Presley @ 6/23/2011 21:13 commented on Game Mockup

 This is gorgeous and your sharp, clean style is perfect for handheld games.

Presley @ 5/14/2011 17:12 commented on Lizard Warrior

This is sexy

Presley @ 6/29/2010 06:10 commented on F. Nietzsche gazes into you

This is awesome

but especially the nose for whatever reason, it just seems tangible and I can't help but be drawn to it

and the shirt is just... ha

Presley @ 5/11/2010 17:55 commented on ive come for your soul

New face just gives it, now it's sinister and a little provocative whereas before it was kind of like a creepy demon cruising for young men

Presley @ 5/7/2010 10:12 commented on Gorilla

Whoa, at first it looked like a gorilla looking guy with a really dislocated human arm and a funky sweater or scarf. Then I saw it and it was awesome

The 1 and purple negative space between the forelegs really makes it look like a sweater if you look at it the wrong way

Presley @ 5/6/2010 03:47 commented on 1px font


For those struggling to make out the characters, get up nice and close to your monitor, it may be that your eyes are doing the blending that is illustrated in the 2x characters, you need to be able to see the subpixel elements for it to work

Presley @ 5/4/2010 23:33 commented on Dog


Presley @ 4/29/2010 22:55 commented on Realms of Quest III Bestiary

So glad I found this, took me a long time to notice there were dupes

Presley @ 4/29/2010 22:42 commented on yoda

Awesome, Chaos engine is gorgeous

Presley @ 4/29/2010 06:53 commented on Knight Anubis - Defender of Egypt

Oh man this is good

Presley @ 4/23/2010 10:28 commented on Monster Huter 2G!

Amazing designs, you really got the cultural division down

The strong contrast is perfect for these, though I think some of the sprites could definately go further in that respect

Presley @ 4/23/2010 10:06 commented on The Skull!

The moment Breathe in the Air started I decided that I would buy this if it was released as an album, after hearing this I'm almost suprised Floyd never did this. Some of the Dark Side tracks would make uncannily good game music

Presley @ 4/10/2010 11:02 commented on Just the Tip

Well I don't even know what to say, other than it is awesome (the tendons on the hand and the elbow completely sell the barmaid gig and match her expression) and the characters in the background look like they were really fun to do. I don't know if it's the sword or the wry smile, but my god that braided man looks cocksure.

Strolling through your gallery, one might question how often you consult pictures of Coleman and Cutler in their posing trunks and the necessity of the bare-backed patron's bare-backedness, but if that reference picture is of you I think you have nothing to answer for (ever).

Presley @ 4/18/2009 10:27 commented on Cat and Mouse

Good shit, everything about it is tops.. except the alien's foot, which seems like a huge cop out and a missed opportunity for some wonderful claws to compliment that beak.

Presley @ 5/20/2008 13:36 commented on Morbid self-portrait
Great foreshortening. Interesting concept, the execution is spot on though; the style seems very suited to this theme.

Presley @ 12/10/2007 02:27 commented on Variations on a Theme
For some reason, it seems the thick pink thighs really suit the character.

I don't see any readability issues though I'm not fond of the desaturated highlights on the third sprite. Excellent work.

Presley @ 6/21/2007 02:04 commented on La Source
I think you need some pure black beneath the breasts to help depict the depth and separation.

Very good.

Presley @ 6/20/2007 01:31 commented on Orcs!
Just wow. Best pixelart I've ever seen. The colour use is especially superb.

Presley @ 6/20/2007 01:12 commented on Mario-themed secret stage for BQ
Everything is perfect, except the highlights on the brown tiles. Lose them for authenticity I'd say.

Presley @ 6/19/2007 19:17 commented on Fast Food Mayhem Splash
I'm jealous, on so many levels.

Presley @ 6/19/2007 16:33 commented on Tennis Vs Pong
Holy shit, the animation, the idea, the depth.

Presley @ 6/16/2007 20:45 commented on Don't Look Back
Oh, wow. Amazing.

Presley @ 6/15/2007 03:09 commented on Chompy
Wow, fabulous. This is colour-conservation at its finest.

Presley @ 6/10/2007 23:35 commented on A portrait base - Pwinta
Wow, excellent shading. I'll be studying this piece the next time I need to shade something large.

I think the second brightest skin tone could be slightly darker.

Presley @ 6/8/2007 17:04 commented on Poison tree
Elk, I feel as if the leaves are in the post-green, soon to fall off stage where they go from waxy and oily to dry. I would prefer dry though. ;@

Still completely awesome.