005 10:06 commented on Cake House
Cute! ...Or a snapshopshot of pschychological nightmare right before the gingerbread men turn evil and kill you. Either way its fiine fine pixelling! Good work!

Ripped Monkey @ 10/19/2005 09:21 commented on Michigan Wolverines Basketball
Thumbs up! Great contribution!

Ripped Monkey @ 10/11/2005 23:13 commented on Big Bird
This is bad ass {cuLICK}

Ripped Monkey @ 10/11/2005 19:33 commented on Noob Saibot
BTW - Add me to your buddy list beech

Ripped Monkey @ 10/11/2005 19:32 commented on Noob Saibot
Jeezus write a freaking book....

Just signed up for Netflix again after spending 12 bux at blockbuster for 3 movies.

Ripped Monkey @ 10/11/2005 08:18 commented on Dancin robo
Yeah! Busting out with a new style. Very different looking.

Ripped Monkey @ 10/5/2005 18:27 commented on Big Bird
grammar? Oops            

Ripped Monkey @ 10/5/2005 18:26 commented on Big Bird
Yeah and use proper grammer too.

Ripped Monkey @ 10/4/2005 22:13 commented on GIGN
neato. thanks!       

Ripped Monkey @ 10/4/2005 16:04 commented on Big Bird
Too funny. Had to send that to Kangamoo. Couldnt resist

Ripped Monkey @ 10/2/2005 19:24 commented on Big Bird
Yeah agreed. Funny stuff!

Ripped Monkey @ 10/2/2005 16:53 commented on Big Bird
Best comic page ever [link]

Ripped Monkey @ 10/1/2005 02:06 commented on Dr. Egon Spengler
I actually read it all. I was really bored... But it was pretty funny all the same.

Ripped Monkey @ 10/1/2005 00:46 commented on Big Bird

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